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    Can we confirm that January 6 to 9, 2012, are the agreed-upon dates for this meet-up? Those of who have to fly over from The Netherlands etc just want to confirm this so we can begin by booking tickets and hotels, which have climbed in price by increments of €2 – €4 by the end of the week.

    Also, for those who know more, could you provide an approximate amount that we should walk with for conversion to pounds, for food, activities, etc? Thanks!

    • Jan 6th-9th suits me and, unless I hear otherwise, should definitely be the chosen dates.

      Hmm, money…

      I reckon you could get a decent hotel/hostel for about £50 per night B&B, but you will want to browse Expedia, etc. for that. Maybe there are cheaper places to stay…

      Transport… about the cities and between the cities… £20 per day should cover it for taxi/bus/train requirements, especially if you get a minibus cab with multiple sharing.

      Food… Breakfast at the hotel/hostel or £1 hamburger from McDonalds/croissant from a bakery. Lunch = £10 normal/£20+ fancy. Dinner = £20 normal/£30+ fancy. Drinks = £2 coffee; £3 beer; £5 wine – in nightclubs it will be more expensive, I guess. I could happily survive on £10 per day for food, because I’d rather buy a picnic from a supermarket then see the sights/sites than while away an afternoon eating in a restaurant and people watching.

      I like the free activities in Edi/Gla so I am not an expert on the proper fee-paying tourist ones (eg Castle, Camera Obscura, etc.). There are three art galleries I like to visit, then wander the Royal Mile for shopping, maybe browse the National Library, but I might be a weirdo and everyone else would want to take a tourbus, photograph the hell out of the place then get trashed in a cocktail bar until hunger strikes and a late-night kebab is purchased.

      Maybe more committed Edi/Gla veterans could give better info!

      Hope this is vaguely helpful!

      • Okay, so once I tally that up and take into consideration conversion rates, those of us coming from euro-carrying countries should walk with approximately €270 – €300 for all three days, which would include transport, food, drinks, and excursions. This is if people end up sitting down for every meal and people watching though, so that should be taken into account.

        I personally am with you, I would rather grab a light meal than sit in a restaurant, but different strokes eh? I’m also all for the free activities haha But a simple search will reveal whatever else there is to do.

        I use (.com), since you can book both flight and hotel there and it’s really quite cheap. So if anyone else wants to come along, suggest you check that out. Pretty excited to see this happen!

        • I book my flights with – they seem pretty cheap in general. I think they are also branching into accommodation, too.

          I wonder if there is a way to message all the members of the group and get everyone thinking about this…

    • Cool! Thanks for the question and info.
      Just another question arises (to me).. Are we looking at tickets/hotels to edinburgh or glasgow?