The Comment Awards Are Flirting With You


Hello Friends! Happy #BiWeek! Here, I baked this special pink, purple and blue cupcake just for you.

This week, Laneia put out a call for photos for THE MOST IMPORTANT QUEER IRL GALLERY THAT HAS EVER BEEN OR WILL BE. You heard me.

Wow, the newest Drawn to Comics is Mey’s 500th post on Autostraddle. Here’s to many more! <3

This week for AM/PM, we woke up with Kristin (is this the morning after Getting in Bed?), and it’s healthy and adorable.

Oh hey, the world’s on fire, let’s all flirt with each other.

Gaby Dunn co-wrote a YA novel! It just might be relevant to your interests.

Are you following 3 A.M.? It’s mysterious and cool and I love it.

And then there were your comments!

On 2017 Emmys Liveblog and Open Thread:

The Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose Award to Orla:

I created an account right now because i needed to say this: I am sat alone in my room in the dark in england watching the emmys because i just love TV, and i just saw a black lesbian in a goddamn suit win an award on my tv and thank her girlfriend and i am so full of joy. i am so full of joy. i feel so much less alone. i am so full of joy. thank you lena thank you. fuck.

On Your Official Carol Blackout 2K17 Liveblog:

The Netflix And Denial Award to Lucky#19

I have watched The L Word four times through on Netflix and watched nearly every terrible lesbian movie they have and still, STILL Netflix did not think Carol was something that would be relevant to my interests. Do you even know me at all, Netflix? Have you been paying attention to a single word that I’ve said? Netflix is such a Richard.

And the Wibbly Wobbly Carol Warol Award to Chandra:

I see that between 12:15 and 12:20 p.m. the intensity of your fixation was strong enough to reverse the direction of time so that you could spend even more minutes watching Carol.

On Ellen Scaring The Pants Off Sarah Paulson Is The Three Minutes of Surprise Joy You Need Today:

The Daytime Horror Story Award to Diana:

OMG that was so go, she’s like on the floor clutching Ellen’s leg and you can see this moment of realization on her face, like why am I hanging on to you, you did this.

On Everybody Publicly and Shamelessly Flirt With Each Other Right Now:

The Unexpected Baggage Award to Sally, Vita, and Chloe:

Sally: I’m working from home today which will limit my options, but in the name of research I’m going to go out right now and see if I can get my flirt on with the automated checkout at the supermarket. / Vita: hey girl are you an unexpected item in the bagging area because / Sally: Every time I tried the ol’ unexpected item in the bagging area she cried assistance needed. Really hard to tell if it was too much too soon or she just wanted to initiate a three-way with this middle-aged woman who was voyeuristically monitoring our interchange. / Chloe: she’s just trying to tell you to take things slow! Can’t you see you’re already colonising her with your baggage? God, she doesn’t even DO relationships!

The Lil Flirty Award to Stef:

Gif of Lil Yaghty popping up with a rose in his teeth

On Oh, Hey! It’s Alyssa #30: Grown Up Routines:

The Smart Cookie Award to Katie:

I truly believe “adulting

On Be Part of Autostraddle’s Queer with Our Pets Gallery!

The All Gluten Goes to Heaven Award to Chloe:

Chloe: what if my pet is a sourdough starter named Sue Perkins? Laneia: ALLOWED.

On Shanah Tovah, Here’s 36 Influential Jewish LGBTQ Women & Non-Binary Humans!

The #1 Mom Award to -mom- and Carmen SanDiego:

-mom-: May I add one more name? Marie “Riese

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  1. “This week for AM/PM, we woke up with Kristin (is this the morning after Getting in Bed?)”
    You know, that makes perfect sense

    • You know, I never want to say anything, but with all of these people doing Yoga and stuff in the mornings, I’m always like:How?
      I seriously meant to get up last week and go running, laid out the shorts and everything. And I even pried myself out of bed, brushed my teeth slapped water into my face, but while I stood in my unlighted bathroom, I was like,”Hon, this is not happening.” and went back to lay in bed until all of my organs had checked in, which was over an hour later. Maybe two.

      • I feel the same way.
        By the way one good trick to go running in the morning is to just sleep in the clothes you’ll use to run. That way you don’t even have to change

        • Good suggestion but it would never work for me cause I sleep naked. Wearing clothes to bed is just super uncomfortable lol

      • During the brief 6 month period where I was able to stick to an AM running habit the ways I managed to stick to it were:

        -not hitting snooze, just immediately leaping out of bad telling myself get up get up get up
        -visualizing the moment immediately after the run when you feel great for 2 seconds
        -running in a real nice park and picturing the part of the run where I made the turn around the lake
        -if I missed the morning run doing it in the evening and being annoyed at the lost evening time
        -picturing how sad I would feel if i didn’t do it
        -not treating one failure as a reason to abandon the effort overall

        But like right now I’m back on “I need to start running again” and haven’t done it yet, so like even morning people have problems with this.

  2. If you could have a harem (it’s COMPLETELY consensual, everyone loves being a part of it and they can be from any source) who would be in it?

    Mine would have Carmen SanDeigo, Kim and Anne Possible, the Sailor Senshi, Xena and Gabrielle, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost.

    • Wait, I’m in your harem? Or actual Carmen SanDiego?
      And if it’s me in your harem do I get a sub-harem? Because I want Shane, Sarah Connor, Poussey, Joan Watson, Letty Ortiz and Ronda Rousey in it.

        • Would the ringleader of the criminal organisation, V.I.L.E. tell you they’re the ringleader of the criminal organisation, V.I.L.E.?
          By the way that stand for Villains’ International League of Evil…

          • Impersonating yourself would be a great way of hiding in plain sight. No one would go after you because they think you are just a dedicated fangirl instead of the real thing. So yes. Yes you would.

    • You don’t have to have sex every night, it’s whenever you want and the rest of the time you can snuggle! Plus you can let them sleep with each other if they want so their needs are still being met even if you aren’t in the mood.

      That the harem would include plenty of puddy tats is just a given lol =^.^=

    • I’m gonna go with a Scout Troop instead of a harem, but let’s see:

      *Julie Klausner for sass
      *Gina Torres/Zoe as my starship captain
      *Gina Rodriguez that one time she had an undercut, to look really good in shorts (RESPECTFULLY)
      *Kristen Bell as my mom friend / for Frozen singalongs
      *Carrie Wade to lead us in a capella arrangements and talk politics
      *Heather Hogan as our patronus (also for cat stories)
      *FIVE PERFECT DOGS who all know how to wait quietly outside a store and also like swimming
      *Kristina Yang for medical emergencies

  3. Your award titles are truly inspired this week. I can’t even pick a favourite.

    Also now I’m picturing Carol as The Doctor and that actually works unexpectedly well in my mind.

  4. Five years ago I had a sourdough start called Hermann, and he brought all the benefits of a pet, companionship, a sense of responsibility, someone to come home to at night, as well as making my bedroom smell like a brewery.
    I loved Hermann.

  5. The exchange between Orla and Carmen Phillips was so, so, so heartwarming – glad I got to re-read it today in the CAs.

  6. Guys, I just wanted to give y’all a shoutout about how absolutely fabulous you are!
    Have a good evening and weekend!

    • And have a good autumn for those in the northern hemisphere
      Good spring for the Southern Hemisphere Straddlers!

      • And happy equinox to all! (although the equatorial straddlers may not notice it / care because everyday is the equinox on the equator)

          • An equinox is the moment in which the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun’s disk,[2] which occurs twice each year, around 20 March and 23 September.

            On an equinox, day and night are of approximately equal duration all over the planet. They are not exactly equal, however, due to the angular size of the sun and atmospheric refraction. The word is derived from the Latin aequinoctium, from aequus (equal) and nox (genitive noctis) (night).

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