Queer Tarotscopes: Sagittarius Season Calls You to Go After What You Want

After the intense, dark, heavy energy of Scorpio, Sagittarius brings a welcome lightness and fire to the astrological calendar. We just worked with the major arcana card of Death, inviting a powerful shift that allows us to let go of something that has needed to end, exploring shadows and coming to terms with our deepest desires – and now Sagittarius season can come in and help us seize our magic in new and powerful ways. While Death can be painful and scary, its finality making many uncomfortable with its intensity and permanence, that release allows us to move more freely, to see the world through a fresh perspective, to reach for balance and exploration and personal power in a way that we couldn’t before. Sagittarius moves with curiosity and passion into the spaces that we’ve made during Scorpio season, inviting us to fully embrace the process of rebirth and growth. These two seasons go hand in hand, helping us to explore both darkness and light, intensity and joy, internal understanding and external freedom. And now that Scorpio season has created space and potential for deeper personal power, Sagittarius is here to help fill us back up with new dreams and brilliant ambitions.

Sagittarius is a sign of exploration, philosophy, constant questioning. It’s a high energy season positively bursting with potential, defined by a deep desire for understanding and powerful flexibility. Sagittarius craves knowledge, loves growth, and prizes freedom above all else. Mutable fire is both quick and passionate, with an ability to swerve and adapt without losing any of their brilliant sparks of life and excitement — so this sign is frequently misunderstood, seen as flaky or stubborn or impossible to pin down. It’s important for these archers to have the ability to adapt to fast-moving circumstances or make last-minute adjustments to their ideas, to be able to keep expanding as their dreams grow and shift. But with so much fire crackling in the air, the brilliance of Sagittarius is in their keen observations, sparkling wit, and ability to effortlessly magnify possibility. After multiple seasons of refining our goals and releasing what is no longer needed, Sagittarius gives us the energy and agency to go after everything we want, to reach for those big dreams and find ways to create the kind of magic we’ve been craving.

Our birth card for this season is Temperance, a card of balance, moderation, and endless, transcendent magic. This card’s energy can be hard to define, with phrases like “sacred alchemy” and “everyday magic” getting tossed around and not always explained. There are an endless variety of ways that we see this card manifesting in daily life, but for many of us, we experience Temperance in the moments where it feels like something is clicking into place with no real effort from us: an opportunity we’ve been dreaming about seems to appear from nowhere, a friend calls us just as we’re wishing we had some help or support, a disaster happens at work on a day we stayed home sick. No matter what you put your faith in, a higher energy or a traditional deity or the power of your own strength, this card’s energy manifests when you feel some kind of intervention from something bigger, a moment that forces you to acknowledge a shift that is not a mere coincidence or convenience. After all the internal work of the previous seasons, Temperance brings outward healing and unexpected joy, a sense of comfort and protection from the universe.

It may seem like energetic, magnetic, endlessly exploring Sagittarius doesn’t quite fit with the more soothing, moderate energy of Temperance, but these energies both honor a sense of personal understanding, along with the power of perfect, magical timing. In Sagittarius season we may feel like we’re a little bit lucky, finding it easier to be in the right place at the right time, feeling things clicking into place in a way that they haven’t before. And Temperance, that clever and mysterious energy, helps make that possible by reminding us of how connected things are, and how our dreams and ambitions can manifest exactly the things we’re hoping for. This is a chance to blend together ideas or concepts or energies that may seem wildly different, but actually work together perfectly, creating unexpected and brilliant new kinds of magic that fuel creativity and inspire all of us to great heights.

Many of this season’s cards indicate continued shifts and powerful movement. Perhaps the transformations from Scorpio season are not yet finished, or perhaps many of us will still be processing the new truths and changes and challenges from the previous few weeks. As you read through these tarotscopes, keep the energy of Sagittarius in mind – we are making space for joy, giving ourselves room to breathe and explore, shaking off what we’ve left behind in order to move forward with confidence and freedom.

In this season of Sagittarius, embrace the power and unexpected magic of Temperance. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism, this has the potential to be a season of joyful exploration and divine timing. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. And if you know your Jupiter placement, you can include that as well to give you a full spread for the weeks ahead.

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Sagittarius season!


Three of swords

Whether you’re still processing insights from Scorpio season or are experiencing a shift of perspective right now, this season may find you diving into some unexpected truths or being forced to see things from another viewpoint. Truth can be a tricky thing to work through, especially when it comes from someone else; it can take time for us to sort out this kind of mental shift, to fully understand what this can mean for us moving forward. But the beauty of the three of swords is that you are dealing with actual truth, something real, rather than a misunderstanding or misinterpretation — the shift you’re experiencing is simply growing pains as you expand your mind to take in this new interpretation of events, experiences, or information. Give yourself all the time you need to take it in and make the necessary adjustments, and you’ll soon find yourself moving forward with more confidence and power. Sometimes these unexpected bumps can feel frustrating or painful, but the truth you’ll discover this season is one that will allow you to expand and explore in new and brilliant ways.


The Tower

The Devil that you received during Scorpio season comes right before this card in the major arcana, typically serving as a warning that cracks are beginning to show, that something big is about to shift. And whether you can already feel the tremors or have no idea what I’m talking about, this season will bring major upheaval that could be surprising, frustrating, or even shocking. This can be a challenging archetype to face, but after a season of release and transformation, the Tower is simply continuing that work, moving things that are already broken out of your way so that you can rebuild something that will be far more useful, stable, and powerful for you. And while this card can bring a lot of incredible opportunities and invitations for transition, it can be scary in the moment. Be gentle with yourself as you work through these changes, and don’t force yourself to move or recover at any particular pace. Lean on your community and chosen family, spend time in self-care and rest, and remember that the brilliance and energy of Sagittarius season will be there to show you all the new possibilities once the smoke clears. This is a turning point that you will eventually look back on with awe — because you will come out the other side with even more focus, determination, and inspiration than before.


Wheel of Fortune

You may find your luck shifting this month, with something unexpectedly wonderful popping up or something you’ve been planning on facing a last minute change. Sagittarius is typically associated with positivity and optimism, and Jupiter speaks to fortune and expansion, so this card often asks us to prepare for good news or the tides turning for the better. But this major arcana card also speaks to the ways that we think about control — where we really have power, what we are able to change, and the times that we have to simply sit back, hold on, and see where we find ourselves when the shifting and spinning slows down.

Often the only things we have true control over are our actions, so be particularly aware of your choices this season; what drives them, motivates them, changes them? When you have control, how do you use it? And when you don’t, how does it impact your emotions, actions, impulses? Your naturally adaptable nature can handle these quick shifts better than many signs, so embrace a spirit of flexibility and prepare to roll with the punches. An amazing new opportunity may be around the corner.


Ten of swords

My dear friend, the ten of swords is the same card you received during Scorpio season, a card that asked you to be realistic about your situation, to honestly assess the challenges you’re facing and the responsibility you may have for getting there. And while the same card back to back can mean a number of things, typically repeating cards indicate that something has been missed, lost in translation, or misunderstood. In this context, you may still be dragging your feet, refusing to acknowledge your role in a difficult situation or your capacity to move beyond it. Instead of accepting what’s happened, the challenges or circumstances you find yourself in, you may still be ignoring the swords all around you, or sticking your feet in and telling yourself that where you are is completely fine.

I would invite you, as difficult as it may be, to take a hard look at your relationship with truth. What have you been processing, thinking through, struggling against? Are there ideas that keep creeping around the edges of your mind, thoughts or worries that you continue to push back and smother? Be gentle but firm with yourself, and consider bringing a trusted friend or partner into your confidence. This is a massive opportunity for growth and change, but the only person that can begin that process is you.


Seven of pentacles

You’ve been moving with steady determination and focus, harnessing your natural brilliance and charisma into a long-term plan for success and power. And while last season you spent time getting organized, building out structures and figuring out the more nuanced details of your goals, Sagittarius season invites you to celebrate how far you’ve come, and to reflect on the progress you’ve made. You’re right at home in this season of passion and exploration, but while you excel at moving towards a firm destination and keeping your projects on track, this season’s more mutable fire encourages you to be a little bit more flexible, to consider what small tweaks or shifts could help bring your ambitions to the next level.

This is a chance to evaluate the road you’ve travelled, to look back on your work and choices and consider where you may need to make adjustments or changes. Embrace a spirit of expansion and look at your goals with fresh eyes, considering what you’ve accomplished so far — are you still heading towards your original goal, or have your dreams changed a bit along the way? Are adjustments needed to get back on track, or would you rather pursue something slightly different? Whatever your choice, make it with purpose and intention.


Two of wands

This season, you may find yourself with a powerful, brilliant new idea that inspires and motivates and energizes you — and that’s fantastic! But rather than losing your head and charging forward on passion alone, channel your inherent ability to organize and plan, and make a specific and focused choice about what to do next. This new project has the potential to be incredibly important for you, but taking some time to consider how it contributes to your bigger goals, as well as the best ways to accomplish these ambitions, will make your work flow much more easily.

With your naturally structured and disciplined nature, you may find it tempting to immediately define your goals and begin planning from there. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, the two of wands makes space for brainstorming, for experimentation, for possibility. Give yourself permission to expand your imagination, considering the opportunities that this new project could introduce or alternative pathways for progress. You’ll need to make a real plan for your future, but don’t cut off your creativity in the process.


Nine of cups

You’ve been working really hard lately, making powerful decisions and relying on your natural ability to process information, communicate, and appreciate all perspectives; but this season may find you in a more reflective and intuitive space, spending time with friends, family, and loved ones in the kind of community you’ve always longed for. Celebrate the people you’ve found, the emotional growth you’ve experienced, the ways that you’ve learned to trust and rely on yourself to make choices that feel deeply personal and powerful. And if in the midst of all this joy and laughter you feel a little pang of longing, a secret wish that is still unfulfilled, resist the urge to feel guilty about wanting more — it’s human nature to continue to crave expansion, growth, connection, even when happiness is all around. Just because you’re eager to keep learning, to keep expanding your circle, doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate the people and relationships that are already in your life. The contentment you’ve found is something to appreciate, but it doesn’t have to hold you back from the dreams you still hold.


The Hanged Man

After moving through your own season, prioritizing balance and focusing on longer term goals rather than immediate responsibilities, it may feel that things are slowing down, even stalling out. This will be a season of surrender for you, a waiting period before another shift that’s just around the corner. You’re not always good at being forced to release control, preferring to call the shots and keep everyone and everything around you in line — but this is a time for you to breathe deeply, sink into potential discomfort, and accept the fact that this is one challenge you cannot power your way through.

You’re someone that feels things intensely, that keeps your deep sensitivity hidden from the world as much as possible — and this period of forced waiting may cause things to build up within you, to seek an outlet for release. But you have an opportunity here to look at situations, relationships, expectations, and ambitions through another lens, to shift your perspective and expand your understanding of what’s possible. Rather than seeing this as a sacrifice or a trap, embrace this new viewpoint, and make space for some internal shifts. There are opportunities for growth here that could make this a welcome and essential period for you.



Happy birthday, Sagittarius! Last season may have felt like a bit of a reckoning, as you examined the wide variety of responsibilities and tasks that you’d taken on and were forced to prioritize the things that truly matter, rather than simply shouldering the burden for everything and everyone. And all of that work and self-reflection will pay off this season, as you find deep reserves of inner strength, patience, and wisdom within you. Your natural desire to explore and understand usually serves you well, and this season will be no exception — but rather than pushing forward with your usual energy and excitement, embrace a spirit of restraint and observation, giving yourself time to process choices and opportunities before making your decision. Whether you’re working with people you trust deeply or have been opening yourself up to new situations and environments, take a beat before speaking up, and see what others bring to the table. Your wisdom and brilliance don’t always have to be showcased right away — sometimes there’s even more power and impact in waiting for the right moment to share your thoughts.


Five of swords

Last season you had Temperance as your card, so this season may feel both familiar and mysterious as you move into this time of moderation, balancing energies, and expanding possibility. You’re someone that likes to be in control, that always has a plan and an ambition, that is constantly thinking three steps ahead with your signature drive and focus — but you may find yourself moving forward a bit too fast this season, getting agitated or stirring up conflict without even necessarily understanding why. The fire and exploration of this season may feel at odds with your more grounded, hardworking nature, but if you can feel yourself getting worked up or realize that you’re lashing out, take steps to remove yourself from the situation and release those harsh emotions. Remember the plans you’ve made, the structures you’ve put into place, the goals you’ve been creating — this is not the time for hasty decisions or pushing forward in spite of obstacles. Pause, regroup, and move with wisdom rather than frustration. You’ll get where you need to be, but you don’t need to hurt those around you to make it happen.


The High Priestess

You may have felt a bit frustrated last season, eager to keep moving forward but finding yourself hit with roadblocks and mental shifts, challenges and conflicts that felt unnecessary. And while Scorpio season may have forced you to release some ideas or dreams that had been fading from your consciousness, Sagittarius season is bringing a beautiful, powerful, intuitive energy forward for you.

Spend some time in deep reflection this season, exploring your own inner shadows and embracing a sense of mystery. You may typically prefer to deal in things you can understand, looking far ahead rather than staying grounded in the present or reminiscing about the past — but the High Priestess is a card of personal wisdom and rich intuition, listening to those instincts and inner whispers that may help you untangle a problem, make an important next step, or begin something you’ve been dreaming of. Resist the urge to push past this personal exploration and instead embrace the possibilities within and the choices in front of you – you may be surprised by the power you find.


Maiden of swords

After the assessment and awareness of last season, looking over your progress and considering what larger goals you’re working towards, this season may bring an exciting new possibility or opportunity. But bigger than whatever the next project becomes, you have a chance to expand intellectually this season, to pursue a new truth or understand a challenge in a new and powerful way. You’re someone that’s not afraid to dive deep and ask the intensely personal questions, but you typically prefer to explore emotions and intuition rather than the power of the mind. Putting those brilliant instincts to work in another capacity may leave you surprised by the truths that are revealed, both within you and around you. Embrace a spirit of curiosity and inquisitiveness, challenge the status quo, and consider where you may be stuck in a mental rut around certain problems or situations. By combining your deep natural sensitivity with a sharp and perceptive mind, new solutions may come to light, and a new path forward may present itself.

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  1. anyone got any advice for a sad-gittarius whose long-term relationship ended unexpectedly on the first day of sag season?

    • Oh gosh, I’m really sorry :(

      When I went through a traumatic breakup a few years ago, the thing that helped me most was a book called The Wisdom of a Broken Heart by Susan Piver. It has Buddhist underpinnings but is pretty accessible even if you’re not into that. Wishing you healing.

    • i’m so sorry for your pain, friend! i don’t know your other placements but strength, your sagittarius card for this season, is all about internal growth, awareness, and patience – both with the world around you and with yourself. healing and expansion are so rarely linear, but in the strength archetype we see the ability to observe and wait, to know when to release our inner wildness and power. it’s a chance to trust yourself deeply, to move with gentle grace, and to remember that you are in the middle of a cycle, not the beginning or end. i hope this season of fire and magic brings you a sense of peace, along with healing and hope for the future 🖤

  2. So I guess if I didn’t admit how much this is almost creepily spot on, I’d just be reinforcing your line about hiding sensitivity as much as possible. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Thanks for this (that is laden with all the sarcasm & sincerity simultaneously 🖤)

  3. Meg, I don’t have words for how much comfort and insight I get out of your horoscopes. It’s always eerily spot on, and your reminder to “take what you need and leave what you don’t” brings me a sort of peace I wish I had in other areas of my life. Thank you.

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