The Comment Awards Are Not Even As Gay As Lena Luthor

Hi there, buttercups! It’s been a wild, wild week in California, but guess what? It’s a little bit cold outside, and I’m excited about cooking again! Summer cooking is bullshit, but cooking in winter is EVERYTHING. Spaghetti sauce is simmering on the stove and I just might put on a sweater! Things are lookin’ up.

This week, KaeLyn’s toddler Remi reminded her to make time for play.

Rachel! Maddow! On! Batwoman! What?! Yes, thank you, think I WILL watch that.

Spooky season is upon us, and Casey’s got eight creepy books for us to read.

Christina wrote about touch and intimacy among friends, and why it’s so important.

The Supreme Court heard important LGBTQ cases this week; here’s a primer from Rachel on what they could mean.

Natalie is recapping All  American, and its black lesbian representation is breaking new ground for network TV.

Heather thinks your teenage heart will heal when you read Tegan and Sara’s High School.

I am saving this read for my Friday night because I know how to live and because I just know it’s gonna be MAGNIFICENT.

And then there were your comments!

On “Supergirl” Episode 501 Recap: Pants, Hope, and Trust:

The Too Gay to Function Award to

Elly: Is there anything gayer than inventing AI in your basement so you have someone to talk to about your ex???? / Kristana: Buying a company for $750M for your ex, and then selling it to your other ex.

On Tegan and Sara’s “High School” Will Fill You With ’90s Nostalgia, Heal Your Teenage Heart:

The Sponsoring Is Awesome Award to Lyra:

thank you Heather for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us as always 💜 It warms my heart to see that this post is sponsored. Thank you T&S for doing the right thing and giving Autostraddle money for a review that Heather certainly would have written for us no matter what! 💜

On No Filter: Bella Thorne’s New Girlfriend Is Wearing Her Shoes In Bed:

The Merrily We Roll Along Award to thatottergirl:

The only acceptable excuse for shoes in bed is if you and your girlfriend are both in a punk band, and you’ve just come from the roller rink

On Observations on Heaven from Dante’s Paradiso That Also Apply to These Stills of Linda Hamilton:

The Peak Performance Award to Another Rachel:

Today I learned a lot about Dante, Linda Hamilton, literary criticism, the Terminator franchise, and cinematic history. The efficiency of this post!

On Pop Culture Fix: What the Heck Is Happening With Batwoman and Alex Danvers?

The I Ador-a Dividends Award to Snow and Sally:

I am way too invested in She-Ra for someone who was too old for it the first time around

If I could make interest off the investment I have in She-Ra I could retire next year.

On What We Love and Hate About Dating Virgos:

The Chaos Virgo Award to Ar Grass:

This article is Chaos Virgo ™ erasure and I’ve prepared a haphazard yet thorough presentation to tell you why

And on So You Want to Dress Like a Mommi This Fall:

The Pajammi Mia Award to coolia:

never knew I leaned mommi til this post! bookmarking that pink silk pajama top for my next paycheck because pajamas-as-outerwear has always been a staple in my fall wardrobe!

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        • Don’t forget that community college isn’t just for people who can’t afford regular college. It’s also for people who didn’t do well enough to get into regular college. That’s probably why all of those women could also afford those jacked-up trucks.

          • oh i LOVED community college and would very much have done all four years there if i could, but people there were definitely much more into the flannel PJs than the silk :-D

    • Apologies to Christina Tucker but I didn’t even realize until I re-saw her comment here that “That’s a Mommi” was probably a riff on “that’s amore.” Making this clear for anyone else who didn’t clue in. ;)

  1. Thanks!! I just want to extend my awardedness to the whole “no shoes in bed” comment thread, people had VERY strong opinions and it was an important time for the whole community :)

  2. Are comment awards ever given for comments made on the previous week’s Comment Awards post? There are some golden ones here today.

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