Top 15 Best Autostraddle Videos Of All Time You Should Watch Right Now

Last week as I was smashing together two triumphant videos for A+ (a membership program we invented in hopes of creating a sustainable income source that’ll save us from having to shut down next year), I began reminiscing about so many other glorious video entertainments we’ve provided for you here at This happened a lot more back in the day because I had more time to edit videos back then, but we also had two super-amazing original series produced out-of-house, one of which finale’d this year (Unicorn Plan-It) and the other of which was recently turned into a full-length pilot for Color Creative TV (Words With Girls)!

Then I was watching Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard on The People’s Couch last night, after watching Julie Goldman on The Mindy Project last night and I thought “well, this would be a good time to take a journey down video memory lane.”

Autio-Video 2010 (January 2010)

edited by Riese Bernard
This is back when we were being really ambitious about establishing lots of “video content.” We were gonna have three webseries: Autonatic, which got derailed when Showtime picked it up, Behind-the-Scenes, which was my plan for all this random footage of stuff we had lying around, and Julie & Brandy In Your Box Office, which lasted for two very fantastic years.

Julie & Brandy In Your Box Office: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo & Fries (January 2012)

edited by Riese Bernard
It’s hard to pick the best episode of In Your Box Office because all of them feel like my favorite daughter, but y’all went BUCK WILD for this episode, so this is the one I’m going with because Popular Opinion. However I’d JUST like to mention that Black Swan will forever hold a special place in my heart.

It Gets Better: 23 lesbians, 10 animals, 2 children, one message (October 2010)

edited by Carly Usdin
What’s incredible about this video is that we managed to put it together during a month long period in which many of us were moving cross-country in small groups or alone. Alex & Sarah Croce filmed their segment on the highway somewhere between New York and Los Angeles on Day Three of their road trip. I was in Michigan visiting my Mom in between leaving New York and moving to The East Bay so I went to Ann Arbor to see our then Managing Editor Sarah Palmer, who’d just started law school there, and we filmed this in her dorm room. Taylor and Kip had just moved into that apartment (Taylor lives in Portland now, Kip lives in Los Angeles) in Oakland. Because of all this, Carly volunteered to edit it (and appear in it with Robin) and she did a damn good job. Look for special guest appearances by Haviland Stillwell, Nat Garcia, Nicole Pacent, Intern Lily, Gloria Bigelow, Dalila Ali Rajah, Vikki & Family, Miss February 2011 Julia, Julie & Brandy and Intern Daphne’s Little Albino Mouse.

Words With Girls Episode #5: Mimicry (October 2012)

produced by Brittani Nichols & Mayon Denton, directed by Sarah Croce, written by Brittani Nichols.
This episode is golden for many reasons, most notably the montage of Why People Think Brittani Nichols and Hannah Hart Are Together moments.

Autostraddle 2012 Calendar Girls Shoot (February 2011)

edited by Kelli Griggs
When this went up I was like, “Are we an actual thing? What are all these attractive people doing out there in the fancy-pants sunshine for this website I made in my sweatpants? Robin, Sara Medd and the whole Calendar Crew always make everything seem so boss.

Autostraddle does the GLAAD 25th Anniversary Blue Carpet (December 2010)

edited by Sarah Croce
This is when Amber Heard came out! (She’s since come out as bisexual rather than gay.) This video is so cute though.

Alex & Riese Do The NewNowNextAwards 2009 (August 2009)

edited by Riese 
It was SO HOT and I was SO DEHYDRATED because I’d forgotten to bring a water bottle and thus the only source of refreshment available to me was the water bottle I’d filled with vodka. As you can see this turned out really well. Also Kate McKinnon is famous now but this was before that. (FYI: This was before we knew anything about trans issues so there are two ‘all women have vaginas’ situations implied in the video, once by us and once by a Drag Race contestant.)

Autostraddle 2013 Calendar Girls Teaser (February 2012)

edited by Sarah Croce and Lauren Aadland
Look it’s Morgan!! And Mollie Thomas! And Mary Tully, who is now the girlfriend of Alex Vega!

Real L Word Season One Parody: “Looking Back” (September 2010)

edited by Riese 
As I said at the time, when Sarah Croce said “let’s make a Real L Word parody video” I said “no” and then before I could say “no” again, everybody else had said “OMG YES.” There were three or four shoots, overall; in Robin & Carly’s apartment in Long Island City and Croce’s place in Queens. It seems crazy to me now that so many of us were there together in the same city back then. Haviland sent me the footage with Stamie and Julie and Brandy sent me their footage too. The Mikey thing was totally their idea, it was amazing. Presents “Bad Romance” (November 2009)

I feel like these sorts of videos are everywhere now but at the time it seemed like the greatest thing. JUST KIDDING IT STILL SEEMS LIKE THE GREATEST THING.

The L Word WTF??? (May 2009)

Edited by Riese
This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever made in my life. It was the culmination of six dedicated years of watching this terrible program and three weeks of burning L Word episodes onto my hard drive followed by extensive editing. There was actually so much fuckery in The L Word that I also created a sequel.

Autostraddle Behind-the-Scenes #1: TRACK STOP (October 2009)

Edited by Riese
Rocco of Wingspan Productions thought that The Autostradle Story would make a cute internet reality show, unfortunately I found a way to ruin every take, and I’m not talking about whatever was happening with my face and hair that day.

Unicorn Plan-It #104: #OMmyGod (September 2011)

Created, Written & Produced by Sarah Croce, Ashley Reed & Haviland Stillwell / Directed by Ashley Reed & Haviland Stillwell / Edited by Sarah Croce & Lauren Aadland
Firstly: Haviland’s Mobile OM commercial being watched by Croce and Ashley is ACE, but seriously Croce and Ashley scaling that wall GETS ME EVERY TIME.

“Call Your Girlfriend” (August 2012)

You helped raise $100k+ for us to fix our website, and so Alex danced around Carly & Robin’s apartment in a weird wig and all our souls exploded with happiness!

Adventures of Tiny Pineapple #103: Best Day Ever (November 2013)

Made by Carly Usdin, Deanne Smith and Robin Roemer
Although not an official Autostraddle video, this program was birthed out of A-Camp staff friendships and I think probs holds a really special place in your heart.

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  1. Reading this made me realise that I think I lurked here for 4 years before finally making an account?!
    Also, Alex doing Call Your Girlfriend will forever be my favourite.

  2. The Real L Word parody NEVER gets old for me. Julie Goldman as Ilene Chaiken is brilliance and magic and perfection.

  3. Just FYI i have a vid of Alex doing call your girlfriend at acamp 5.0 Lol. I miss tiny pineapple. Bring it back pretty please?

  4. One time I got broken up with and watched every video on the autostraddle youtube channel and this reminds me of that except I’m laughing instead of crying so that’s a plus

  5. And it’s get better to watch these videos, I wish that I’ve knew this website for a long time, but as they’re saying better to be late than never.

  6. Hahaha these are amazing. I could watch behind the scenes footage/consume Team Autostraddle communications all day.

  7. “I’m gonna have triplets and I’m gonna name them Brooke, River, and Stream and then we’ll see which one succeeds.”
    This is something that periodically pops into my head and I have to just stop and appreciate it for a minute.

  8. The “Bad Romance” video was so hilarious!!! Riese’s insanely amazing dance moves made me happy just watching her dance with fun abandon! Thanks!

  9. Please never cease to exist, Autostraddle. This website has added SO MUCH GOOD to my life since I discovered it almost four years ago. I’m sure you guys have an idea of how many lives you’ve positively impacted. How can we help more? There has to be more we can do.

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