The Comment Awards Are Ready To Heat Things Up

Happy Friday, Mayflies. What’re you looking forward to this weekend? This week, we had the interview and season finale of The Newton Girls, Riese’s Glee recap and Scribegrrrl’s Lip Service recap. We visited Granada, Spain with Nicole, helped everyone who needs help with girls who like boys, listed your weirdest entries for the Hot 100 and interviewed Sarah McBride. Carmen graduated and had feelings and made you a graduation playlist in two parts and Ericka told you about 7 female rappers worth listening to. Jamie made vegan pad see ew, Rachel made lava bean falafel and I made dutch babies on Mother’s Day. Finally, we wrapped up our series on A-Camp with recaps of day two, day 3, day 4, a poem about words that Lizzie read at the talent show, and a look at what it means to have pen pals.

On Listling Without Commentary: People You Geniuses Voted For in the Autostraddle Hot 100:

The Talented Hands Award to Steph M.: “Oh kids. You think tea cozies for you sex toys are a joke. But I am wicked talented with yarn. “

On NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday is Going Down In History:

The Angry Bees Award to kd15: “I am NOT letting angry bees anywhere near my vagina, just not gonna happen”

On Lip Service Episode 204 Recap: Royal Lady Mounds:

The Marsha Marsha Marsha Award to Bostongrrl: “When I heard “Jo Glass” I thought the same thing…is that George Glass’s daughter? Then I wanted to save that name in case I ran into my ex: “Oh, I’m doing great! I’m, um…dating, she is great. Jo is her name. Jo, um (takes a sip of beer), Pint, I mean Glass! Jo Glass is her name!”

On Glee 319 Recap: Promasaurus Wreck:

The Thank God Finn Isn’t Actually A Lesbian Award to Emma: “I agree, he looked like a gross sweaty potatopedobear when he said “you’re sexy”. It honestly reminded me of the time I was 16 and got hit on by an old man.”

On A-Camp Recap Day #2: The (Word) Limit Does Not Exist!:

The Gotta Get With My Friends Award to Double Or Nothing: “I was trying to explain A-Camp to one of my coworkers and tried to summarize the blocks, so I started saying “it was awesome, everyone had a choice each block: you could just hang out, or go do something sporty, or something crafty, or even maybe something scary…” and then I made this connection in my head, opened my eyes wide and blurted “OH I KNOW! Each block was like the Spice Girls.”
Not the most accurate analogy, BUT, I wish I had thought of it at Camp. Seriously, everyone was so welcoming, and open, and awesome. Plus, there’s something really pretty and shiny about a queer woman’s laugh.
Thank you for the recaps, Autostraddle! Can’t wait for the next two. So ready to go conquer the weekend now!”

On Top 10 Most Insufferable Men On Television:

The Offends Little Monsters Award to rachelmonster: “to me he looks like a rodent. but i also think taylor swift looks like a rodent. so maybe rodent is in.”

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  1. Sex-u-ALL KerouaCHI! Put it all together and what do you got?!?! She has the power of chi (life force) to sex you all, like Jack Keuroac did with his beat style poetry. Lmfao…

    • They are cute! Most rodents are very cute indeed! But would you really want to tap that?
      Also I was thinking more about, like, rats and naked mole rats and maybe ROUS’s.

  2. OH MY GOD. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would ever get a comment award. This sounds like I’m joking, but I am not. I am not.

    like, I’m sitting with my family and struggling to avoid having a joy explosion so I don’t have to explain my internet feelings to them. It’s difficult.

  3. How come I just saw this now?! Thrilled for my Marsha Marsha Marsha award!! I’ve taken up calling any friend/family member Jan when they are bent out of shape…”Ok Jan, you can ride shotgun to Ptown”

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