The L Word: Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: We’re Breaking it Down Frame-By-Frame!

The L Word Generation Q season 2 trailer is here, and full of: drama! intrigue! scissoring! an awful lot of poker(?), karaoke, staring, glaring, running, heavy breathing, and Angie being in queer love in a tux (my personal favorite part)! Unfortunately, the world’s foremost The L Word expert and everyone’s favorite queer recapper, Riese Bernard, is on vacation — but she left explicit instructions that we should post this trailer AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if it landed in her absence, and so here we are. Below you will find the full trailer, and frame-by-frame analysis from our TV Team (obviously).

Also please feel free to revisit the teaser trailers to inform your own theories!

The L Word: Generation Q Season 2 Trailer, Frame-by-Frame

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: Finely with a black eye in a blue Adidas soccer shirt giving a high five

Natalie: I both feel bad for Finley here (aww, bby!) and have a little bit more respect for Dani for (presumably) punching her in the eye!

Carmen: 100% Dani knocked her out, right? That’s the only way.

Heather: I love the nod to the fact that Finley would absolutely be wearing a USWNT jersey just around town, without Showtime getting licensing permission. :joy:

Tess and Shane counting their poker earnings at Dana with a puppy overlooking

Valerie: Who wants to bet on whether they re-use the “liquor in the front, poker in the rear”

Kayla Kumari: I do love that between the original series and Gen Q, The L Word is really peddling the message that dykes are just constantly playing poker?????

Carmen:  The original poker scene in Season Four of The L Word gave me the love of my life, Tasha Williams. So everything poker related is accepted and beloved by me. Those are the rules of the Tasha Williams fanclub, I did not create them (I did), but I sure do abide by them.


Heather: Y’all make me so nervous when these trailers come out because you get so manic seeing Bette Porter smooching and swaggering around you forget how dirty TLW did all the best characters!!!!!!

Carmen: I can do them both at the same time! Bette Porter is hot and Bring Back Tasha Williams!

A blurry Sophie looks concerned in the right side of the frame, with out of focus lights on the left


Kayla Kumari: Why does this look like a still from Carol

Carmen: Generation Q, directed by Todd Haynes

Heather: Dearest, there are no accidents.

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: The showtime logo over a pink background of two women holding hands and abstract leaves in the foreground

Natalie: I’m sure that first season GenQ guest star, Megan Rapinoe, would not object to me co-opting her motto for this moment: LET’S FUCKIN’ GOOOOO!

Dani running in the early morning sunlight

Natalie: Aww, I have missed this face. Even though IreallyhopeSophiechoseFinleyandnotyou, I’ve missed this face.

Natalie: I guess after punching Finley in the face, Dani’s leaning all the way into her butchy swagger. Personally, I am here for it.

Carmen: This is the hottest Dani has ever been, which is saying a lot and I personally require more shots that showcase her shoulders and jawline.

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: Sophie in a black backwards baseball cap and yellow shirt, looking concerned

Valerie: 🥺 is a gay emoji now i don’t make the rules

Heather: I just realized how homophobic it is that we don’t have a backwards baseball cap emoji yet.

Sophie stands on the street in the dark looking concernedly at Finley

Natalie: I didn’t appreciate how long it’s been since we saw them until I saw Sophie’s hair.

Kayla Kumari: Lots of gay distress in this trailer

Natalie:  I’d also note that “the real deal not coming around that often” is a call back to Carmen saying that very thing to Shane in the OG series and well, we know how that turned out

Carmen: Now THIS is the face I most missed!!! Welcome back to my Afro-Latina Queen.

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: The Los Angeles skyline at night

Valerie: Cue all the interviews talking about LA being its own character in the show.

Natalie: lol

Carmen: Listen after six seasons of the OG series filming in Vancouver, they’ve gotta milk that city for all it’s worth. 😂

Natalie: “If we are paying these high ass taxes, we are going to get our money’s worth!”

Tess and Shane talk at the bar at Dana's

Drew Gregory: I love that Tess and Shane are paired throughout this trailer. Would love it even more if Tess was trans. (Fun fact: I do not let things go.)

Natalie: We love that about you, Drew.

Valerie: Truly wouldn’t have it any other way

Kayla Kumari: Always support your persistence Drew

Kayla Kumari: Also I WOULD watch a buddy comedy about Tess and Shane called Jean Jacket/Leather Jacket

Valerie: Co-sign

Gigi and Bette platy poker at Dana's

Natalie: The Cheaters Club!

Natalie: Perhaps Gigi can school Bette on the benefits of polyamory and nonmonogamy since she is also incapable.

Carmen: N A T A L I E

Kayla Kumari: Gigi and Bette are like YES we’re hot and YES we will cheat on you 😇

Carmen: K A Y L A

Natalie: (An addendum: Gigi and Bette are like YES we’re hot and YES we will cheat on you and YES you will allow it.)

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: Alice holds out her hand and offers advice to Bette while playing poker at Dana's

Valerie: So this isn’t like, a poker night for all of Dana’s, it’s a friends and exes only poker game? do people do this? is this an LA thing?

Natalie: I wonder what Tonya would have to say about Alice lecturing someone else about cheating…at DANA’s.


Shane looks down at the table in a wide collar shirt while playing poker at Dana's

Kayla Kumari: I love that we can be in any time, any place, in any dimension or universe and no matter WHAT, Shane will still be wearing a wide collar

Natalie: Shane is all of us: wanting Alice to very much stop throwing stones from her glass house.

Heather: I feel like being Alice’s friends means you spend like 30% of your time looking uncomfortable and not making eye contact like this.

Kayla Kumari: Alice is trying to turn the poker game into a group therapy session, which is exactly the kind of chaos I expect from Alice

Carmen: If you aren’t turning your group hangs into group therapy, are you even dyking right? I don’t believe that you are.

Heather: “I’ll see your fearful-avoidant attachment style and raise you self-destructive impulses disguised as self-care.”

Valerie: tbh this is usually my face after an Alice line too.

Natalie: Gigi is not amused.

Kayla Kumari: tbh no thoughts head empty because…. they’re so hot.

White text on an abstract peach background: Find Your Moment

Valerie: This season is sponsored by West Elm

Natalie: LOL

Heather: Better than being sponsored by those IKEA Pride couches. (Those couches oughta be glad Generation Q season 2 trailer dropped today so the gays have something else to obsess about.)

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: A hand gripping some sheets

Kayla Kumari: Classic gay close-up of hands


Kayla Kumari: Computer….. ENHANCE

Kayla Kumari:  That’s a wedding ring right? that’s the only clue we have as to who it could be.

Kayla Kumari:  Wait who is even married.

Heather: That is a hefty ring! Only the original characters could afford that ring!

Carmen: I think it’s Bette (I think all sex hands are Bette, I’ve been programmed since 2004)

Valerie :tugs at collar:

Natalie: lol

Heather: Bette should propose to and marry herself; she’d be queer fandom’s all-time favorite character and couple.

Dani yells at Micah

Drew Gregory: I’m excited that Micah is officially bi on the show! Less excited that it seems like they’re going to make a whole thing of it?

Kayla Kumari: Yeah I think they’re going full ✈️ identity crisis with it, which… why

Carmen: I’m less excited that he slept with a woman, and that woman wasn’t Dani, thus already slashing the #3 wish on my Gen Q Season 2 Bingo Card

Natalie: OOOH, I would love that storyline.

Natalie: Sorry, as the team’s resident bisexual, I have to say, I love everything about this: Leo Sheng with that hair, in that shirt, with those arms and being bisexual.


Natalie: Also, this is The L Word, they’ll forget about him being bisexual in a few seasons anyway. *coughAlicecough *

Kayla Kumari: too real

White text over an abstract red background: Find Your People

Kayla Kumari: my people are the people who dropped everything they were doing to watch this trailer (all of us)

Natalie: 100%

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: Rosie O'Donnell and Tina stand proudly in Bette's kitchen

Drew Gregory: All it took was Rosie to get a butch character on this show.

Natalie: I said I wanted Rose back not Rosie. Rose Rollins.

Heather: “Oh, you ran for mayor? That’s cute. I played third base for the Rockford Peaches.”

Carmen:  (I have nothing that will top that, I shall see myself out stage left)

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: Bette crosses her arms looking at Tina and Rosie

Valerie: Yes.

Carmen: YES.

Heather: “Is that… did you find… Tina, is that an actual butch?”

Kayla Kumari: This look has the energy of this tweet imo:

Heather: “A butch. No, Shane, like a butch-butch.”

Carmen:  The idea of Jennifer Beals “having no one” as if she is not Jennifer Beals is going to be the hardest part of Season Two to swallow. HAVE THEY NOT SEEN HER FACE? HAVE THEY NOT HEARD HER SAY FUCK?

Your honor, I rest my case.

Natalie: Yeah, I have nothing to add to that.

Kayla Kumari: I do feel like Bette is deflecting some of her personal accountability by being like I HAVE NO ONE. Maybe learn how to have one (1) healthy boundary in life?????

Carmen: OK, I get it now, Gigi is fine. I’m late to this train. I almost missed the party invite. I am a bad gay. But I am here now! I have seen the light!


The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: Bette and Gigi get close and ready to kiss

Carmen: So close! Almost there!

Kayla Kumari: Legally when two people are this hot and chaotic, they have to kiss

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: Bette and Gigi kiss

Drew Gregory: This is why I watch The L Word. 🥲


Carmen: jsjisfesfssssddjsjdfasldfalfkadfjafklafdjakfjlaadsfjkldsaflkadfl

Carmen: The end.

Valerie: Should I not want this? I genuinely don’t remember if I should want this or not. I don’t NOT want it, I know that much.

Natalie: I am torn. On the one hand: HOT. SO HOT. Like, SCALDING HOT. On the other, this feels like the “we are not over our exes so let’s just fuck each other” club, and that feels like a waste.

Kayla Kumari: I personally think Gigi should always be having threesomes so I’m like WHO ELSE CAN WE GET IN HERE

Drew Gregory: So excited to squeal with excitement over these two again !!


Heather: Now this is what I am here for!


Heather: I feel more protective of this queer baby angel than any TV character I have ever met. I remember when she was born!

Heather: (Also, hey, just real quick, I need to say “Generation Q season 2 trailer” for SEO purposes. Okay, please proceed.)

Drew Gregory: The return of Catherine Rothberg.

Drew Gregory: I assume.

Valerie: Where’d they get all those poker chips? Helena Peabody?

Carmen: Ooooohhhhh shit! If the poker scene is how they write in the return of Helena Peabody, I will fully lose it! That’s gotta be it. It MUST BE IT.

Natalie: From your lips to God’s ears

Natalie: Are they giving Jillian Mercado a storyline this season? 🎉🎉🎉

Heather: I have loved every sister of any Sophie that has appeared on my screen in the last two years! 🦇

Valerie: Ditto!

Carmen: I BELIEVE THAT SHE’S GOING TO BE GAY!! She has to be, right? It’s The L Word! I’d kill for a Jillian Mercado coming out storyline, especially since she came out IRL during Season One… And now here she is in the Generation Q Season 2 trailer, so universe don’t be cruel to me! Also, it must be said! A babe!

Carmen: If we get a Shane/Tess hook up this season, I’ll (almost) forgive them for everything.
(I said almost)

Natalie: We do not need another one of those! It was a mistake in Season one! Tess and Shane should just be friends that run the bar and never speak of that one time they hooked up.

Heather: Nothing delights me more than how we all get about this stupid amazing show. We all take leave of our senses, then come back to ourselves, then lose it again, then our moral compasses kick back in. I can see the devil and angel on Natalie’s shoulders going to war right now!

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: Shane, Alice, and Dana do karaoke

Valerie: I am an absolute SUCKER for a karaoke scene. And these three together?? I need to know what they’re singing immediately. I hope it’s just their own names over a beat like that one Shane and Carmen song they had sex to on some DJ equipment.

Natalie: I remain skeptical that Bette Porter would: 1. ever do karaoke and 2. ever do karaoke in a public space

Natalie: However, if she did karaoke, she would obviously sing lead as she seems to be doing here

Kayla Kumari: GAY!!!! KARAOKE!!!!

Kayla Kumari: It feels nice to be represented

Valerie: What if they sing the theme song

Kayla Kumari: OK here’s a real story: At my regular karaoke spot back in Brooklyn, I really wanted to sing the L Word themesong for my going away party. The KJ tried SO HARD to find a karaoke version and was even willing to pay for it if he had to (best KJ ever tbh) but he couldn’t find it ANYWHERE

Kayla Kumari: It simply does not exist

Kayla Kumari: The band Betty follows me on Instagram…always tempting to DM them to ask for a goddamn karaoke version

Kayla Kumari: Also, same energy:

A still from a musical performance in Mama Mia

Kayla Kumari: Which is maybe why I’m imagining them singing ABBA

Carmen: I love that Tina coming back home with a butch has sent Bette into such a tailspin that the only way out was karaoke. That feels right, in my bones.

Natalie: I’m going to guess those are Vanessa Williams’ hands, so now I need to know who’s back that is?

Natalie: The bra seems too ornate for Bette?

Carmen: No it’s Bette. It has to be Bette. More Bette having sex with Black women. There is no other option. Why would you try to curse us in this way?

Carmen: It’s Bette.

Carmen: Did I say that it is Bette?

Natalie: So, again… just so I understand what you’re saying, Carmen… you think it’s Bette?

Carmen: It. Is. BETTE.

Carmen: (Can someone confirm for me that it is Jennifer Beals who has the “no one can see my tits on camera” rule? Did I make that up? I may have to text Riese)

Heather: That’s for real! I remember from the — get this — Television Without Pity forums

Carmen: OK wonderful!

Natalie: Is this why you think the picture is Bette? Because who else wouldn’t take off their bra?

Carmen: Yes. And because I think the hair/skin tone matches Jennifer Beals.

Carmen: But at least 60%-70% the bra.

Carmen: I also think it’s very Bette’s style to wear such an ornate bra! Ugly ornate clothing is kinda her thing (remember that hideous bow from election night?)

Natalie: Those are “I’m about to get into some trouble” eyes and I am here for it. I do not want a season of Dani being heartbroken over Sophie.

Carmen: Oh yeah, absolutely. Dani’s rebounds from Sophie by leveling up into the truest form of her power dyke self. It’s like a video game, she will become her own Final Boss.

Heather: Kayla, is this the face you were making that time you were waiting to sing TLW theme song at karaoke? Chaotic glee?

Kayla Kumari: Yes.

Kayla Kumari: I was like no one in this room is ready.

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: Tess stands on a balcony overlooking the city

Valerie: 🎶 When I was a child I stayed wide awake, climbed to the highest place, on every fire escape, restless to climb!” 🎶

Heather: 🎶 And I’ll keep wanderin’ and wanderin’
And wanderin’ and wonderin’
When will my life begin? 🎶

Carmen: I am excited for this increase of Tess, because she was a breakout star, but I am also hoping Gen Q has learned from its past and has at least one (1!) trans lesbian this season!!

Natalie: 🥰🥰🥰

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: Bette smiles up at the stage

Valerie: Is Bette watching someone do karaoke? WHAT/WHO IS MAKING HER GLOW LIKE THIS

Heather: Honestly, I think it’s Alice and Shane pulling her up on stage for karaoke. I think it’s her FRIENDS. 😭

Valerie: 😭

Carmen: I think everyone just looks good in bisexual lighting? Is it in the sacred text of the gays?

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: Angie dances with her prom date. She wears a white jacket and black pants, her date is in a pink dress.

Valerie: I am VERY excited for Queer Babies At Prom amongst all the adult queer chaos. I hope they play “I just wanna dance with you” from The Prom.

Heather: OMG, I hope they play the Flashdance theme song, WHAT A FEELING.

Carmen: Perfect. It’s absolutely, in every way, Perfect.

Kayla Kumari: Can’t wait to cry about this.

Heather: The Generation Q season 2 trailer dropped six minutes ago and I’m already crying about it. Bette and Tina’s and mine and Natalie’s baby.

Natalie: Celebrating being absolutely beloved by the audience even though their characters are kinda trash.

Carmen: OK.. And??? As! They! Should!

Kayla Kumari: DRAMA

Natalie: Bring it, Dani!

Carmen: Oooof. this is gonna be so good and I love it.

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: Finley looks concerned.

Kayla Kumari: DRAAAAAMAAA.

Heather: “I can’t wait to get punched in the face, and then do karaoke about this when I grow up.”

Kayla Kumari: Karaoke is the perfect setting for emotional processing

Natalie: Kayla, Karoake songs for every Gen Q cast member has to be a future post.

Kayla Kumari: OMG yes.

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 Trailer: Sophie looks concerned.


Text: The L Word Generation Q — Streaming August 6

Kayla: I went to add the date to my calendar but it was already in my calendar

Carmen: 37! Days! Left!


If the Generation Q season 2 trailer has got you hype, we’d love to hear your theories and feelings in the comments!

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  1. Lol Bette saying she is gonna die alone like she didn’t get meat tagged at the planet and isn’t everybody’s dream lover forever

    Also omg BETTE AND GIGI

      • Just want to echo Chloe here in that I am not sure your life is going to improve after I disclose this information and it is not too late to turn back

        In season 2 of The L Word, shortly following her breakup with Tina Kennard, Bette Porter attends a concert at legendary venue The Planet at which a member of the band Betty tells Bette (after qualifying her statement with “this is so not a feminist thing to say”) that “there is a group of women over at the bar who have you meat-tagged like nobody’s business.” Bette does not understand and this she clarifies “meat-tagged. It means they’ve marked you as a hot item. The girls are lining up around the block to get on your dance card.”


        • so many phrases from the original L word that I cannot IMAGINE were a real thing but baby QG thought must be real. Nipple and bush confidence! Hundred-footer! Probably a bunch of other stuff I’ve erased from my memory out of self-preservation!

        • It sounds related to the term meat market, which I always found kind of a weird way(in cis man way) of describing someone.

  2. Bette and Gigi seems like a pairing that is 1) hot and 2) perfectly primed for maximum drama and who among us can resist that combination? Truly.

    • Definitely hot and definitely highly combustible AND definitely something I will watch…likely multiple times.

  3. Loved to see more of Jamie Clayton and I am intrigued by this slowburn friendship-turning-into-romance thing her character has going on with Shane (also still holding out her character is canonically trans).

    Angie and Jordie are very cute together. It seems we will see more of them, which I love. With Jordie they could have a good opportunity to talk about anti-trans policy being pushed, alot of which seems specifically targeted at trans youth (and more specifically at trans girls and young trans women, because the bigots seem to villify AMAB trans folk while infantilizing and forgetting about AFAB trans folk).

    Micah said he slept with a woman – which I love for him and because straight and non-exlusively gay trans men seem so rare in media (might just be in my imagination). Also, I might just be connecting dots that aren’t there, but the end of the trailer had b-roll footage of him and Sophie’s sister Maribel, so maybe thats the woman he slept with?

    Gigi and Bette: they are both hot and hot together, I just hope it’s more than just sex, because two people with commitment issues commiting to each other is the stuff my knees go weak for.

    As for Finley, Sophie and Dani. The whole situation is a mess and I kind of want Dani to find someone else, because while I don’t like Finley she and Sophie are good for each other and I think Dani deserves better than someone that didn’t like how little she communicated and than cheated instead of communicating – revealing themselves as a bit of a hypocrite in the process.

      • Now I feel like I overpromised and undelivered that is pretty much all I have to say right now^^

        Only one very important addendum: Jillian Mercado=hot, that haircut=hot, Jillian Mercado+that haircut=hotter than the current weather!

    • yes i want sophie and fin together dani needs to find someone ekse she was so selfish maybe she can hook up with helena who is coming back

    • Your thinking is in alignment with a lot of other people I know when it comes to believing Dani deserves better; however, I feel like both deserve better than each other. Dani is not only a poor communicator, she is selfish and self-centered and treated Sophie like a toy on a shelf only to be pulled down when she is ready to play. Sophie is emotionally needy and completely self-destructive in that when she can’t get what she wants/needs, she nucs what she has. Neither has a single tool in their toxic arsenals to handle emotional conflict or to give each other what they need except the fulfillment of what they think is ideal (e.g., marriage and a perfect life) and sex.

      I, for one, hope the writers use at least 5min of an episode to explain why the hell they were together in the first place.

  4. My due date is 2 days after this and if this baby is still in me on Aug. 6 I hope the first episode is what sends me into labor.

  5. Gotta say, I really hope Dani didn’t give Finley a black eye? I know y’all are joking BUT not super chill to make light of domestic violence :/

    • Not really better, but I don’t believe that Dani giving Finley a black eye can be called domestic violence, since it lacks the domestic aspect or am I wrong?

      Also, playing devil’s advocate for a minute: given a friend that betrayed you by sleeping/cheating with your fiancee/girlfriend it might not be healthy, but it is understandable.

    • Dani and Finley aren’t romantically involved so it would be a pissed off friend punching their friend for sleeping with her fiancé? Still not great but not domestic violence.

      • Oh y’all are definitely right! I still don’t vibe with people punching other people but my brain made this into “someone punching their partner for cheating” when that’s not actually what was suggested!

  6. I have not logged on in a while but today during my 50th Zoom call that could’ve been an email, I felt compelled and was gifted with Gigi on my screen. Girls, when Gigi told Bette to “come here” then kissed her, I let out an audible sigh-squeal that caught me off guard. Is a sigh-squeal a thing? If it wasn’t, I invented it today. I’ve never fully lusted over a tv character before and I’m not saying I am now but…shut up! Don’t touch me! Thank goodness my mic was off and my office door was closed. Yes, I was at work watching and reading gay stuff on my work computer. It’s allowed because it’s Gigi and watching her is part of the “other duties as assigned” clause in my work contract.

    Btw…Carmen, you were my whole mood this entire article.

    • hahahahahaaaaaaaaa first of all “sigh-squeal” (!!!) and second of all, thank you.

  7. “I think everyone just looks good in bisexual lighting”

    Bisexual lighting! Please trademark this, Carmen…or whatever the correct copyright term is.

  8. love this full on “who’s back is this” discussion, and carmen it’s def mama B, and YES she’s the one who has the no boobs contract!!!

  9. “If you aren’t turning your group hangs into group therapy, are you even dyking right? I don’t believe that you are.” 😂

  10. This energy and speculation is exactly what I wanted. I cannot wait for this chaos to sweep back into my life. Esp Gigi and Bette making presumably terrible decisions together.

  11. I love that @rootypoot‘s comments are just as priceless as the actual conversation in the article!

    I’m going to join in the “Tag yourself” game—Natalie was definitely my whole mood:

    “Celebrating being absolutely beloved by the audience even though their characters are kinda trash.”

    “We do not need another one of those! It was a mistake in Season one! Tess and Shane should just be friends that run the bar and never speak of that one time they hooked up.”

    “I wonder what Tonya would have to say about Alice lecturing someone else about cheating…at DANA’s.”

    “The Cheaters Club!”

    And now I’m going to go into my 3:30 meeting completely unprepared and unrepentant.

    • “And now I’m going to go into my 3:30 meeting completely unprepared and unrepentant”

      I wholeheartedly approve of this energy on this Friday eve/pre-July 4th weekend.

  12. I am so disappointed in myself for not thinking of this sooner. I will be filing a petition with the state of Georgia to have all confederate monuments replaced with statues of Jennifer Beals as Bette Porter. Or Jennifer Beals as Jennifer Beals…either way.

  13. As someone who is 100% here for Other People’s Drama, I am in full support of the Gigi/Bette trash fire and all its hot, hot, chaotic, HOT glory.

  14. want tibette back…but nothing I don’t want to see gibette and pibette…or others..Bette is single to have fun…

  15. “Bette should propose to and marry herself; she’d be queer fandom’s all-time favorite character and couple.” YES Heather, SO hot! Couple Name Bette with 4 Ts?

    Agree that Gibette is legally mandated; glad GenQ is in compliance.

  16. Re: “We do not need another one of those! It was a mistake in Season one! Tess and Shane should just be friends that run the bar and never speak of that one time they hooked up.”

    But Shane hooked up with Tess’ ex in the beginning, not Tess! (The fuck was her name again?) And then Shane shamed Tess for hooking up with Finley at work in what was perhaps *the most* hypocritical moment ever for Shane but they haven’t hook up yet! And I’M HERE FOR IT!

    Someone pls tell me if this is correct or if I’m whiling out about this.

    • No, you are right.

      That was the joke. Natalie was starting by saying “they shouldn’t do this, a similar thing happened last year and was a mistake” and then ending by saying “ok maybe they do it once, but then we should never speak of it again” 😂😂

  17. I’m here for literally almost anything that gets Tess onscreen. Also I was SHOOK by Gigi and Bette but tbh into it

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