Playlist: Hey There, Tiger

Here’s a playlist comprised exclusively of songs with the word ‘tiger’ in the title! You may think this kind of thing wouldn’t work, but it does. Once I made a playlist dedicated to the word ‘lion’ and was pretty impressed with the results.

The next one will be devoted to bears! Obviously. Box set.


Hey There, Tiger


1. Tiger, Tiger – Bishop Allen
2. Spring Tiger – Tiger Tunes
3. Sleepy Tigers – Her Space Holiday
4. Paper Tiger – Sue Thompson
5. She’s A Tiger – The Ding-Dongs
6. Tiger Blood – The Vaccines
7. Tiger Is Not A Bird – Timid Tiger
8. Little Tiger – Tune-Yards
9. Paper Tiger – Spoon
10. Neon Tiger – The Killers
11. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song – Fleet Foxes


Add your favorite tiger tracks (see what I did there) in the comments below!

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  1. you could have an entire playlist composed of songs called ‘paper tiger’! in which i would also include margot and the nuclear so and so’s’ ‘paper kitten nightmare’ because appropriate.

  2. I have made several playlists exclusively from songs about alcohol. Trying to do it without any country songs is a challenge at times, but can be done… although some of the country songs are my favorite.

  3. Aw I love this playlist!

    I remade it on spotify for my own listening purposes, and added in Eno’s “Taking Tiger Mountain”, along with both St. Vincent’s and Sufjan’s “Year of the Tiger” tracks. Perfection.

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