Another Top 10 Lesbian Romance Novels (Currently On My Kindle)

The last time we talked lesbian romance novels, a handful of enthusiasts came out of the closet and admitted to sharing my love for this genre. It was all the encouragement I needed to tell you about even more of these modern day girl-on-girl bodice busters.

The Lesbian Romance Formula

Lesbian romance novels are will-they-or-won’t-they slow burners that are loosely based on the following premise: Girl A meets Girl B and thinks she’s cocky / reckless / mysterious / looking very Shane today. An often work-related situation forces the girls to spend every waking moment together, and Girl A realizes that there’s more to Girl B than nice arms and a smokin’ hot swagger.

However! Despite their sexual tension, Girl A keeps Girl B at arm’s length as she undergoes a brief but intense struggle to overcome her deep dark secret and/or crippling emotional baggage. The tide typically turns when a confusing figure from either girl’s past shows up and/or a tragic accident forces Girl A to consider life without Girl B in it. They say “I love you” and have “earth shattering” sex. The end.

In case there’s any confusion, I genuinely love the lesbian romance genre. Sometimes I’ll make fun of the cover art and the character names and the work-related circumstances, but it’s only because mockery is the only way I can deal with matters of the heart.

Top 10 Lesbian Romance Novels

(Currently on Crystal’s Kindle)

Hostage Moon by A.J. Quinn

Hunter Roswell is a ‘painfully beautiful and intimidatingly intelligent’ multi-millionaire CEO who’s being hunted by a serial killer holding a decade-long grudge. Sadly no amount of money, jet planes or Maseratis are gonna protect her. But do you know who can? Sara Wilder, former FBI profiler and current lesbian. Tasked with finding the connection between Hunter and her prospective murderer, Sara gets inside Hunter’s head. And also her pants.

Sometimes when the mystery/thriller genre meets the lesbian/romance genre, those little literary devices that build suspense are sacrificed for countless descriptions of how the leading ladies’ pupils cloud with desire. That’s not the case with Hostage Moon. The mystery part is just as suspenseful as the romance part and I was invested until the final page. Solid debut right here.

Tags: work-related circumstance, hot lady cop, raunch, hot girl has swagger

Jericho by Ann McMan

This story starts when newly-separated and seemingly straight librarian Syd Murphy accepts a new job in Jericho, a small Virginian town that’s serviced by an attractive doctor named Maddie. The two ladies meet on the road to Jericho, literally – when Syd gets stranded roadside with a flat tire, Dr. McHotpants gets her butch on and comes to the rescue. A beautiful friendship is formed.

Lesbian romance novels are typically quite short and reading short books can be an expensive habit, particularly if you skim-read the scenes where no-one makes out. Jericho is nearly twice the length of the norm and the extra character and story development really pays off, I was so into Syd and Maddie that as soon as I finished their story I was compelled to read it again. If the uncontested 5-star rating on Amazon is any indication then you will be equally charmed, I’m sure.

Tags: tragic accident, confusing figure from the past, somebody call a doctor

Parties in Congress by Collette Moody

When Bijal Rao starts working for a Republican candidate who’s running for U.S. Congress, she’s sent to spy on the enemy: Congresswoman Colleen O’Bannon. O’Bannon is a democrat and Rao is a republican and these loyalties prevent them from ripping each other’s finely tailored suits off, at least for a while.

Politically themed novels don’t exactly get my heart racing and so Parties In Congress almost didn’t get read. That would have been a loss, as Bijal is hands down the most awkward and inappropriate character in lesbian fiction and her stalkerish, hide-in-shrubs-with-a-video-camera approach to courting really won my heart.

Tags: work-related circumstance, lesbian power-suits, deceased lover

Firestorm by Radclyffe

Firefighter and paramedic Mallory “Ice” James is a smokejumper, which means that it’s her job to parachute into forest fires. When reckless newbie Jac Russo is hired onto Mallory’s smokejumping team without her approval — thanks to strings pulled by Jac’s presidential candidate father — Mallory is understandably… fuming.

At first, things between Jac and Mallory are… heated. Not friends, those two. Mallory takes her job seriously and she’s got no time for “hot shot” Jac’s cowboi antics. However, Jac thinks that her new boss is “hotter than the blazes they’re supposed to be dousing” and her desire to see Mallory naked will not be… extinguished.

This is another novel that I wasn’t certain I’d be crazy about, as I am a devout city girl and this story is set entirely in the wilderness. But in the end, the romance won me over. It was… sizzling.

Tags: work-related circumstance, tragic accident, raunch, hot girl has swagger 

Snowbound by Cari Hunter

Police officer Sam Lucas interrupts a jewellery store heist, gets badly injured and is then taken hostage by violent criminals. Enter Kate Myles, a beautiful doctor who hands herself over to the abductors in order to give medical attention to the wounded. This story is set in England and so during their fight for survival, Sam and Kate drink a lot of tea and communicate using cute British phrases.

This novel is jam-packed with action and as such, Sam and Kate don’t admit or act on their feelings for a really long time, like for most of the novel. Does this sound like complaining? I’m not complaining. The moment the two lead characters hook up is the same moment that I tend to lose interest, so I’m all for sexual tension being dragged out until the final chapters.

Tags: work-related circumstance, tragic accident, hot lady cop, somebody call a doctor

Focus of Desire by Kim Baldwin

When Isabel Sterling’s best friend enters her in Sophisticated Women magazine’s ‘Watch Your Dreams Come True’ contest, she wins an all expenses paid trip to exotic locations. Accompanying Isabelle and her BFF on this trip is infamous lesbian photographer and womanizer Natasha “Kash” Kashnikova, who has reluctantly agreed to document their travels for the cover story.

Isabelle is a sweet, caring and optimistic girl from Smalltown USA, who’s not at all interested in her 15 minutes of fame. Kash, on the other hand, is a total douchelord who uses her celebrity to bed a different model each day and who doesn’t trust women who claim they have no desire to be in the spotlight. Both girls have different ideas about romance, for example Kash wants a threesome while Isabelle wants candlelit dinners and cuddles. They work out their differences half-naked in a Roman alley.

Tags: work-related circumstance, raunch, hot girl has swagger

Loves Abiding Spirit by Syd Parker

When famous songwriter Soren Lockhart’s ex-wife takes out a restraining order on behalf their young daughter Olivia, Soren gets the hell out of dodge and purchases a dilapidated haunted house in Savannah, Georgia. Who’s she gonna call? Merritt Tanner, hunky lesbian and proprietor of a construction business.

Within the first minute of meeting, Merritt and Soren want to jump each other’s bones. Unfortunately, Merritt’s cheating alcoholic girlfriend prevents them from doing so straight away. Soren pursues Merritt like a tiger and eventually wins her heart, but not without assistance from the young lesbian ghost who is haunting her house. The dialogue in this book is funny, $4.99 is a good price for a few lols.

Tags: work-related circumstance, confusing figure from the past, hot girl has swagger

LA Metro by RJ Nolan

After getting burned by her closeted lover, Dr. Kimberly Donovan transfers to the psych unit at LA Metropolitan Hospital. It’s there that she meets Dr. Jess McKenna, the attractive Chief of the ER who has a reputation for being bit of a bitch when really she’s just misunderstood.

Dr Kim and Dr Jess form a cute friendship, they bond over shared interests such as shitty ex-lovers and a secret desire to tear each other’s scrubs off. Not much else happens, this is just a story of two health care professionals falling in love.

Tags: work-related circumstance, somebody call a doctor

Waiting in the Wings by Melissa Brayden

Jenna McGovern graduates from a prestigious musical theater program and lands a sweet role in a Broadway production starring one of her favorite television actors, Adrienne Kenyon. Jenna and Adrienne start dating and everything is golden, at least until Jenna accepts a career-breaking role on the other side of the country and Adrienne drops her like she’s hot.

That’s only the start of their story. Jenna and Adrienne meet 4 years later under another work-related circumstance and realise that they never moved on.

Tags: work-related circumstance, confusing figure from the past

Kiss The Rain by Larkin Rose

Jodi Connelly, aka ‘Lexi,’ is a high-end lesbian escort and phone sex operator living in London. Her favorite phone client is American fashion designer Eve Harris, a power femme who avoids relationships because she’s so busy and important and already has a smokin’ hot butch on speed-dial who knows exactly how she likes it.

When Eve’s fashion show travels to London, Jodi is recruited by her best friend to help construct props for the set. Jodi and Eve meet and have lots of wild sex, and Eve remains unaware that Jodi is the same person who makes her come over the phone every night. Jodi falls in love with Eve but Eve is already in love with ‘Lexi.’ Eve also thinks that Jodi is pretty swell, however Jodi is a real person and Eve prefers not to do real people. Are you following? It’s complicated, you should probably just read the book. It has a lot of sex in it.

Tags: work-related circumstance, raunch, hot girl has swagger, it’s complicated

Have you read any good lesbian romance novels lately? Tell me about them.

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  1. lesbian romance novel is such a guilty pleasure.. they’re so fun to read but my wallet don’t like em as much – they’re short and a tad bit expensive but i cant stop myself from clicking buy!!

    thanks for the list crystal. i may or may not already bought a book or two from this list prior to writing this comment :)

    • Can you lend kindle books? After the last post I tried to find other users who might want to swap nook books that have the option to lend (which is available on a lot of the lesbian romance novels I have) but didn’t have any luck finding anyone. If you can lend kindle books maybe you kindle users would have more luck finding people to share e books with. But at like 9.99 a book for books that take about 3 hrs to read it is an expensive habit.

  2. This is perfectly timed since I’m about to engage in about 30 hours of travel interspersed with several days of no phone or internet

  3. A lot of these keep popping up on my “You might also like:” amazon recommendations (which goes to show what kind of books I’m buying on my Kindle – which is also why I won’t let my mom borrow it). I shall make sure that I pick up these too because I’m all about some lesboromance reading.

  4. Expensive habit indeed. My girlfriend and I pretty much got a kindle because we figured out that the paperbacks of most books from Boldstrokes sell for $16.95 (plus shipping now that Borders have closed down), but the kindle versions are usually $9.99… ergo… the kindle basically paid for itself in savings! Or so we tell ourselves…

    The other added bonus is that pretty much every time I get sick and call into work, I download another book to spend the day with.

  5. Better Off Red by Rebekah Weatherspoon. Sorority girls and hot female vampires. There’s a solid love story along with tons of hot sex.

    • The premise of this book was too campy for me to not buy it, haha. I liked it too, although the plot did sort of come out of nowhere and kick your teeth in towards the end.

  6. There was a novel I read ages ago that was a blatent xena uberfic. Can’t remember the character names but xena was the first female POTUS and Gabrielle was her biographer. I think there was a sequel too, and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. Help?

  7. Well, it’s not entirely romance, and it’s not so much a novel as an anthology of short stories, but: “Steampowered II: More Lesbian Steampunk Stories.”

    Full disclosure: I know one of the authors, and wouldn’t looked twice at something with “Steampunk” in the title otherwise. It’s full of lady romance (though low on actual sex, if that’s what you’re reading for) and adventure – it’s also happily lacking in literal steam, unnecessary gears, and references to England.

  8. What kind of name is Larkin?

    “I write romance novels.”
    “No, I’m just larkin’ around. Hahaha!”

    Oh dear, I think I need to go to sleep.

  9. So happy to see another one of these lists! I have read a couple on here already and am getting ready to fire up the Kindle and download some more. Thanks!!

    • I’ve read this. It’s very good. If you haven’t read it already, you should try Laurie Marks Logic series. I think the first one is “Fire Logic.”

  10. I read (and liked) Black by Gaslight, the first in Nene Adams’ Gaslight series. It’s a detective mystery set in Victorian London (written in modern times) centered around Jack the Ripper. It’s sort of a combination of a Jane Austen novel, Miss Marple and a lesbian romance novel with a dose of CSI-like gruesomeness thrown in for good measure.

  11. “None So Blind” by LJ Maas is one of my favorite.

    Lynn Galli has a series of 4 or 5 books set in Virginia, Charlottesville, I think. Each book focuses on a different couple, but the same characters appear throughout the series. “Imagining Reality” is the best IMHO.

    Radclyffe’s Honor Series is also very good. It focuses on the Secret Service and the lead character is soooo smoking hot. There are 8 books altogether and some are better than others, but as a whole this might be the best serial lesbian romance ever written.

  12. if you liked hostage moon try
    in too deeper and deeper by ronica black
    also a simple drama free book is starting from scratch by georgia beers…
    when i discovered all these books my amazon account added up fast…Thanks!!!

  13. Each and every book by Emma Donoghue is worth reading – especially Landing. :-)

    Also, I have a soft spot for Gerri Hill. I feel bad about it but darn it, I just can’t stop buying her books…

    • I’ve been on a gerri hill binge lately. i really loved ‘hunter’s way’ … there are a few more I’m reading now.

      • I’m with you there. Finished Geri’s “No Strings” recently and really liked it, but my favorite semi-recent Geri story is “Devil’s Rock”. The two main characters in that book, and the development of their relationship, are a joy to behold. Highly recommend.

  14. Hunter’s Way is the first book of a series so you’re in for some more fun. =) (Which reminds me – I need to get the latest one. I have all other GH books. tehe)

    Is there a drinking game for lesbian romance novels? I swear if I got a dollar for everytime fingers slipped into various wetnesses in Gerri Hill’s novels I could buy a shiny new car…

  15. Shamefully, my collection of lesbian romance book is limited to one copy of Tipping the Velvet, and a large collection of Sherlock Holmes rule 63 fanfiction I converted to EPUB for my Kobo.

  16. So I just downloaded ‘Jericho’ to my kindle last night. I’m only 36% of the way through and I’m dyyyyying for them to get together! I can’t believe how much more I have to get through before they hook up! Arrrrgh!

  17. I am a fan of this genre and the books can be expensive. Ten dollars a book on my nook.

    I found a website that features fan fic.
    I am not a fan of the Xena/Gabrielle fiction. But many stories are originals and many are published stories and the authors have left them up online to read for free. For example thats were I read “Jericho” and “And playing the role of herself” also all books by Kim Pritikel and LJ Maas.

    There are some gems hidden in the fan fic world. They are free and fun to read. And yes to save money I guilty look for published items within fan fiction world and read them there instead.

  18. This may be the best post on Lesbian Fiction I’ve ever read.
    I’m off to get a Kindle… :D

  19. I adored ‘Landing’ by Emma Donohue. I re-read it at least once a year (preferably on a long-distance flight, because you just never know). Just finished (and enjoyed) Dust, the second Ann McMann novel, which isn’t strictly romance, but a bit more political. I can also totally lose myself in some expertly written Radclyffe romance.
    And (admin, please delete if inappropriate – no spam intended), I just released my own version of a lesbian romance called ‘Come and Go’, which is set in Hong Kong and is very very gay.

  20. I just love reading lesbian novels, I’m always searching them out. I thank you for this thread, has pointed me in some great directions! There is a website called Booksie where I tend to search out a lot of free, unpublished stories. There are quite a few young, teen school stories but there are some great ones too. inspiredbylove22, spence, PodOne are some of my favourites writers on there. Some of them are a work in progress so you can give your opinions and comment. Just a thought if anyone was interested!

  21. Crystal…Jericho? Really? Although the author has a huge vocabulary I just couldn’t finish that book…I am shocked that The Gunfighter and The Gear-head by Cassandra Duffy isn’t on this list….check it out and put it on the next list….that book is awesome…..

  22. I’ve read only four of the books on this list. Favorite authors: Radclyfe, Ronica Black and Georgia Beers. Thanks for the adds! I can’t wait to read them!

  23. I just finished the When Women Were Warriors trilogy, it doesn’t have in your face sex but they were amazing books. Great story line, well written and of course some lezzie love!

  24. “Santa Olivia” by acqueline Carey is a good read, it’s about an orphan whose dad was genetically engineneered by the military to have the strength of a werewolf, so she in turn possesses those powers. it takes place in a seedy DMZ during a post-apocalyptic mexico, where Loup (the werewolf girl) uses her powers to defend the orphanage and her town’s honor.

    she also starts boxing in the name of her brother. there is a lot of boxing. and she falls for a girl at the orphanage, of course. it’s very…. “spicy”.

    it sounds really science-fictiony but it’s really not, it has an awesome world and is more like a cool action novel that happens to star a lesbian romance.

    dont bother with the sequel, though

    • oh, I’d also like to throw my hat in for “The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin”, by the same author who wrote “Parties in Congress”

      it’s a really camp pirate lesbian romance novel. the phrase “There is fuckery afoot.” is spoken at least once during this novel. pirates, guys. (I love pirates.)

      • Absolutely, Lauren Z. Wasn’t that a great book? Have you read another book by Colette, “The Seduction of Moxie”? Witty dialog, and fun characters. Recommend!

  25. I can read anything that doesn’t ring like Xena’s uber (the characters do nothing for me looks-wise) or can be categorized as butch/femme, which, unfortunately greatly corners my reading possibilities. I do find some nice things here and there, though.

  26. Taking the Long Way

    I’ve got a book recommendation. Taking the Long Way is a novel written by Lily R. Mason. My nickname for it is: Life. It follows Natalia Torres, starting from her meeting Bridget Reid and then chronicling their life together. It’s about coming out, dealing with parents, college, career, etc. The author has been working on a sequel, Me and You and Daisies from Bridget’s point of view, starting from ttlw’s end. Taking the Long Way started off as a Glee fanfic, though it very quickly departed from canon, so MaYaD can be read.

  27. I agree that being able to read these books in 2 days is an expensive habit. Lets lend to each other!

  28. Love the list! There are so many great books out there, and the Kindle prices are low enough that I don’t mind supporting the authors with direct buying. They could use all the support we can shower on them!
    I’ve read several books on the list, and have Jericho on my Kindle just waiting for the right, Wintery night to dive into. For those that like Pirate tales, I would also highly recommend “A Pirate’s Heart” by Catherine Friend. It is actually two stories in one. And in the present day part, the heroine is a lesbian Librarian. Can’t get better than that! Thanks for the list. Trust me, readers of Lesbian romance number in the thousands. We are everywhere!

  29. Crystal,

    Your writing is amazing. If I am ever in Australia, I want to buy you a drink. Really. Your sense of humor is sexy as hell.


  30. Ooh I have some great lesbo Kindle books, I love historical and adventure books. Heres a few below

    – Rebeaccah and the Highwayman – Barbara Davies (fab little book about a Highwaywoman and a rich girl)
    – The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin – Colette Moody (already mentioned above, this pirate book is great fun!)
    – Branded Anne – Merry Shannon (another fun pirate book)
    – The Locket and the Flintlock – Rebecca S Buck (another great Highwaywoman book)
    – Tipping the Velvet – Sarah Waters (I think most know of this book)
    – Mask of the Highwaywoman – Niamh Murphy (good but not as good as the Highwaywoman books mentioned above)
    – Fingersmith – Sarah Waters (again, think most know of this book)
    – Sword of the Guardian – Merry Shannon (fantasy type, quite good)

    A few more modern based books

    – Hard Times – Blayne Cooper (woman goes to prison blah blah blah, good book)
    – Something in the Wine – Jae (woman falls in love with a straight girl blah blah blah, another good book)
    – Circus – JM Dragon (self explanatory really, again good book)

    I love historical books based around the poorer side of London or pirate/highway women type books and so on, so if anyone else has any suggestions of any others like that, that would be awesome!

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