29 Excerpts From Super-Cool Comments Left On Mainstream Media Stories About Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson

Once upon a time (last week) we were 99% positive that Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson were dating and The Daily Fail noticed and wrote about it (citing us) and then the mainstream media caught on, ET Online allegedly found somebody to confirm it, and the entire mass media had chance to weigh in (not citing us). Something about this pairing, the age difference, and the actresses in it are bringing out some really special responses — some from lesbians, some from straight people, and some from Two and Half Men fandom.

Here are bits from some of those comments, ripped mercilessly out of context for your viewing enjoyment.

1. I would like to see Holland Taylor(Evelyn Harper) with her own comedy show & Conchata Ferrell(Berta)

2. I didn’t know either was gay. I don’t really keep up with that sort of thing. Just TV shows and movies.

3. Holland and Sarah are both such elegant women one can definitely see what they see in each other…I loved Holland in L Word…I can imagine the quintessential New York lifestyle…the theatre, the art galleries

4. “Let’s see how cute it is in 10 or 15 years…”

[same commenter, a few minutes later]

“So many ifs”

5. Holland Taylor, the older lady was the mother on Two and a half Men. She was hilarious on the show!

6. Just wonder what Charlie thinks about it…that would be an interesting 2 1/2 men episode…

7. Don’t use the word GUSHING when talking bout these clam diggers…

8. I’m in shock i mean literally.

9. Shame on those that say their relationship is disgusting. Love is about more than sex. Grow up.

10. They look like mother and daughter. It is their business, of course, but they do not seem that they’d have anything in common.

11. This couple is very cute, but I think I squeed a bit more over Lin-Manuel. Just a weird, ‘me’ personal thing *Sigh* The man is too adorable.

12. I’m jealous. I wanted to date Holland Taylor. But … mazel tov.

13. Lol, gross. One of them is going to die soon.

14. Are they related to Casper the ghost. Yikes!!!!

15. Finally! A contemporary celebrity couple to care about and cheer on. Nice, fun article but… “dating” doesn’t seem the appropriate word for what’s going on between these two. This is a forever kind of love, methinks. A serious, solid, joyful coupling.

16. like wine, the older you get, the tastier you become

17. What!!? You go gurl. Cougar, meow. Love them both.

18. She’s in her seventies. BTW anybody who needs to put down any person with the word ‘yuck’ must have some serious mental issues. So sorry for you not getting any lately but you seriously need some hormones.

19. Who? and Who???

20. Taylor was fantastic as the realtor Mom in Two and a Half Men. Loved her and Bertha’s characters. When her show’s grandson asked her to take him to Disneyland she answered, “No, Dear. Grandmama doesn’t do Anaheim”.

21. “It’s me, Lana Banana”

22. Did you not read the comments on Mary Kate Ashley and her new husband, whatever his name is…

23. They could do it around her real-estate maybe like a camera crew follows her around some time, like Million dollar listing L.A.

24. I think the hardest thing for a young lesbian is getting older women to take interest in you. Sarah Paulson, I bow my hat to you.

25. I may be straight, but I’m totally jealous. SP is an incredible actress and soooo freaking gorgeous! You can feel their happiness; joy is contagious! Warm fuzzies for the rest of the night!

26. I’m sure if it were a 72-year-old dude and a 40-year-old chick, heads would be rolling, but no, in this case it’s ‘cute’ because gay is the new black. Say anything to the contrary then prepare to have your life ruined by George Takei and his minions.

27. Leave them alone. On another note, Holland looks absolutely stunning.

28. She was awesome in Bosom Buddies!!! Remember back when they played the ENTIRE song for the opening credits…. and commercial breaks lasted 60 seconds….

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  1. What a difference a week can make! I mean, a few days ago I didn’t even know there WAS a two and a half men fandom.


      Leave it to a 2.5 Men viewer to demographically link me with a Japanese-American actor in his seventies

    • Forreal though I’m just picturing him going everywhere with a bunch of little yellow pill-shaped things now

    • i was going to make some stupid joke about overalls and now I hate myself. Come up with your own damn overall minion joke and it will probably be as awful as mine goddamnit fuck I hate those things

    • The “lack of interest” is more about not believing someone so much younger would actually have legitimate interest in us older ladies. Also, the stigma of seeming like a cradle robber is real. I could get over that. Point me in #24’s direction.

  2. 1) “I can imagine the quintessential New York lifestyle…the theatre, the art galleries” … Well I know I’M doing lesbian wrong…

    2) LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA YES YES YES I’M OBSESSED <3. He's such a bright funny talented man and I'm ridiculously addicted to the Hamilton cast recording.

  3. #29 is spot on. Not only does it capture my reaction to these news perfectly, it’s an ode to love itself.

  4. “Let’s see how cute it is in 10 or 15 years…” is pretty much what my Dad always said whenever I wanted a kitten.

  5. “Cougar, meow.” is such a rollercoaster of a phrase. It starts off judgemental, but veers immediately into a fundamental misunderstanding of the sound an actual cougar would make. It’s a multi-layered parfait of meaning and innuendo and an obvious nod to the failures of the American schooling system. Chapeau, mademoiselle.

  6. I am a proud George Takei minion (I’ve met him he’s super gracious and nice to his fans). Though my official minion button hasn’t arrived yet. What’s the deal, George?!

  7. Also thanks Autostraddle for continuing to notice and report on important things like this… you are a star among the wash of boring media… never stop doing you…. ;)

  8. Wait, the Mail is reading/citing Autostraddle?

    I hope you are lacing all articles with Mailbait, in an effort to destroy the patriarchy from the inside. In fact, is this what Vapid Fluff has been all along?!

  9. All things considered, these aren’t quite as bad as I expected! Like, some of them are actually supportive! I feel like, even a couple of years ago, these would all be much more horrendous.

  10. “They could do it around her real-estate maybe like a camera crew follows her around some time, like Million dollar listing L.A.”

    Does this person think Two and a Half Men was a documentary???

    • Some people seem to think porn is a documentary.
      To me it’s just confusing.
      I mean, how DO straight people have sex?

  11. In whose world are these comments “super cool”? There are some hateful and homophobic ones – are those super cool too? Weird headline, weird collection of comments.

  12. As a 36 year old lesbian, I only have one thing to say about all of this. THANK YOU. Sleeping with someone 15 years younger than me, never felt so normal.

  13. I’m 32. I can guarantee that Holland looks way better than I do and Sarah is clearly smitten with her

  14. “A serious, solid, joyful coupling.”

    ^my own relationship with boxed wine. I feel so known.

  15. You didn’t leave the link for website that’s being discussed in comment #29. I’m trying to make $63 an hour on the laptop…please advise.

  16. Collective comment award for all of the above Autostraddlers. This comment stream has totally turned my day around.

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