“Batwoman” Episode 209 Recap: New Rules

Previously, everyone and their cousin made their way to Coryana despite it being super hard to find, the Bat Team discovered Ryan’s favorite plant was actually Desert Rose in disguise, and Kate Kane was officially declared dead. In this week’s on Batwoman recap Wildmoore gets a new shipper as Sophie gets a new wingwoman. Read on!

I don’t ask for a lot. I’d just like one episode of this show where Mary doesn’t cry. It looks like I’m not getting my wish today, because Julia, Luke, Sophie, Jacob, and Mary are all at a cemetery holding a funeral for Kate while Ryan writes her one last letter. Ryan can’t go to the funeral herself, so she honors Kate the best way she knows how: with her words and her favorite miracle cure plant. Thanks to both Kate and the Desert Rose, Ryan got a second chance; and she’s going to use it officially be Gotham’s Batwoman. I have no idea what’s going to happen if and when Kate’s family realizes she’s not actually dead, but I do know that the Kate they knew and loved will live on in their hearts. May your memory be a blessing, Kate.

Ryan writing Kate's family at grave

Oh and Black Mask has Kate prisoner and tells her that her family declared her dead. Surely that’s fine.

It’s one month later, and before he heads into a budget meeting, Commissioner Forbes is answering questions from Gotham’s one (1) reporter about the city’s Snakebite problem. Before he can demand more money to patrol Black neighborhoods (which is what I assume happens in those meetings), a young Black woman stops him to explain exactly what defunding the police means (spoiler alert — it’s not about taking away all of their precious money). Forbes would rather complain about graffiti on city buildings than actually have a conversation, and he tells the woman if she has a problem with the way he’s doing his job, maybe she should run instead. We love a Black woman in power, but WHY DO WE HAVE TO CLEAN UP ALL OF YOUR MESSES?! Ahem. Anyway.

When Ryan and Mary moved in together, this is exactly the scene I hoped we’d get. Two friends, bonding over sweet potato pancakes and having heart-to-hearts about leaning on each other when they needed it the most. Mary has had a Time since Kate’s funeral, and Ryan has been there for her, no questions asked; except maybe when Mary will replace the ice cream she ate. They hear a knock at the door and it’s Angelique, here to apologize? This definitely isn’t the point, but homegirl didn’t even wait for Mary to say “come in” before she just sauntered into the apartment, so if you weren’t already on notice Ang, that would have done it. Mary gives Angelique a very cute yet threatening stare down before leaving the two alone because while she respects their privacy, she will absolutely cut a bitch if they mess with her girl. I just love Mary so much, y’all.

Ryan and Mary eat breakfast


Batwoman recap Wildmoore is on Mary's mind as Angelique drops by to visit Ryan.

“These pancakes are good, but I’ll drop them in a second if you hurt my girl.”

Angelique apologizes to Ryan and tells her that even though she couldn’t fight to keep her in the past, she wants to do that now. Ryan holds her ground though; she’s finally turning her life around and the only way the two of them work is if Angelique gives up dealing. Ang promises she’s ready to do that while I give her my best side-eye.

And how’s Alice handling the “death” of her sister, you ask? Not well, friends. She’s back in the room where she was kept prisoner for all those years, reciting Humpty Dumpty: the I Thought My Sister Was Dead But Then Was Told She Wasn’t So I Went to Coryana to Kill Her Myself and Then the Queen I Have Sexual Tension With Told Me My Sister Was Never There and Was Declared Dead *Remix*. Before long, Alice is joined by young Kate, who she’s apparently invited there for tea.

Young Kate and Alice have tea

“This isn’t what I meant by ‘spill the tea’ but okay.”

Meanwhile, the Commissioner’s budget meeting is finally over and I guess so is his life, because a gang drives up and murders him on the steps of City Hall. They’re not alone though; the woman from earlier is in the process of tagging the building and sees the whole thing go down.

The next day, everyone’s favorite reporter is interviewing Lorna Corbett’s husband from Bomb Girls, aka businessman Roman Sionis, about the murder of the commissioner. Sionis has a makeup empire, which would explain his unsettling lack of pores. Like most white businessmen, Sionis thinks he’s the solution to the city’s problems, and offers his help to the Gotham police force against masked vigilantes.

Meagan Tandy had herself an EPISODE and y’all, Sophie is ON ONE right now. She storms into Crow Headquarters and demands all of the information they have on the murder. She had me scrambling for footage in my own apartment before I remembered none of this is real and also she works for The Man. Women in power. Whew. The Bat Team is watching the same footage as the Crows and they realize someone scrubbed five minutes from the tape. Ryan notices that someone was tagging the building as the murder happened and Mary found the artist faster than you could say “What’s a finsta?”

Sophie storming in

“Which one of y’all spray painted ‘Crowphie’ on my office?!”

Quick pause to appreciate the wardrobe department for this episode. Thank you for your service.

Bat team looking at footage

“Her name is Wynonna and she hunts demons, you say?”

While Luke does some clicky clack computing to find the artist’s identity, the team does a little gossiping about She Who Interrupts Roomie Breakfast. Mary does that loyal friend thing where she asks Ryan if “we” are taking Angelique back, and it’s all so cute and their friendship is really important to me, okay?! Luke finds the tagger; a woman named Jordan Moore. Yup, that Moore.

Sophie, still high off power, is leaving Big Daddy Kane a voicemail and gets into her car without checking the backseat like some kind of amateur. Jordan’s in the backseat. HER SISTER JORDAN is in her backseat and admits to seeing the Commissioner get gunned down. Sophie’s ready to march Jordan upstairs to take her statement, but Jordan refuses. She knows it’s over for her as soon as the Crows know her name. A guy in a mask breaks the car window and before Sophie can shoot him, Batwoman shows up to save them, much to Jordan’s apparent awe.


They realize the False Face Society is after Jordan, and Batwoman knew where she’d be because she knew she tagged City Hall the night before. Like a Big Sister does, Sophie immediately chastises Jordan. I don’t have a sister, so this doesn’t necessarily speak to my experience, but Jordan and Sophie’s relationship feels so authentic. It reminds me of Jennifer and Anissa Pierce in season one of Black Lightning. There’s an ease and a love with which both sets of sisters crack on each other that is so fun to watch. Jordan says, “Girl, so not the point right now” in a way that you KNOW she’s said before. I promised myself I wouldn’t spend this entire recap yelling, “BLACK WOMEN THOUGH!!” but in this scene (and another later), we get three Black women sharing screentime, and two of them are queer main characters on a network superhero drama. I didn’t know I was allowed to want this when Black Lightning entered my life, and for it to be happening again? Teenage Nic is screaming right now.

Jordan tells Batwoman everything she saw that night, including that the driver of the getaway car was a woman wearing a babydoll mask (gross) and gold key bracelet. Angelique, you in danger, girl.

Batwoman recap Wildmoore in the frame with Sophie's sister Jordan

“I know, all three of us in one frame. It’s wild, right?”

Back at Alice’s tea party, she insists that nothing happening is real and Fake Kate confirms it because reality is the last thing Alice wants right now. Alice created this version of Kate because when they were little, Kate is the one who got them out of the trouble Alice caused. And right now, the trouble Alice needs getting out of, is her pain.

Meanwhile, Ryan pounds on Angelique’s door and demands answers about who killed the commissioner. Rather than deny it, Angelique wants to know who else knows she’s involved. She claims she asked to leave and they wanted her to do this last thing even though she wanted nothing to do with it. Ryan wants her to snitch on the real killers and promises to protect her because she… knows Batwoman. Y’all, the breath I held when I thought she was about to reveal her identity. Angelique says she’ll think about it.

Angelique and Ryan talk

“As a Batwoman…supporter…”

Luke is none too pleased that Ryan gave Ang time to think. If Angelique testifies though, Jordan doesn’t have to, and she stays safe. Dear sweet Ryan is convinced Angelique is going to do the right thing, but even Mary is hesitant this time because she’s been through this before with Kate who constantly justified Alice’s actions. She knows that even though Angelique isn’t Alice, “no one is ever Alice until they are because someone let them be.” The writing in this episode is some of the best I’ve ever experienced. Whew.

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  1. Seems like the writers are wasting no time with moving onto the new big bad. And whatever they have in store for Kate. And introducing Sophie’s never-before-mentioned little sister. Ah, the refreshing pace of a young series that still has room to grow.


    Commissioner Forbes: “It’s an elected position, sweetie. You don’t like me, run.”

    _10 hours later_

    Commissioner: (dead)

    I guess there will be a special election in Gotham soon. Who could possibly fill the vacancy?

    Sophie. It’s gonna be Sophie.

    Just imagine – Commissioner Moore working with Batwoman, Sophie “working” with Ryan, c’mon, the fan-fics practically write themselves.


    Does anybody in the Crows lock their car and/or check the back seat before getting in? Seriously.

    • OH MY GOD COMISSIONER MOORE! Sweet lesbian goddess! I hope you are right and that’s where they’re going with this. 😍

  2. I enjoyed so much of this episode, especially Sophie and Jordan’s sister dynamic.

    And then I was so disappointed at the end of the episode when they introduced yet another disabled villain (because us disabled folks are always evil of course, especially if we have some kind of medical equipment or a mobility aid that can make an ominous “thwack” when we walk in to alert you to our evilness). Ugh, so tired of this.

    Anyways, thank you for the great recap. “As a Batwoman… supporter…” LOL

  3. Ryan and the Moore sisters sharing the screen was so damn good, Nic! I really hope that even as we stop being so shocked by multiple complex Black women with different thoughts and feelings in one non-Black Lightning place, that it will still feel this electric. I already love Jordan, and I’m thrilled to see how she helps push Sophie (and Ryan, to a lesser extent) even further onto the right track of questioning her affiliation to the crows and whether she can change them.

    I cannot wait to see if it’s Crowphie’s growing distance from her job, or her growing trust with Batwoman and the team, or if it’s just Jordan’s persistence and Ryan’s cuteness that finally gives us Wildmoore but I believe that it will happen (and probs immediately get weird when Kate and he new face are revealed)!

    Mary Hamilton remains the absolute best, as does her friendship with Ryan. And if I choose to interpret that friendship as a little starry-eyed and crush-esque on Mary’s end, well that’s my business.

    Angelique may have gone to jail to protect Ryan this time, but I’m petty and so she’s still my last choice to be with Ryan. Her claiming that she’s never lied to Ryan when I’ve literally only seen her tell the truth first like twice wasn’t it. Plus she did Batwoman serious bodily harm???? Straight pushed her off a fire escape??? Ryan, baby girl, love yourself.

    Alice…oof. I’m worried about how well she’s going to convince herself not to mourn or even remember Kate. I’m doubly worried for how much worse it’s going to break her when new-face, no-memory Kate emerges and she gets her sister back only to see the parts of her that are gone.

    I’m choosing to trust that this show knows how vitally important it is that Ryan is our Batwoman. I’ve really enjoyed the way they toe the line between characters grieving and trying to honor her and still, usually, choosing to try to put one foot in front of the other. Whatever they do with Kate, and even with a whole mental reel of ways her return could undercut Ryan’s time, I believe that Ryan’s charm and her humor and her heart will still be top-billed.

  4. * “Ryan wants her to snitch on the real killers and promises to protect her because she… knows Batwoman. Y’all, the breath I held when I thought she was about to reveal her identity.”

    Silly, this is only Season Two. Your superhero identity gets ratted out to your girlfriend, by her brother, at the end of Season Four. }-X

    * “Apparently Black Mask’s daughter was killed by Kate”

    Anyone remember this, or is this…what? Mistaken identity? Some remote Batwoman-did-a-thing-which-did-a-thing-which-did-a-thing accident? Because I thought the only person BatKate killed, was Cartwright (who SO deserved it, even though Kate felt guilty after).

    * “Yes, that Enigma who wiped Alice and Ocean’s memories.” And, pretty obviously, Julia’s too. [FTR, the second Julia said “why don’t I remember this?” on the phone, I screamed “Enigma!” (before we saw her at the end of the ep)]

    * Also, FTR: I had a hunch that the show was going to ship Sophie & Ryan BEFORE S2 even debuted (that shot of MT&JL watching election returns was enough). Doesn’t mean I’m not going to see what I see, when I see Mary giving Ryan heart-eyes. Just (seein’ &) sayin’.

    * I don’t suppose Sophie filled Jordan in on the “just lost the love of my life” thing? I feel a memory-hole moment coming on (and that Kate won’t show herself to Sophie, in any form, until Sophie has moved on, or nearly so. Ryan is her New Moon Rising).

    * That goon murder (by Sionis/Black Mask) was WAY OTT. Really didn’t need to see that (Yes, the OSHA line was still funny).

    * While I liked to see healthy Ryan taking out a bunch of goons, still didn’t like her turning her back (on the one who would KO her), anymore that we are STILL stuck w/ the Worst of All Action Cliches’: getting into a car w/o checking the backseat!

    * LOL, Young (Imaginary) Kate looked to be days-hours-minutes away from crew-cutting her own hair (as we butches are wont to do! ;-) ). Man, Alice can’t catch circumstantial break, only a mental one.

    * I apologize for impugning Julia: it doesn’t look like she’s covering up anything—only that her mind was covered up from itself.

    * Yes, we all know that, in real life, crime- (or rather, criminality-)preventing is the REAL heroism. But this is “Batwoman”. There is long-term danger (I know the show has already been renewed for S3) if they forget that. I really want to see this show (esp w/ JL as BW) succeed…

  5. I’m so nervous about Kate coming back but MY GOODNESS if this show keeps surprising me in all the best ways! It was wonderful to see Ryan do the “I thought you had my back” thing again but this time recognize that her team was trying to hold her accountable; it’s a relief to see that dynamic shift from “you wish I was Kate” to “you trust me but that doesn’t mean you have to agree with me always.”

    LOVE to meet little Moore!!!! Of course she’s an abolitionist!!!!!!!! I also appreciate having the opportunity to roll my eyes at Crowphie but also love & respect her / be excited for her plot arcs. Last season they really put her in a position to be wildly hated by fans and I did not appreciate it. Meagan Tandy deserved better and I’m so glad she’s getting it – especially taking up the screentime Dad Kane does not need.

    If this show has done all of this incredible writing and commitment to their Black Batwoman only to unseat Ryan, I will maybe give up on television entirely.

  6. OMG when Jordan told Ryan exactly what I’ve been saying here in the comments about batwoman being ultimately another suit!!! (I mean batwoman had been especially self righteous with her “you’re off the hook, you’re lucky”… What did Jordan do to deserve that comment? Is batwoman referring to the graffitis? I’m not surprised Crowphie would chide jordan for those, but ryan, really? ) And then jordan explains how she adresses problems at the root, and ultimately ryan decides to help! Love it!!!

    And honestly the writing team is really setting a precedent here. They’re showing that you can take the difficulty of the lead actor leaving a show to re-center the show on a more marginalized character, without having to kill of the other character and while maintaining the continuity. There was a risk that season 2 and beyond would feel like a completely different show when watched in a row, but they did a good job of give ryan backstory with the previous supporting characters (the wonderland gang killing her mom, which gives her common grounds with Mary, and a personnal vendetta with alice, and then her past trials with the crows and Sophie) and I think not killing kate also helps, which ultimately makes Ryan more solid as the new lead- they’re not making it seem like whoever wears the cowl is disposable. I’m imagining Kate will be a very different person and in no position to take the cowl, she might even be a villain (let’s look at what happened to alice after her encounter with enigma). I dont really know but it’s exciting and the bat-team is so lovable.

  7. What a great series of character moments for Sophie. Truly amazing. Loved Jordan so much too!

    1) How has Sophie not figured out Ryan is Batwoman yet. How?! She knows Ryan’s history with Angelique, she saw Batwoman’s reaction to the description of Angelique’s bracelet, AND she gave that bracelet back to Ryan herself!!!!! Come on girl!! Put it together!!!!

    2) Sophie commanding the room was H.O.T!!!!

    3) Her face when Jordan said she accepted her really tugged at my heart. Oof.

    4) Since Sophie knows the enemies-to-lovers trope, are we meant to believe she reads fanfic!!?!?!? What kinds of fanfic do we think Sophie would read?!?

  8. I genuinely love Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder/Batwoman and I really like how the show highlights institutional racism and police brutality. Loved Jordan Moore and I am super-interested where they will be going with her character and the community center.

    What they are doing with Kate Kane – not loving it at all. I appreciate them not doing the “Bury Your Gays”-trope, but setting Kate up as a potential next villain or, alternatively, a victimized person too traumatized to be Batwoman is just terrible. Of course it is too early to tell what exactly they will be doing with/to her character, but already the face thing… ugh. If they had to recast, they should have just went with it, and not commented on the different looks, just like so many other shows. But the continued cutting off faces and sewing it on other people’s heads is absolutely overdone and ridiculous in this show (how many plot lines did they have with it? How many times was this already employed?), and I find it disempowering that this is the route they have chosen for Kate.

    I am all for it that Javicia Leslie/Ryan Wilder remains Batwoman. It is truly awesome to have a Black Batwoman!
    Having said that, I really miss butch representation. It was so very rare to see a character like Kate Kane, always wearing jackets and shirts over her chest, having short hair, and not only formfitting, tight clothes, as opposed to how most actresses are shown in movies and on TV. It was also super-nice that Ruby Rose as a non-binary person played that role. This was the only time I saw myself (somewhat) represented on TV (minus the thinness and the tight pants).

    I want to be very clear that there is nothing wrong with Javicia Leslie/Ryan Wilder wearing belly tops, necklines and short dresses. It is just that I hardly ever see a lesbian character on TV who does not have long hair and is presented feminine. Kate Kane was the only character on TV I am aware of who did not fit this current representation of a feminine long-hair lesbian. Even in the L Word Generation Q with lesbians/queers having short hair, they are still “feminine enough.”
    Now every lesbian character on Batwoman has long hair and is feminine. Again, there is nothing wrong with being a feminine lesbian with long hair. This used to be me. But it is a pity that there is such a narrow representation of lesbians/queers, and how they can look like.

    So basically, I wish Ryan Wilder was more butch, and I would love to see Black and Women of Color butch representation, someone like Lola Flash or Meg Allen.

  9. Batwoman ratings:
    Season 1:
    Episode 1: 1.86m – Pilot

    Episode 2: 1.45m

    Episode 3: 1.22m

    Episode 4: 1.29m

    Episode 5: 1.16m

    Episode 6: 1.09m

    Episode 7: 1.01m

    Episode 8: 1.01m

    Episode 9: 1.71m (Crisis tie-in followed by a month-and-a-half break)

    Episode 10: 790k

    Episode 11: 670k

    Episode 12: 850k

    Episode 13: 820k

    Episode 14: 750k

    Episode 15: 750k

    Episode 16: 770k

    Episode 17: 630k

    Episode 18: 640k

    Episode 19: 700k

    Episode 20: 740k

    Season 2:
    Episode 1: 660k – Premiere

    Episode 2: 620k

    Episode 3: 708k

    Episode 4: 509k

    Episode 5: 493k

    Episode 6: 460k

    Episode 7: 550k

    Episode 8: 540k

    Episode 9: 440k (preliminary)

  10. Bombgirls! I knew I recognized him from somewhere!
    Anyway, I loved everything about this episode!! Jordan working her acceptance into the conversation made me teary. My sister, my favorite person in the world, and I only this summer really processed my coming out to her years and years ago. She’s been accepting for so long, but it wasn’t easy for her initially, and we finally had the “so, remember when it was hard for you? is there anything that still makes you uncomfortable?” conversation and it was so healing for both of us.
    I agree that Angelique needed to do something to show us as viewers that she can stick up for Ryan. I’m team Sophie all the way (they have so much more chemistry, and I’m a sucker for enemies to lovers) but I like that with Angelique we have a connection to Ryan’s past and the tension that comes from that.
    Also “as a batwoman… supporter” made me CACKLE. Nic, your caption game is unbeatable.

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