Be Part of Autostraddle’s Queer with Our Pets Gallery!

Wow wow wow! August’s Queer IRL gallery was about you and your books! And you nailed it in a way that I wasn’t prepped for, and I thank you. Are you ready for what’s next?

September’s Gallery Theme: Queer with Our Pets

It’s YOU and it’s also YOUR PETS and then that’s the all it is! It’s a spotlight on you and your nonhuman love containers. THIS IS YOUR TIME.


1. Take a high quality picture of you with your pet. This is doable with most smartphones, so don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy camera. You know what else works and is super fun? Disposable cameras. I keep mentioning this because I just don’t want you to forget it.

Photos should be between 1024-3024 pixels wide so they’ll look nice on a full screen. Please don’t send anything smaller than 1024 pixels wide.

2. Send your picture and info to me at with the subject QUEER PETS. If the subject doesn’t say QUEER PETS it won’t be caught by my filter and it will be lost and you won’t be in the gallery and that will be sad!!!

Copy/paste this mini form into your email and fill in the blanks with your info!


Details (answer any or all): Your pet’s origin story — how’d you come across this beautiful beast? Why did you decide on that name? What’s the best thing about this little ball of energy? What do you like to do together? What’s the weirdest thing about them? Does your pet have an Instagram?

*Optional but cool.

I reserve the right to edit your sentence/s for length or spelling errors. (I’m a pretty good editor though, so.) Your photo will appear in a full screen gallery on — the main site, not A+ — and might be used on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr) to promote the gallery. If you don’t want your photo to appear on social media, please make a note of that with your submission. You reserve full rights to your photo. Photos will not be used to promote anything other than this exact gallery, and will not be used in any other future post.

Deadline: 9/26/2017


1. What is a pet?
A pet is a nonhuman being who depends on you to survive in a human-centric world.

2. What is a queer person?
Queer people are lesbians, bisexuals, queer and otherwise-identified women, trans and non-binary folks.

3. Do you want us to be in the photo?
I do, yes! It would be sad if you weren’t! Yes please! Be in the picture!

4. What if I have more than one pet? Or if my pet is a rock??
Listen, I believe in you and your ability to take a picture of yourself with all 300 of your pets, especially if they’re rocks.

Deadline: 9/26/2017

Leave your questions in the comments and if you have an idea for a future theme, let me know!

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  1. Ooh. I’m here for this but it’s also bittersweet. BOTH of my beloved cat companions died this year. I’ll have to look through my archives for suitable photos.

    It’s also a bit awkward since I use my cat’s name as my AS name. So I may be submitting Cleo and Cleo photos.

  2. I am really struggling to narrow down what image to submit because every picture of my dog is the greatest picture in the world because he’s in it but I also want to share the very best of his majestic floofness.

  3. I am trying to put together my submission, and have run into a slight issue. I seem to be incapable of talking about my pets without writing a whole damn essay??? Seriously, I’ve somehow ended up with over 1100 words and I’m not even done! I AM REALLY BAD AT WRITING CONCISELY.

    WHAT DO I DO???

  4. I wrote mine while in one of my signature “I am a terrible pet owner this was a terrible mistake” bird related depression fueled spirals and then edited it way down because, like, I don’t need that.

    I live alone now, and he’s gotten so quiet. He used to watch the dogs and yell back and forth with my mom’s parrot (my og parrot) all day long, and then he would “join in” while my family talked.

    But I don’t naturally talk to my pets, and I almost never have people over, and I just feel like the small life he had has gotten so much smaller.


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