Sunday Funday, Like Rachel Maddow, Is ALSO Joining The Cast Of Batwoman

Hello and good morning, or afternoon, or evening! I hope you’re doing well. I just got my flu shot on Tuesday and finally had the “not the flu but not  NOT the flu” thing that happens a few days later, so I’m a little crummy, but PROTECTED. I spent my Saturday attempting to get my cat to visit the vet who came to our home but she would not come out for them. Then I made an apple pie which is beautiful, but also took a full eight hours, and my right thumb is still numb from the way I was (incorrectly?) holding the knife.

I also watched the first two Lord of The Ring extended edition movies because fantasy is as close to horror as my scary ass can get. Happy spooky month y’all!

+ Number one, have you seen what our new gay alien moms (and Steven!) are up to?

+ Rachel Maddow is joining the cast of the CW’s Batwoman, and she’s not playing herself. I’m…intrigued.

+ Also, Ruby Rose doesn’t want you to think of Batwoman as just a lesbian crimefighter. Should I stop telling people it’s the “lesbian Batwoman show”?

+ A group of Argentinian feminists is working to revamp the tango.

+ Somerset’s first Pride event

+ It is not good news that our rights are being debated in the supreme court, but it is cool how many hard hitters are working for us!

Born to Be premiered at the 2019 NYFF and is an intimate portrait of a trans affirming surgeon that doesn’t fall into the fetishizing trap.

+ One of NYC’s first “gender-free” clothing brands is tacking discrimination.

+ Look at these lesbian politicians politicking together.

+ Harriet the Spy helping this writer come into queerness! Good shit!

+ Sober! Queer! Spaces! In! Louisville!!!

+ These are the days [/Instagram accounts detailing lesbian style] of our lives. 

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+ This queer kitchen unites queer community.😭

+ Billboard’s 2019 October Queer Necessities playlist is out.

+ The LA City Council honored Jewel Thais-Williams.

The intersection of Pico Boulevard and Norton Avenue in Arlington Heights was dedicated Saturday as Jewel Thais-Williams Square, honoring the LGBTQ and human rights activist.

The intersection is in front of the Catch One disco, which Thais- Williams opened in 1973 and owned until 2015. It is the nation’s oldest black-owned disco, according to Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson, who authored the motion designating the intersection in Thais-Williams’ honor.

“Everybody deserves to be able to enjoy a night out where they can feel safe and welcomed, but before Jewel Thais-Williams, that was not the reality for Los Angeles’ black LGBTQ+ community,” Wesson said.

Okay have the best week! Sit next to a cute cat! Spend a ridiculous amount of time making a delicious pie! Eat a soup! Kiss your pals on the cheek! Take care of each other because we cannot do this alone–at least, I don’t want to. ❤️❤️❤️

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Ari is a 20-something artist and educator. They are a mom to two cats, they love domesticity, ritual, and porch time. They have studied, loved, and learned in CT, Greensboro, NC, and ATX.

Ari has written 330 articles for us.


  1. Born to Be looks very interesting. I’ve heard of Dr. Ting, of course, but there was no way I was waiting that long to get in with him. I’ll definitely be sharing this with the team that did all my surgeries this year! I hope this engenders (ha) a better medical atmosphere for trans care. It’s too hard to receive basic care for us, as so few providers know how to address trans needs, and all too many refuse to treat us or provide substandard care. This is in addition to the shortage of surgical options, which has been shown to be super effective in treating dysphoria for patients that want it, with satisfaction rates close to 90%, compared to 50% for most plastic surgery outcomes. Personal anecdote: totally worked for me! I feel fantastic about my new body.
    So I’m very interested in seeing this doc, even though I’m definitely going to cry.

    Also I have three cute cats to go sit with! After I finish dilating.

    • I took a tango class at my university’s extracurricular‘s program and danced both parts, as did my gf at the time.Non issue, my instructors switched roles, too.
      Berlin is the Tango Capital of Europe (who‘d have thought, right?) and compared to that article it seems a lot more open here.
      Tbh, you learn a lot better knowing the challenges of both leading and following,and I just figured it would be more common elsewheres, not less. Crazy.

  2. I got my flu shot Wednesday for free, my boss paid for everyone that wanted one. The negative side was my arm was sore (normal) and bruised Thursday and yesterday I felt like I had a fever with a runny nose and sneezing and today I feel fine.

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