These Are The 20 Most Popular Autostraddle Posts of 2015

These are the 20 most popular posts in 2015 that were also published in 2015. Statistically speaking, it’s likely that you have read at least one of these.

1. The 100 Best Lesbian Movies of All Time, by Heather & Riese

100 lesbian movies-001

I think we’ll need to update this soon as it was written before the Great Lesbian Movie Renaissance of 2015, in which three (THREE!) entire lesbian movies came out that didn’t make anybody want to drown in a Jell-O mold and go find a nice boy to marry.

2. 12 Women They Didn’t Tell You Were Queer In History Class, by Riese

100 Hot Masculine of Center

This was a big moment for everybody harboring a long-time crush on Willa Cather.

3. Saturday Morning Cartoons: Baopu #15, by Yao

Screenshot 2015-12-26 00.18.30

You too can change a life:
Screenshot 2015-12-25 23.40.33

4. This Is How Fox News Brainwashes Its Viewers: Our In-Depth Investigation Of The Propaganda Cycle, by Heather


This brilliant article won a “Plain English” award and since winning said award has developed a comment section rife with earnest mansplainers. You should check it out!

5. Lesbian Prom Gallery: Heartwarming Photos Of Girls Taking Girls to Prom, 1985-2015, by Riese


This was actually just an update of a post we made in 2010 in which we changed the publish date and solicited even more adorable photos. You were cute then and you’re still cute!

6. 22 Hilarious Excerpts From Scathing Reviews Of “Stonewall,” by Riese

*Not Historically Accurate* via Vulture

*Not Historically Accurate* via Vulture

The really hilarious thing is that this post took about 45 minutes to put together. So that just goes to show you that if you really work hard at something, you can succeed.

7. How To Be A Girl Who Dates Girls: Your Syllabus for Lesbian Dating 101, by Riese

(drawing by rory midhani)

(drawing by rory midhani)

This is like the opposite of the Sarah McLachlan song “Building a Mystery.” What we did here was we took a mystery, and then yo, we solved it.

8. 10 Theories About How Lesbians Have Sex From Straight People In History, by Carolyn

Willa Cather isn’t involved in this post because she wasn’t straight (see above).

9. 11 Lesbian Couples Who Don’t Mind The (Age) Gap, by Riese


I think this post was a hit because every single lesbian in a relationship with an age gap of 5+ years shared it on Facebook. If I wasn’t the person who wrote it, I would’ve been one of those people who shared it. Also, this was published in January but updated it a few weeks ago to include our new fave couple, Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor.

10. 41 Feelings You Had About Scissoring, by Riese


This post was a hit because scissoring is the #1 most favorite lesbian sex act of all time and all queer women love scissoring and do it all day every day.

11. Lesbian Sex: Your 15 Favorite Ways To Have It, by Riese

lesbian sex flowchart

If you’re following along at home, this is the part of making this list where I started to feel like this list might look like me bragging about how many popular posts I wrote this year, which was not what I anticipated going into it, but now it’s too late to turn back. For the record, I also wrote the most posts this year, period, so the odds were ever in my favor.

12. How Often Do Queer Women Have Sex? by Riese

Screenshot 2015-12-26 11.01.29

This post worked because everybody wants to know the answer to this question. EVERYBODY. If you didn’t already read it you’re probably about to.

13. Girl Scouts Turn Down $100,000 To Stand With Trans Girls, Make Us Cry, by Audrey


This was a really cool story! Another cool story was that a lot of people misread the headline to this post, thinking that the Girl Scouts opted out of standing with trans girls in exchange for $100k, but in fact, the Girl Scouts opted out of $100k in order to stand with trans girls. The true story is the cooler story.

14. Cate Blanchett Has Had Many Relationships With Women, What Is Even Happening, by Heather

cate blanchett by cass bird

cate blanchett by cass bird

Welp, it turns out that this is what was happening: Sorry y’all, Cate Blanchett didn’t actually have many relationships with women.

15. How Dare They Do This Again: Stonewall Veteran Miss Major on the “Stonewall” Movie, by Mey


You know, every now and then a post succeeds because the post is a truly excellent and entirely unique creation that everybody feels inclined to behold.

16. EXCUSE ME: Kristen Stewart Has Maybe-Romantic Times On The Beach With Her Maybe-Girlfriend, by Stef

You're welcome, world.

You’re welcome, world.

This post succeeded because it was true, hilarious, and about Kristen Stewart being gay.

17. This Binder Is Magic: A Gushing Review of the GC2b, by Ali

What I learned from taking photos with the self timer is to never again take photos with the self timer. But look at this magic flat chest, y'all!

On this day, Ali changed a lot of lives. Especially the lives of the company that makes GC2b binders.

18. “Carol” Is Even Better Than You’ve Heard, Is Maybe The Best Lesbian Movie Ever Made, by Heather


Listen, Heather Hogan knows what the hell she is talking about, and the rest of us will know exactly how right she is when this movie finally arrives in our city. WHEN IS IT COMING TO DETROIT?!!

19. 19 Things We Know About Season Three Of “Orange is the New Black,” by Riese


Another excellent piece of journalism from yours truly.

20. No White Tears: A Non-Guide On Dealing With Micro-Aggressions From Your White Partner, by Gabby

No, bb girl, I'm not holding your hand while you cry white tears. Srry.

This post was successful because this post was good and important. HOW ABOUT THAT.

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  1. I’m considering rereading Number 14.
    Just to spend an article’s length in that happy headspace, y’know?

    Also, Carol, the movie that managed to elevate the phrase “Smell that.” to seductive poetry.

  2. Oh wow, those mansplainers on Heather’s Fox article are EXTRAORDINARY. You can tell the exact moment it hit Reddit.

  3. unpopular opinion about Stonewall: Hollywood will look at that flop and say “well, movies about gay people are a flop.” And stop making them. Hoping that Carol turns that around.

  4. I was wondering why the comment section on Heather’s piece has been added to daily lately! Congrats on the Plain English award, and may the many mansplainers always delight us with their entertaining bullshit (and keep the manspreading quarantined to that article ?)

  5. I feel compelled to share that “Carol” is rated PG here in BC, Canada, vs. R in the US.

    Apparently the film ratings board here understood the public service it would be performing for questioning youth (not to mention baby dykes).

        • Yup. Just how sad is that?
          When we moved to the US in the mid nineties, we were so shocked by the violence on TV, especially in the afternoons, but as soon as someone was semi naked, even in the evening programs, they would always hide behind shelves, well placed candle holders, etc.
          Sex and violence as they are seen as possibly scarring for kids is on an exactly inverted scale for both countries, it seems.
          On another note:
          Anti-discrimination laws: This is how they work.

      • Thank you, I was actually wondering about that!
        I love the ratings descriptions, though, and now, if I ever travel to Malaysia, I’ll make sure to carry a copy or two to give away there.

  6. Congratulations Heather, on both your Fox article and your very well deserved award.

    I didn’t get to read this when it was first posted but have just taken the time to do so now.

    While you write specifically about the US experience this also plays to the UK, Canada, NZ and Australia. In fact anywhere where that reptile Rupert Murdock has any sway or where the ratbag right is trying to regain its perceived loss of control. It is endlessly embarrassing that Murdock is an Australian export.

    We all need to stay alert to this kind of manipulation and encourage the development of critical thinking skills to apply to the propaganda which bombards us every day.

  7. “You know, every now and then a post succeeds because the post is a truly excellent and entirely unique creation that everybody feels inclined to behold.” <---#dreams

  8. Life Partners was in my Netflix favourites but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to risk watching another bad lesbian movie. I’m glad you posted #1 because after reading Brittani’s review I watched it today and really enjoyed it!

  9. Thank-you for all the amazing excellence this year everybody! Although *THREE* movies this year? I can only think of two! #welp

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