“Supergirl” Episode 501 Recap: Pants, Hope, and Trust

Hello and welcome back to Supergirl recaps! A lot has happened since the season four finale: Azie Tesfai and Andrea Brooks got promoted to series regulars, the Supergirl cast started a “pants!” chant at SDCC about Kara’s new suit, Katie McGrath played a bisexual lawyer in Secret Bridesmaids’ Business, and I broke my rule about not reading fanfic of shows I cover because of Stay the Night. All of this will likely affect my recaps in some ways, so I just thought I should let you know. But A LOT happened in this episode so let’s get back to it, shall we?

Previously on Supergirl, Eve betrayed Lena, Lex betrayed Lena, then Lex told Lena that Kara betrayed her, too. And just like that, the secret was out there. After holding our breath for years, instead of being able to breathe a sigh of relief, Lex punctured our lungs. And last we left her, Lena was privately pissed but still playing the pal in person.

The new season opens with Supergirl and her new bangs saving kids from a runaway bus.

Supergirl smiles at the children she saved

She bangs, she bangs! (The Ricky Martin reference you came here for.)

Kara tells some of the kids to “tell the truth” and a wild Lena Luthor appears, the phrase “that’s rich” dripping off her tongue. Lena confronts the person she thought was her best friend, calling the woman dressed as Supergirl in front of her, “Kara.”

Kara stumbles and stammers until Lena punches her and Supergirl explodes.

Lena smiles wickedly

I will die on the Lena is Not a Villain hill but sweet Rao does she look good lit up from the fires of her own destruction.

And then the virtual reality simulation ends.

Lena takes out her new VR contacts (in a way no contacts have ever been taken out) and starts talking to her new AI, Hope, who wonders why she doesn’t kill Supergirl in real life. Lena tells Hope that she just has some feelings she has to let out and that’s all this is, catharsis; she doesn’t want to kill Supergirl. Though she does want to hurt her the way she’s been hurt.

Lena looks determined

“Villain is a harsh word. Think more like…a foil.”

And can we just talk about how fucking heartbreaking it is that Lena had to BUILD AN AI to have someone to talk to about what she’s going through? Her best friend betrayed her, which means she also doesn’t trust any of the friends she made through Kara. Sam is long gone. She could never trust anyone in her family. She has no one. So she had to build someone. AND IT HURTS MY FEELINGS. Not to mention Lena said that Hope is growing and learning, but Hope is named a bit ironically; Hope not inspiring hope in me. Hope was born of Lena’s anger and fear and insecurities, I can’t imagine this AI evolving into the next Gideon.

the AI hope

The AI is named Hope, the thing Lena resists second only to her Luthor DNA, which Hope almost resembles.

Anyway, the real Kara meets up with J’onn, Alex, and Kelly at a digital cafe where everyone is testing Obsidian North augmented reality contacts. Kara, the youngest of the group, starts complaining that no one is paying attention to anything anymore because of technology. I’ll be honest, it falls a little flat to me that she, who uses the power of the yellow sun to enhance her life, would be against humans doing the same with the powers available to them, but fine. We’ll pretend that this TV-loving, earpiece wearing 20-something hates technology. And anyway, she can’t complain more about it right now since Kelly works at Obsidian North now — and in fact, it’s her first day. And Alex is very proud of her.

alex looks at kelly proudly

I think I’ve only ever looked at pizza with this much admiration.

Also I’m going to mention this here and only here because it’s so ridiculous: Kara apparently won a Pulitzer. Girl is barely a journalist, I refuse to participate in this tomfoolery. I’m just going to call it “an award” from here on out because they should have just made something up. I have suspended my disbelief on plenty on this show, but this is a step too far.

Once Kara finishes putting her foot in her mouth about Kelly’s new company, Kelly heads off with a quick good luck kiss from her girlfriend.

Kelly and Alex smiling and laughing

Two queer women laughing in the light will never cease be a delight.

J’onn heads off too, and as soon as they’re alone, Alex demands to know if Kara has told Lena that she’s Supergirl yet. When Alex had told Kara to wait to tell her, she had only intended for Kara put it off until after game night, but it’s been a month now and Kara is still making up excuses. Kara hasn’t felt like it’s the right time, but when is the right time to admit you’ve been lying to someone you care about for your entire relationship? She admits out loud, which I really appreciate, that she’s feeling guilty and scared. That she’s afraid this will be the end, and that maybe having this secret slowly eat away at her from the inside is better than Lena hating her forever. But Alex implores her to be brave, as she always does.

Alex encourages Kara

“I’m telling you, it was the wildest dream. We played professional basketball. And you were GOOD at it.”

Kara and Alex head upstairs and run into Nia and Brainy who are fighting about who the worst movie villain is. Everyone’s answers are different and hilarious and these are the kinds of conversations I have with my friends so I found it quite delightful.

Before Kara can get to work writing another award-winning article, she runs into a woman named Andrea Rojas who owns Obsidian North… and now apparently also CatCo. Lena sold CatCo and didn’t tell Kara. Andrea is the Editor in Chief now.

andrea shakes kara's hand

The two-handed handshake is such a power move.

Red flag.

Obviously Kara immediately goes to Lena’s office. Lena plays nice and hugs her and tells her she’s missed her lately.

Alex and Kara hug

Shhh let me live in this screenshot for just a few more minutes.

Lena admits that she did sell CatCo, but that she had wanted to tell Kara and James herself. She says she only bought CatCo for Kara and she needs the capital for a new project she’s working on. Lena really lays it on thick, apologizing for keeping Kara in the dark, really hoping she didn’t make Kara feel like a fool.

Lena lays it on thick

Between Lena Luthor and Saskia on Secret Bridesmaids’ Business, I have no doubt that Katie McGrath will be the death of me.

And here is how I know Kara is in deeper denial about the state of things than I realized. The period of time between when I officially decided I was going to come out to my parents and when I actually came out to my parents was almost more stressful than being fully in the closet. I, like Kara, put it off for weeks because of one excuse or another. But I was also on high alert. Everything they said had me questioning if they somehow already knew. I looked for any hints that they had any suspicions, or any clues that would help me predict how the conversation would go. And even though some of my interpretations were wrong and not red flags at all (apparently my mother really WAS trying to set me up with a prince?) I still always had that feeling of “oh god this could apply to my secret OH GOD” and at first I was surprised Kara didn’t feel that way, too. But I guess, in Kara’s defense, she’s been careful, and nothing new has happened to help Lena figure it out. Kara has no way of knowing or deducing that Lex told Lena.

Before they can finish their conversation, Kara gets a Supergirl alert and has to run off. Lena plays nice until she’s out of sight, but then the pain and anger wash over her again.

Lena glares

Rage becomes her.

Supergirl was called because across town, Kate Micucci is giving some kids a museum tour when a little girl makes the T-Rex come to life so she can steal something from the Kryptonian section. Supergirl punches the dinosaur and it shapeshifts and Superman’s pod goes missing. Team Supergirl is worried someone could make a universe-destroying bomb out of the materials that were just hanging out, barely guarded, in this public space, so they set out to find whoever stole it.

Back at Obsidian North, Andrea is showing Kelly around when Lena shows up and Kelly and Lena are excited to see each other, which makes my heart ache a bit for the game nights we missed.

Lena and Kelly beam at each other while Andrea watches

Bechdel test? Passed. Patriarchy? Smashed.

Lena pulls Andrea aside to talk privately and HOO boy. Tensions. Are. High. Apparently Lena and Andrea go way back and had some kind of “relationship” (Lena’s word for it, not mine) and they’re in cahoots but Lena is not pleased that Andrea didn’t followed her explicit instruction to wait until the next day to reveal that she owns CatCo now.

Lena crosses her arms at Andrea

I’m starting to think Lena was the head of a girl gang at her old boarding school.

Lena says, “Everything I do has a purpose,” and Andrea promises to trust her. And reminds Lena that she’s waiting on that big story that will drop tomorrow at 9pm.

Andrea gives CatCo a speech about her takeover and how they’re going to pivot to digital and James and Kara are over here like, “The news is not about clicks” and “we’ll all walk if you try to make our company more successful,” and Andrea says somehow their contracts are a) three years and b) have a non-compete which means if they leave they can’t be in journalism anymore? Which maybe was a fun trick to get Kara to quit reporting forever but also sounds insane??? Was that the original contract?? Why would anyone sign on for that? I mean listen I don’t know how print newspapers work but all of this sounded a little like nonsense to me. Bottom line is, Andrea is here to shake things up and James and Kara feel weird about it.

Team Supergirl trace some energies to a warehouse, where Alex and Brainy have learned about a phantom zone projector.

Supergirl crosses her arms

I was a little iffy on the bangs when the first promo shots were coming out, but they’re growing on me. No hair pun intended.

As soon as they realize they were probably lead here as a trap, an alien who calls herself Midnight appears. Supergirl tries to talk to her as the daughter of Midnight’s jailer, but J’onn says that it was actually him who threw her into the alien space prison. So it’s him she’s here for.

Midnight can scream and create an energy void, which is very inconvenient, but they manage to get away for now.

Across town, James goes downstairs to visit Kelly and complain about his new boss, who also is Kelly’s new boss. Kelly reminds James that he wasn’t a journalist before he started at CatCo, so not being able to be one for three years wouldn’t necessarily stop him from living his dreams. And she does it with this calming energy that makes you feel like she can really fix your life if you let her.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Andrea introduces Kara to William Day. Whomst Andrea has asked to rewrite Kara’s piece. REWRITE. Is that a thing?! Have I been spoiled here at Autostraddle dot com that I have an editor who edits and reviews but NEVER REWRITES MY WORDS and demands a shared byline?! Is Andrea a MONSTER??? Is this how doctors feel when they watch Grey’s Anatomy???? Whether this is common practice or not, Kara will not stand for it. She’ll take the legitimate feedback — like not burying the lede, writing more concisely — but she will not be silenced.

Kara yells at Andrea

I’m not sure “I will write what I want” is how print journalism works but no one’s pitches ever get rejected on The Bold Type so maybe it is.

Andrea is frustratingly calm and agrees with everything Kara says, never flinching, even when Kara storms out.

Later, at the awards ceremony, Kara tells Alex all about it and ponders why she was so ready and able to put her career on the line for the sake of the truth but can’t bear the thought of risking her relationship with Lena.

Alex says that tonight is all about Kara and she can take the night off stressing.

Alex calms Kara down

Alex and Kelly have a similar ability to make me feel calm just by recommending being calm and I love them for it.

Then Kelly comes by and asks her for a dance, and it’s sweet and cute and I can’t wait for them to ruin my life.

Kelly and Alex smile and laugh

All I’ve ever wanted was for Alex to be happy. I really hope this lasts.

Brainy comes over and gives Kara a microscopic device that will deploy her new suit, and then Kara spots Lena in a balcony, what light through yonder window breaks.

Kara looks up at Lena on a balcony

Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon.

Lena tells her that she was practicing her speech, because she’s actually the one who will be presenting her with her award tonight. Kara panics and says she doesn’t deserve it, not from Lena, and when Lena insists, Kara just… blurts it out. “I’m Supergirl.”

Kara looks distraught like the confession startled her too

I knew this day was coming, but the first episode of the season?! I gasped. Then held my breath for 5 full minutes.

She takes off her glasses. “I’ve always been Supergirl.”

She starts an apology that is truly some astounding acting by Melissa Benoist. Her eyes fill up with tears, her voice fights to stay strong and not break. Kara acknowledges that she should have told her ages ago, but that Lena has been hurt so many times, she didn’t want to be one more person who let her down. She said there were so many times she wanted to tell Lena the truth, but then Lena got so mad at Supergirl, she wanted to be able to keep being Kara. To keep Lena. She admits she was scared, she admits she was selfish. She just didn’t want to lose Lena.

Kara's eyes are filled with tears as she looks pleadingly at Lena

Melissa Benoist absolutely slayed this scene. #EmmyForBenoist

She apologizes over and over until finally she can’t take it and she begs Lena to say something. But Lena looks like she forgot all of the words she’s ever known.

Lena looks shocked

“But… but my plan was to hate you forever. This…throws a wrench in things.”

And Lena IS truly shocked, just not for the reasons Kara thinks. Lena had been working so hard to convince herself that Kara was just like everyone else who betrayed her, she hadn’t imagined a scenario, in all her simulations, where Kara came clean. Where Kara was honest and empathetic and so, so sorry. Lena doesn’t have the words, because she never anticipated this. So she just walks away, leaving Kara there crying.

As she walks away, Lena can hear Hope in her ear asking her if they should release the file, because it’s getting close to 9pm. But Lena doesn’t answer, and decides to leave Andrea hanging. Which she hates. Also James quits. So she’s not having a great first week of business.

Instead, Lena gives a speech. It’s another loaded message for Kara, about how even award-winning journalists can stumble whilst climbing the mountain of truth.

Kelly smiles while Alex looks worriedly at a half-broken Kara

Everyone’s faces in this shot are perfection.

When Kara realizes what Lena is saying, she’s so grateful. She rushes up to the stage and Lena grabs her by the shoulders and says, “You will always be my best friend.”

Lena holds Kara's arms and looks deep into her eyes...in a friend way

Even I’m confused at this point, Harold.

And while my heart of hearts wants to believe that means that deep down Lena will never be able to fully hate her, that even though she feels betrayed and hurt, they will always have that time they spent as best friends. But something tells me that it’s another one of Lena’s double-meanings. That what Lena really means is that Kara will always be her best friend because she’ll never have another. She’ll never be closer with or even as close with anyone else, not because of how special her bond with Kara is, but because she won’t be letting anyone else get that close. And it hurts. IT HURTS.

Midnight ends up crashing the award ceremony, and Lena, with an excitement I don’t think is 100% faked, is ready to see Kara put on Supergirl’s mantle. And lucky for her, she gets to be the first one to see the brand new outfit and reveal Brainy created for her. And it’s pants!

Kara beams because she has pants


Everyone rushes to the theater and Alex is still in her formal wear, which is a very funny bit. They fight Midnight again and Alex shoots her with the phantom phaser again, and Supergirl saves J’onn from a black hole. But the whole time the little dino girl was watching.

The team goes back to the bar and Nia asks the villains question again, and Kelly gives the same answer as Alex, which is apparently a character in Die Hard? It’s honestly the least I’ve ever related to Alex so I dunno but they’re very cute.

Kelly and Alex kiss

Part of me is sad that we missed a month of the honeymoon phase of this relationship but also I do love seeing Alex be so comfortable in a relationship.

Also cute? Nia and Brainy. Nia gets the feeling Brainy is holding back a bit and Brainy finally admits that he’s afraid to hurting her like he did back at the camp when he turned into Brainiac. But Nia insists that she trusts him and asks if he’d like to kiss her.

Nia smiles at Brainy

Missed you, Dreamer.

And he does so they do and I LOVE THEM.

Also cute is the little dino girl until she turns into a Martian (further proving my point that none of these fools should be calling themselves The Last Anything of Anywhere because they’re always wrong) and says he’s J’onn’s brother.

Meanwhile, Supergirl flies to Lena’s apartment, onto the balcony, where Lena is wearing jeans.

Lena is wearing jeans

One pants-related shock wasn’t enough for one episode??

Kara is so, so thrilled that Lena seems totally fine and not at all upset by the fact that Kara has been lying to her since the day they met. Lena says that things can’t be like they were, but instead of explaining the real reason that’s true, she just asks to be looped in to everything. Kara agrees, and gives Lena one of her emergency Superwatches, and they exchange shy smiles.

Lena smiles at Kara


All shipping aside, I’m very invested in the Kara/Lena dynamic – the pessimist and the optimist, the scientist and the writer, the guarded and the fearless… and two of the strongest women in this city. I’m excited that this season is going to explore this relationship.

After Kara leaves, Hope asks Lena why she didn’t send the file to Andrea revealing Supergirl’s identity. Hope asks if Lena will forgive Kara. Lena says that Kara broke her heart. She can never forgive her.

Lena inspects the Superwatch

“I’m still mad as hell, and I don’t have time to go ’round and ’round and ’round.”

Which is yet another heartbreaking thing about Lena Luthor. She has no frame of reference for forgiveness on this scale, because of all the people in her life who have betrayed her, no one has been worthy of redemption. No one has been remorseful or regretful. No one has ever wanted to fight to keep her love. Her loyalty, maybe, when it comes to her family. But not her love, her friendship, her game nights, her wine pairings, her grand gestures, her dry humor, her smooth lilt, her joy, her genius. All of her. She doesn’t know how to give forgiveness because no one’s ever asked her for it. So of course she wouldn’t know how to move past a broken heart.

Hope asks why she’s not revealing Supergirl’s identity if she doesn’t forgive her, and it’s because Lena’s apparently on a mission to “fix humanity” and is going to use Supergirl to do it. (If someone wants to draw me Lena in her purple suit with Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet on, I would not be mad about it.) Before we leave her, Lena starts up the simulation again.

Lena has her white eyeball VR contacts in and her fists up

[Overt come-on]

The episode ends with Eve getting kidnapped from a diner, where she appears to be working. Though whether or not it was really Eve remains anyone’s guess.

So! It finally happened?? I feel… everything. Kara and Lena had such beautiful, intimate, brilliantly acted moments (in this episode where there is also a dinosaur) that really reminded me why I love this show when it’s at its best. But also my heart is so nervous about what’s to come.

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  1. – The intro VR simulation was hilarious.
    – Lena invented an AI in that quick of time?
    – Kelly is actually talking to Alex like she’s a person. That really improves their chemistry.
    – Another woman that goes way back with Lena? How many ex-girlfriends does she have?
    – It seems like Lena is being a lot more dominant this season than she had been.
    – She’s not exactly wrong. A business needs to make money.
    – Ew, non-compete clauses.
    – How does she have three-year non-compete clauses on these people if they didn’t sign them.
    – For something that destroys everything that it touches, those energy voids sure aren’t destroying anything.
    – Okay, I lost about 10 minutes of the show because my dad thought it would be funny to change the channel, and I was watching it on a time-lag.
    – Man, that confession was something. Melissa Benoist has me believing that she was really crying.
    – Lena already forgives her? I thought that this was supposed to be at least a half-season thing. Not that I can blame her after that confession.
    – What was Midnight’s deal? Why did J’onn send her to the Phantom Zone in the first place? For that matter, how did he send someone to the Phantom Zone?
    – She gave her the watch. *cough*SupercorpEngagement*cough*
    – Oh, she didn’t forgive her. Subtle, Lena Luther. Subtle. And you really pulled it off with that speech about truth.
    – But is she really mad, or does she really want to forgive her? That speech…

    What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and Lena is the sun.

    • Totally agree on the inventing an AI in a month point. I assumed it had been… you know, at least the entire summer that we’d been gone, which is still a quick turn around to create an AI, but then Nia is like “we’ve been doing whatever we’re doing for a month now…” and I’m like, excuse me it’s only been a month???

    • Not like this show was great with reality or continuity but if National City is still in California, the actions of Andrea are either bluffing or illegal. Non-compete clauses are restricted to founders/big-wigs and non-compete for the purpose of preventing people from getting work elsewhere is EXPLICITLY ILLEGAL. So unless Kara was given stock options by Sugar Mama Lena AND what she’s trying to do is START a competing COMPANY, Andrea can do nothing.

      I would imagine that threateningly misrepresenting a contract is a no-no and after Hollywood abused it such, followed by McCarthy, blacklisting employees is a no-no nationwide.

      from Wikipedia

      “Non-compete agreements are automatically void as a matter of law in California, except for a small set of specific situations expressly authorized by statute.[27] They were outlawed by the original California Civil Code in 1872 (Civ. Code, former § 1673)[28], under the influence of the American legal scholar David Dudley Field II.[29]”

      • Well, considering that Los Angeles is called National City on Earth-38, let’s not get too wrapped up in that.

        • True that. On the other hand, Kara has a tendency to hear anything a beautiful brunette says as the universal truth, established when the heavens were young…so a bluff would totally work.

          Lena’s been doing it since she spoke reporter Kara into being.

  2. So I dropped out of Supergirl years ago, can anyone help me and tell me how on earth they’re explaining that Kara and Supergirl both got a fringe at the same time???

  3. I was totally ready to believe the bangs were just in the VR so our lovable neighborhood paranoid megalomaniac wouldn’t accidentally punch Supergirl.

    Also I’m so sorry about Stay The Night, it ruined my life, too😂

    • Everyone I knew was talking about it – even people who don’t watch the show anymore, or never read fanfic, and my homo fomo finally kicked in and I read it. It was worth breaking my rule for!!

  4. So I was all ready to go in (just a little) on Lena until I read this. The fact that Lena has no frame of reference to discern the difference between being genuinely loved but lied to out of fear vs. not being loved and used as a means to an end (damn you Valerie for implanting that in noggin when I really want to be pissy about something right now because it’s that time of month) makes me understand why she’s so blinded by Kara’s “betrayal”. Still they (the writers) need to fix this by the time Crisis Earth (that’s what it’s called right?) rolls around because I can’t take it. I need them all to be one big kickass family. I also need more Alex and Kelly and Brainy and Nia. I am definitely not liking William or Andrea.

  5. Pants! I love how they were revealed really. Nice touch, Brainy!

    I must say, even though I don’t know where they are taking the Lena-against-the-world-because-she’s-hurt trip, it’s not (yet) as bad as Alex Danvers’ mind wipe and not knowing who SG was.

    You’re rightly pointing out that Lena doesn’t have a framework for forgiveness but is loyal… As in she wouldn’t even let that murderous and manipulative brother of hers die (I mean until she is left without much choice). I hope, her heart can be mended. But I guess, she’ll cause a lot of havoc before that happens. Luthors are after all relentless.

    The new players are mildly intriguing. Loved the power play between Andrea and Lena. The new reporter guy, not so much. And that lost but vengeful brother of J’onn, let’s see (no one to mess with, based on a quick Google search about their DC history).

    Interesting that they made a point about dismantling ‘old’ media for the sake of ‘new’ media plus introducing VR/AI. The series was always super tech savvy in a sci-fi way, but now feels quite contemporary.

    Kinda relieved the focus is not on politics anymore, way too toxic and real.

  6. This episode nearly killed me. Between Lena being PISSED (and I give her shit about this, but I am 100% a Lena, and may have reacted similarly when I found out my best friend was keeping a secret from me), and Kara just sobbing when she finally told Lena the truth and that “Please say something.” Ugh. Also ugh because I literally said that exact same thing not 2 seconds before Kara did. It’s a line that I remember from somewhere else, but where escapes me. Hm. Anyway. This episode killed me, and now I am dead.

    Also, loved the Dixie Chicks lyrics :D

    • Oh, yeah, and the non-compete was totally bogus in this day and age. 1) Non-competes are generally no longer than 6 months to 1 year. 2) There have been SO MANY court cases about them, and the companies with them have all generally lost, because the courts are basically saying that non-competes are illegal. So the fact that they’ve all apparently signed a non-compete without knowing they signed a non-compete is kind of bogus? Also you can totally still WORK in your field… you just can’t go to a competitor within that time period. They could still freelance, which isn’t great, but once the non-compete ran out, they could go apply for new jobs in journalism?

    • I LOVED this episode. Kara’s apology was so heartfelt you can see Lena be internally destroyed by it. It feels, even in her declaration at the end of the episode, that Lena is going to have to conjure hate for Kara this entire season. I’m here for it.

  7. not just any digital cafe but noonan’s!! i hope lena tells kara at some point she already knows. can you just imagine how much it will hurt kara to know that lena found out from lex of all people?

  8. The best movie villain is OBVIOUSLY Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


    Can we pause to appreciate that this episode had a DINOSAUR STEAL A SPACESHIP!? I think one of the Legends writers wandered into the wrong room.


    “I’m not a villain. I don’t want to kill Supergirl, I just want her to experience the same hurt she inflicted on me. And soon enough, she will…”

    Be careful what you wish for, Lena. We all know how the original Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline ends in the comics…


    Melissa’s “I’m Supergirl” monologue was amazing. Can you imagine how hard it was for Katie, though? Standing there, impassively, trying to hold her stern Luthor expression, giving Melissa something to work with, but at the same time, giving Kara nothing.

    Praise to both of them.


    What was Lena’s original endgame? Obviously she was going to leak proof that Kara Danvers is Supergirl to Andrea, but was she going to frame Lex for it, or was she going to let Kara know it was her?

    …which one would have hurt more?


    When did “working in a dingy diner” become the de-facto job for women hiding from their past? Buffy, Livewire, Lauren, and now Eve…







    • Specifically, working at a dingy diner and wearing a name tag that has a different name on it so that the audience knows you’re using a fake name just to really drive home the point that you’re hiding from your past…

  9. My god the captions just about killed me. I scared my cat when I burst out laughing at “Even I’m confused at this point, Harold.” and just when he had settled down again and stopped glaring at me, I got to, “WHAT IS THE HETEROSEXUAL EXPLANATION FOR THIS” I have to say, I watch Supergirl more for Alex, and while I saw the appeal of Supercorp I was never a huge shipper. But damn they sure managed to out gay in an ep which had Alex kissing her girlfriend twice and dancing together.


      I know, in theory I want to focus on Alex all the time but LAWD do they make it hard with this Lena/Kara stuff!!!!

  10. Is there anything gayer than inventing AI in your basement so you have someone to talk to about your ex????

  11. I might be mistaken, but did someone just swipe a few ff tropes and put them onto the storyboard?
    I mean, Alex basically egging Kara on to come out to Lena, the tearful revelation, the boarding school uh, relationship person, down to the pale blue dress and Kara putting her hair up. The only thing amiss was that the occasion was not a charity gala at a museum.
    But come on, I mean, even the casual!Lena on her private, austere, apartment balcony moment after all of the Action has boiled down..I‘m pretty sure I‘ve read that somewhere. Like, about 75% of somewheres.
    If they’re using the chemistry these two have to have them square off against one another, with plenty of drama and emotions, I‘m here for that!
    What I‘m not here for is a horrible romantic foil situation with overly tanned London boy.
    No more beards, please.
    And also, I liked Kara a lot better in cardigans and chinos instead of those dresses.Pastels and a hemline do not make a girl straight, dear costume department.

    • Well! This might not end up meaning anything but when I was doing screenshots, I noticed William Day has a wedding ring on. So maybe not a love interest! Fingers crossed he’s just a wrench in Kara’s day job!

      • Thank you for sharing your astute observational skills! I’m keeping my ringless fingers crossed!

  12. “Kara apparently won a Pulitzer. Girl is barely a journalist, I refuse to participate in this tomfoolery.”

    I burst out laughing when I saw that she had won a Pulitzer. If they want us to believe that Kara has won something for a job she works at most 2 hours/week, make it like the National City Emerging Journalist Award.

  13. I loved Brainy talking about “the pursed lips of Amanda Priestley” and also the unsubtle juxtaposition of the villain convo and the introduction of Andrea Rojas in a Cruella De Vil outfit.

  14. Great recap as always, Valerie!

    I’m 90% sure that Lena’s current villain-curious tendencies will eventually be explained as a side-effect of the inevitably-evil Obsidian VR Lenses she’s beta-testing for her old friend.

  15. There’s this bizarre obsession with Kara and Lena’s very platonic acquaintance (I won’t even call it a friendship because I’ve never been sold on it), on this blog, that oftentimes takes away from the very real queer representation on the show with 3/7 queer mains. SC is a toxic fandom, and now as the premiere shows, a rather illusory and toxic relationship as well where Lena is completely willing to blow up Kara’s entire life and hurt everyone in her life, including Alex, Eliza, James, J’onn, James . . . over a secret that she has never been entitled to over her hurt/betrayed feelings. Giving a platform to it and making excuses for her behavior week after week is a real dis-service. The hetero explanation for all the looks Lena serves Kara is bad acting. The end.

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