VIDEO: Santana Sings “Santa Baby” to Seven Salesmen and One Finn

It would appear that last week on Glee, Finn took Santana to the mall with him to pick out earrings for Rachel, because what would Glee be without a Brittany/Santana Finn/Sanatana scene? Well, I think we already know the answer to that question because this scene did not, in fact, make its way to our television sets. But here it is, in all it’s problematic “glory”:

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  1. I can’t even be mad bc she looks so fiiiiine. Why do they have to wear the cheerleader uniforms all the time??

    I started watching Glee when the Brittana action started happening so now that I’ve gone back to season one my resentment for Finn’s existence is just growing like fungii on the tree that is my brain… this makes it worse. UGH. WHYYYYYY CAN’T IT ALL BE BRITTANA AND FABERRY AND KURT AND BLAINE.. Klaine? Klaine.

  2. My number one feeling about this video is disappointment that Naya is not wearing red in it. She looks damn sexy in that color and it is a Christmas song, after all. That said, her sultry voice is perfect for this and her confidence and swagger is awesome.

  3. Hunnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh she has the nicest ass and the best curves and soirnhrwiobnrwnmrwhrh. So many unchristian feelings.

  4. She looks so gorgeous, but WHY OH WHY isn’t Brittany in this scene. She could have gone to the mall too. Damn you, Ryan Murphy. I’m so tired of looking at Finn.

  5. love naya rivera, and her singing this song, but I don’t really like the scene. it’s not really entertaining, though neither was most of the christmas episode this year. also why does she have to be singing it to a bunch of sales guys? I was excited when I heard about a cut scene, but it was kind of a bummer.

    • yeah i was annoyed that in her one solo, OF ALL THE THINGS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD SHE COULD POSSIBLY BE DOING, she was seducing men! with FINN!!!? i feel like everyone else has gone crazy b/c of their crushes on naya but jesus christ.

      • I feel like Glee is trapped in the (heteronormative and sexist) paradigm in which women are only attractive(and therefore worthwhile) if they are attractive to men. That’s what I think is going on here. This video is saying, its okay Santana is gay. See? She is still attractive to men, and actively working to seduce men to prove she is worthwhile. Plus, her story is still important because it is actually about her relationship to a man!
        Overall, I feel there is a real patina of gross.

  6. I love her, I’m watching this on repeat, and doesn’t she look a tiny bit like Emily from PLL here? It’s her hair I think. Yall, think about Emily (going wildly out of character and) singing this.

  7. I hate Christmas music, but I’d listen to this on loop. Oh, and the seemingly straightness was annoying. That too.

  8. Why can’t I watch this? The video is not even here. And also youtube won’t let me watch their version because I am in the wrong country… But I am in America, which is where it was filmed.

  9. Everything is wrong with this. Wtf, why is she hanging out with Finn? And singing to a bunch of rando dudes. And also I hate “Santa Baby.”

    Buuut, this is exactly the type of song Naya is best at singing.

  10. Honestly, as much as I loooooove Naya, I thought this was a really lackluster version of the song. It gets a resounding “meh”.

  11. As much as I love Naya I’m glad they didn’t put this scene in the episode. The less time they spend using Santana for blatant male eye candy the better. Seriously, would it have been so hard to have just one female sales woman for her to flirt with?

  12. Naya’s hotness aside, I understand the WTF at her seducing men (and apparently being friends with Finn but whatever on that) but two things kind of make this make sense, to me.

    1. Santana has always used her sex appeal to get what she wants, it’s part of her character and has nothing to do with her sexuality.

    2. I don’t think Santana is at the point where she’d openly flirt with women in public. She also may feel like flirting with women is cheating on Brittany, somehow. But flirting with men is different because she’s just using them and it doesn’t mean anything. Not that using anyone is okay, but I can see Santana feeling that way.

    I’ve probably put way more thought into this than any of the writers did, but yeah. That’s why this scene doesn’t necessarily make me rage against the patriarchy.

    • Agreed with above. I think she’s being flirty to get what she wants. It’s harmless, really, and it’s her personality. And what else would have worked in the story? If it were sales women, it wouldn’t have been the same. Unfortunately in most areas of the real world, femme women acting that way around most women doesn’t do much… I mean, you don’t get the same reaction that she got in the video: people falling all over themselves to drape jewels on you… I wish it did work that way, damn! ;)

      And also if it were women, it would be… not cool to Brittany, I think. With it men, it’s rather innocently manipulative because regardless of what they are thinking, she is not interested.

    • i totally agree. it didn’t seem sexual to me at all. compare the way she is with brittany and the way she was in this scene – there was no real feeling behind the looks she was giving them, it was all about getting things from the salesmen. ryan murphy and the other glee writers aside, i think naya plays santana well.

      also, holy fucking hell she is SO sexy. ungh.

    • Yeah, I was about to say something similar but you put it in much better words than I did.

      Chris O’Guinn of After Elton actually makes a good point about how the way Santana treats men throughout the Glee canon (and this being a perfect example of that) is just further evidence that she’s a lesbian:,2 which convinced me, someone who initially believed that Glee labeling Santana lesbian rather than bi was an example of Suddenly Sexuality (look it up on TV Tropes).

      That said, I still don’t really like this scene. I’m just sick of them trying to build a friendship between Santana and Finn which seems to be all about her forgiving him. I just can’t see the Santana I’m familiar with forgiving him for that, especially considering she was hating on him even before he outed her. And suddenly that instance turns them into friends?

      And while Santana’s behavior is hardly out-of-character even post-coming-out, it’s just irritating to see another scene where it’s all about Santana teasing the men given how little we’ve seen of her relationship with her actual girlfriend.

  13. Now that is the Santana I fell in love with… I don’t like her new over-emotional parts that she has been playing as of recently

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