“To L and Back” L Word Podcast Episode 303: Lobsters

It’s time for another riveting episode of your favorite podcast, “To L and Back”! I’m gonna start doing the weekly posts on Autostraddle about the podcast a little differently going forward. For Season Three, I started posting out-of-context screenshots to announce each post on our very popular instagram account. I can only post ten on Insta but going forward will present the full bounty (which is generally more like 15) for you here. You can still find the podcast index at the bottom of each post.

A nun riding on a charter bus, wearing nun attire and her mouth slightly open, saying "blessed are you among women." Another nun sits asleep next to her.

Shane stands in the skate shop, wearing a red t-shirt underneath a black blazer. Carmen is standing behind her. Carmen found a vest and says to Shane, "I could totally gig in this vest."

Tina (wearing a white blouse) stands with her back to Bette, who looks angry and is holding Angie. Bette says to Tina, "You know, this is the new McCarthyism," referring to the government trying to censor her beloved art.

Kit and Billy stand in the planet. Kit is wearing a white v-neck shirt and Billy is wearing a white tank top with a skinny white fashion scarf. Billy says to Kit, "Those lactose-intolerant lesbians."

Jenny stands excitedly in the drive way next to a big pick-up truck, with Max standing behind her. Shane (wearing a red t-shirt with her back to the camera) has just arrived, and Jenny shouts excitedly, "Wha-hoo!"

Helena and Tina stand in a big film studio with directors chairs and spotlights shining on a backdrop of clouds. Helena is detailing the success of her publishing company, saying that "We have Styron, Didion, Joyce Carol Oates, Nabokov."

Shane and Carmen sit at the kitchen table inside Shane's house. Max stands next to them. Max has just given Shane and Carmen a present, a jar that is labeled "Cow's Balls". Max takes a ball out of the jar and pops it into his mouth, as Carmen asks skeptically, "Cow's Balls?"

A cardboard cutout of Dana (wearing a purple "Olivia" shirt) sits at a table that is set with wine, flowers, and salad. Alice's massive Our Chart is hanging on the wall in the background. Alice is off screen except for her hand, which is pouring a glass of wine. Alice says, "Did you change your hair?"

Alice (wearing a very 2000s purple and gray striped polo shirt and enormous brown corduroy bag) stands at the counter of a pharmacy. She is anxiously awaiting the pharmacist to retrieve her new meds. A young red-head boy (wearing a green and yellow t-shirt) says to her, "I snort mine."

Lara and Dana, sitting next to each other in a restaurant, look directly at each other. Lara says, "the urge is so powerful"

A picture of a fancy restaurant menu, zoomed in on the top Entrée, titled "Palate Cleanser - Liquid Nitrogen." The item description reads, "Parfait of green tea, lime, vodka, poached in liquid nitrogen cleanser to clean the palate as you brush your teeth. Toothpaste leaves fats on your tongue, this sensational twist to a cleanser revitalises your taste buds to prepare you for your dining experience. $12"

Max (formerly known as Moira) sits in a restaurant. The camera is zoomed in on his face with lots of lens flares. Max says, "back in my dyke community in Wilmette"

Bette (wearing a purple cocktail dress) sits to the left of Tina (also wearing a purple cocktail dress, but darker than Bette's). Bette says, "I bought some Balenciaga boots"

The whole gang sits at a candle-lit restaurant table, everyone eating their respective dinners. Max says "I know something interesting about lobsters."

In order from left to right, Dana, Carmen, Shane, and Alice sit at a restaurant dinner table. Shane says, "I wouldn't necessarily call Moira a stone butch."


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  1. Excellent podcast for a truly cringey episode!
    I did want to point out, however, that Shane is NOT wearing a shirt with a picture of herself on it. It’s actually Iggy Pop (his name and Lust For Life are on the back).
    To be fair, Iggy was looking Very Shane Today!

      • Oh for sure, at the very least Ilene Chaiken owes Iggy Pop a Shane shirt to even out the comedic potential.

  2. Also as a baby gay 14 , when I first saw the nun intro, I thought the nun book was fake, thrilled to know its legit. I’ll definitely have to add that to my reading list

  3. I don’t know if it’s just me, but none of the Autostraddle index links work! They all bring me to the sad Tard poster.

  4. To quote someone from twitter, if you were obsessed with nuns as a child you’re gay now, which is true and I’m not even Catholic.

  5. That nuns book is EXCELLENT ( assuming it’s the Curb/Manahan one, your link is indeed knackered). I read it a millennia ago, it included Buddhist nuns and stuff as well)

  6. Hey! No idea if you see comments on an old post. Just writing in to say SOME psychiatrists are terrible and do prescribe lithium to people who are depressed. I was soooo over medicated as a kid and it was a total bummer. I’m glad meds have helped you both though!

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