It’s Time For Hey! Did You See That Comment? Friday

Seasons greetings, holiday celebrators. As everyone knows, the holidays are about eating. Luckily, we have your mom’s version of Get Baked as well as 10 ways to eat cheese. We’ve got music like Snow The Product, songs for tigers, and holiday songs for your soirees. If you’re more of a book-in-the-corner type person, we’ve got Riese’s 5th things that she loves, Batwoman 4, and lesbian romance novels. Taylor has a gaming open thread so you can talk about your favorite video game things and we have Charlene as Miss December. If you needs help, we can help you with orgasm-giving, coming out, and drunk straight girls. Now over to Brianna for the group of the week.

Only Straddler in the Village

Do you live somewhere like Kansas? Or Morocco? I’m sorry. Use this group to try and find other autostraddlers in your gay desert / discuss strategy to convert others to Autostraddle / be alone together. It will be okay.

On Playlist: Hey There, Tiger:

The I Have 63 Songs With ‘Fisting’ In Them Award to lia: “8643.1 song.1 band name.1 album title.
fun fact:
73 songs have the word ‘boy’ in them
73 songs have the word ‘girl’
coincident? I don’t think so. It’s called Bisexuality.”

On Top 10 Ways To Eat Melted Cheese:

The Yo Award to bookbound: “yo, the French love them some cheese. freaking fromage all over the place there. so I’d say it’s not just a (North) american thing.”

The When I Knew Award to Meg: “this one time i was working in a coffeeshop, drinking too many lattes and checking out my hot coworker every day. that’s how i found out i was gay and lactose intolerant.”

On You Need to Help These Ten People Come Out:

The Interpretive dance Award to idotry: “Song and dance routines forever and always.”

On VIDEO: Santana Sings “Santa Baby” to Seven Salesmen and One Finn:

The MAGIC! Award to DPreezy: “I clicked play and my panties disappeared.
Santa baby, all I want is Naya Rivera for christmas.”

The Robin Award to Rebekah and giles and qwendipher :

On The Advocate’s Top 20 Most Googled Gays Analyzed:

The How Much Do You Love Maddow? Award to Mollie: “‘How much do you love Teagan and Sara?
OHMYGOD like 10 Maddow’
‘How hot is my girlfriend?
On the scale of 1-Maddow, about 5′
‘How much Whiskey is it gonna take to get me through Christmas dinner with my conservative parents?
Between a bottle and a Maddow and a half, depending on the conversation’”

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    • That’s the only thing I focused on. How could you spell Tegan wrong? Have you seen her? Why would you WANT to spell that wrong? How does your computer not have that on autocorrect?

      • I know. First I thought there was some sort of joke I wasn’t getting, then I tried to rationalise it by thinking about how much i love TEA, but in the end it. was. just. wrong.

  1. I’m in Hannover/Germany right now and I was just told that my relationship with my girlfriend seems to be “oh so trendy these days”. Luckily I have a gay sister with a very trendy relationship as well… Aaaand a gay EX-boyfriend to prove that point :D
    Merry X- Mas everyone!

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