The L Word: Generation Q Season 2: Everything We Know About It So Far

We don’t know The L Word: Generation Q Season 2’s release date or when we can expect a trailer to roll up the driveway into the center of our collective lives on this planet, but we do know some things about what to expect from The L Word Generation Q Season Two. Not a LOT of things, but some things. Certainly more than other websites that have published similar posts that are somehow scoring higher than us on SEO, I think. This post will be updated as new information surfaces for us to feast upon. Latest Update: 3/31

Tina’s Fiancée Carrie, Played by Rosie O’Donnell, Will Feel Weird Meeting Tina’s Friends

In an interview with (former Autostraddle writer!) Jess Rotschild on her podcast “Deep Dives and Hot Takes,” Rosie O’Donnell spoke about her upcoming role on Season Two The L Word Generation Q as Carrie, Tina’s Fiancée, a “down-to-earth lawyer with no frills.” Rosie said when she first saw the original series, she was confused: “where are all these high fashion lesbians who travel in packs?”

“It’s been really interesting to see… how do you make a Rosie O’Donnell fit into The L Word?” Rosie told Jess. She said her role as Tina’s Fiancée will entail “meeting all of her group and feeling like the outside and like I don’t have the right clothes and they’re never gonna accept me. And they’ve written that beautifully.” She feels intimidated by Bette Porter “shows up looking like a fashion magazine and I’m there trying to make sure my stomach isn’t showing.” She said the role has allowed her to look through all her self-esteem issues, “and when they find out I have some 12-step going on or some demons in my past or … not taking care of myself. They put it all in there.”

Rachel Shelley aka Helena Peabody Will Appear in The L Word: Generation Q

Rachel Shelley, who has been editing/producing Kate and Leisha’s Pants Podcast and in Season One was shown texting Shane on her birthday, is returning for at least one episode, according to imdb, who has her on the roster for episode 203. I hope this is an in-person thing and not like, a voice mail? (Hat tip to the.ash.silver, who noticed the news first!)

Vanessa Williams is Playing Pippa, an Artist Bette is Obsessed With

According to Variety, veteran actress Vanessa Williams has been cast in a recurring role in The L Word: Generation Q Season 2! Williams will be playing Pippa Pascal, described by Variety as “an incendiary artist who’s been out of the public eye for almost 20 years — until Bette becomes determined to track her down.” You might know Vanessa Williams from a million things from New Jack City to Candyman (she’s also starring in this year’s sequel to the cult classic, directed by Nia DeCosta, which we should’ve had by now but thanks Covid for ruining so much about my entertainment life!) to Soul Food: the TV Show. So… Pippa is an artist, she’s hot, it’s a reoccurring role, she’s roughly Bette’s age…. and anyone who remembers Jodi Lerner can see what might be cooking up here!

Filming Is Happening Now

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 started filming in December and is set to wrap in May. Season One cast members Jennifer Beals, Kate Moennig, Leisha Hailey, Rosanny Zayas, Arienne Mandi, Leo Sheng, Jacqueline Toboni, Jamie Clayton, Sepideh Moafi, Jordan Hull and Jillian Mercado have all posted or appeared in pictures from the set.

Rosie O’Donnell is playing Tina’s fiancée, Carrie

In December, it was announced that O’Donnell will be playing Carrie, “a kindhearted public defender who is thrust into Bette’s life and quickly gets under her skin” on Season 2 of The L Word Generation Q. O’Donnell has since taken pictures and posted TikToks from the set of the show. Eagle ears recognized that “Carrie” was the name of Tina Kennard’s fiancee. Rosie returned home in mid-February, so her run is probably just a few episodes. Jennifer Beals has tagged photos of herself and Rosie as #bettesworstnightmare.

Angie Porter-Kennard Might Be Meeting Her ?!Half-Sister?!

According to IMDB, Brook’Lynn Sanders, a teenage actress, has acquired the recurring co-star role of “Kayla Allenwood” in The L Word Generation Q Season 2. People who know too much about The L Word will recognize “Allenwood” as the last name of Marcus Allenwood, the artist who gave his sperm to Bette and Tina so that they could make a baby. Also, Angie is a series regular now so there will be so much more of her in general!

Donald Faison Will Play Tom, Alice’s Book Editor?

The Scrubs star will be appearing as a successful and funny book editor who is working with Alice on something. Perhaps that something… is a book?

Alice Has a (New?) (Old?) Show Called “The Chart”

ID 8: A poster from Alice’s talk show set. The Statue of Liberty is shown with her dress showing her left nipple over a green background. The text at the top reads “The Chart” in cream letters. Underneath it says, “Strap in, Strap on” in orange. In the middle, it says, “Passing the Bechdel test every time” in white. At the bottom right it says, “All episodes streaming now.” And underneath, there are logos for where to stream Alice’s show (within the world of Gen Q).⁣

via Leo Sheng on Instgram

Leo Sheng recently did a “Season 2 Photodump” and one of the pictures featured what is described as “a poster from Alice’s talk show set” with “logos for where to stream Alice’s show (within the world of Gen Q).” “The Chart” was, of course, the name of Alice’s truly terrible KCRW radio show from Seasons 2 + 3 of the original series in which she basically told everybody in Los Angeles about the sexual liaisons of all of her closest friends, and then was sad about Dana for a long time. Anyhow! Will The Chart be a podcast or a TV show? Do people call podcasts “streaming”? But also, the headphones on the boob statue? Wow, so many possibilities here.

Cops and Detectives Will Be Present

There seems to be a few characters described as cops or detectives and none of them are named Tasha Williams. If this is about Bette defending Angie from that guy trying to attack her on the stairs after the play then I swear to G-d I will scream into every throw pillow in the Los Angeles metro area. (With a mask on.)

Tina is Back

Tina’s fiancee Carrie being part of the show is a pretty solid hint that Tina’s returning to our lives and so are the photos of her on set and in table reads!

Bette’s Returning to the Art World

Griffin Dunne (I Love Dick, Girls) is set to guest star as Isaac, a big international art dealer who builds a relationship with Bette. There’s also the aforementioned Pippa. Furthermore there are a few other art-related characters already slated to exist, including a few artists, another recurring male international art dealer, an art assistant and an “art enthusiast.”

Carolina Gutierrez plays Marissa

We do not know anything about this character besides that she is listed as appearing in at least three episodes — starting with the first episode. She is probably not the same Marissa who was Shane’s assistant at Wax. But if she is, she should clean up that milkshake.

Shane and Tess Will Have “Complicated Dynamic” in The L Word Generation Q Season 2

On the PANTS podcast, Kate Moennig was like, working with Jamie is “reminiscent of the original show” and also all of Jamie’s scenes are with Kate and also their characters have a “complicated dynamic” in which they “challenge each other.” “We’re definitely like an It’s Complicated,” said Jamie. “It’s Complicated, totally, Facebook Status 100%,” Kate said. “It’s complicated. Are we giving anything away? I don’t think so.”

Dani and Gigi Look Great … Together?

Watch this spot for more updates as we obtain them!

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  1. “Will The Chart be a podcast or a TV show? Do people call podcasts “streaming”?”

    Well it’s of course, going to be a *video* podcast. Alice had already brought us a classic of the genre with “Alice in Lesboland” and now she’s bringing the medium back.

  2. Hello, I just wanted to say that this story just appeared in my google assistant feed thing which is the first time EVER that an AS article has appeared there for me, which is kind of ridiculous.

    Anyway, I hope this indicates the SEO is working! At least until Good Housekeeping gives us their hot take.

  3. Thank you for all of this! I’ll keep checking back to learn new things (and hopefully boost the SEO).

    But for real, if there’s anything we can do to help knock Good Housekeeping off their pedestal please let us know!!

  4. I think Angelica and Jordi will be in a minor car accident nothing really bad but probably like because one of them were drinking or something maybe that’s the reason for the cops I don’t know just saying.

  5. I think Angelica and Jordi will be in a minor car accident nothing really bad though
    probably because one of them were drinking maybe that explains the cops I don’t know just a thought.

  6. I think Angelica and Jordi will be in a minor car accident nothing really bad though
    probably because one of them were drinking maybe that explains the cops I don’t know just a thought.

  7. I know nothing about SEO, but assume that AS folks would come to the site directly for this kind of content instead of wasting time on a search. I can think of no other satisfactory explanation.

  8. I know the answer to the question. The Aloce Show is no more, but a streaming likes Alice enough to give her a show. If I had to guess The Chart is either her new interview show or a The Ellen Show type show(from the 90s). Most podcasts in my experience don’t say “All episodes are streaming now,” because episodes aren’t released all at once. On the other hand, they are usually dropped all at once on services like Hulu & Netflix.

  9. If Betty and Dani don’t end up together, the the show will a complete DISAPPOINTMENT!

    The show doesn’t have the exciment of original show…boring, boring, BORING.
    Give the lesbians something sexy in season 2!

  10. Appreciate the credit y’all. Shameless self plug but if anyone wants to visit my YouTube channel that is dedicated to all things L Word, Gen Q & LGBTQ content, click below

  11. Relatable content. Who among us would not feel weird meeting these super rich and fashionable lesbians and trying to find something to talk about with them? It’s like they’re from another planet tbh

    • right even the “gen young and scrappy” crew lives in the most gorgeous group house w/private bathrooms pools etc that I’ve ever seen. I

      I’m just saying that when I was in my early 20s everywhere I lived had a pest issue and one of my roommates would hang her menstrual blood art in communal spaces without checking in with anyone first.

      but also almost all tv has class fantasy portrayed as middle.working class so this is not Lword only problem.

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