The Comment Awards Can’t Help But Smile

Hey twinkletoes. How are you feeling this week? I’m feeling really good because last week’s comment awards had the most comments since 2010. I just really love you all a lot, you know? So apparently it rained a lot this week, but you all survived with the help of Lizz’s rainy day style guide. Carolyn and Crystal helped you stay nourished with their recipes for vegetable stir fry and vegetable and lentil pasta and we travelled to Miami, Florida and Mexico City with Caitlin and Caro. We heard from Karla Shickele at Rock Camp for Girls, Morgan told us what it was like to volunteer at Rock Camp and Lemon went to Bible camp. Gabby counted down the top 10 lies you told to get to A Camp, we relived the dance with Carly’s T Dance playlist and we recapped day 1 of camp with all the counselors. Scribegrrrl recapped Lip Service, Crystal brought you 2 new episodes of The Newton Girls, we watched a very special Mother’s Day edition of No Man’s Land and a subscriber Saturday episode and got in Kate Beckinsdale’s vagina with the Government. Finally, voting closed for the Hot 100. I hope you spelled my last name correctly: Wooley, like the mammoth but with an E. Alright, now on to those awards!

On Star Wars Gear for Star Wars Day!:

The Distraction Action Award to milo: “oh my goodness, i actually screamed when i saw those cookies cutters, i actually screamed way too loudly and my mom thought there was a fire. she was still really freaked when i asked to use her credit card, so SUCESS.”

On Lip Service Episode 203 Recap: Shagathon:

The It’s Just You Award to Is this just me?: “When reading through the comments on these recaps, somehow they all sound British. As in, I can’t stop imagining them being said in a British accent. It’s like going on vacation, but a lot, lot cheaper.”

On Top 10 Lies You Told to Get to A-Camp:

The Bookstores Are Open At Midnight For Something Other Than Harry Potter? Award to Jane: “I used to work at a bookstore, and when Queer Prom rolled around, I told my parents that I had to work overnight to prepare for a Sarah Palin book-signing event.”

The Mission: Accomplished to Emma : “I told my sister it was a feminist training camp, my roommates that it was a (non-specific) retreat, and my work that I was having a reunion with friends and going camping.
My family all pretty much thought it was a nudist camp until they saw pictures.
Next time I will not lie. That’s one thing A-Camp gave me.”

On 2012 Hot 100: It’s Your Last Chance To Vote, Who’s Winning?:

The Tegan And Sara Award to Elizabeth: “I voted for their jawlines.”

On VIDEO: Kate Beckinsale Wants Government All Up In Her Vagina:

The That Could Get Crowded Award to JB: “Hello, My name is Government.”

On Also. Also. Also: Additional Stories Relevant To Your Interests, Like This New Gay Sitcom:

The Word. Award to L: “If you want to write your memoirs or a blog all about your quirky white “experiences”, by all means, go right ahead. But when you’re producing a television show (especially if you decide to set it in NYC and its selling point is hyper-realism, cutting edge, contemporary depiction of today’s 20-somethings) you have a responsibility towards equitable representation. And do you really think the only reason POC are included on television shows is to be “politically correct”? Like that’s why people are mad? Because the PC requirements weren’t met? Or could it be because systemic whitewashing is STILL an issue today, in 2012?
I think it moves beyond POC representation, as well. We’re about 5 episodes in and we’re among friends in NYC and we’ve yet to see a queer character?”

On You Need A Mother’s Day Gift for Your Mother:

The Sisterly Love Award to Marika’s Sister: “So my parents and I are estranged cause of the gay thing and the Catholic thing so last year for Mother’s Day my sister made a donation to an organization that provides scholarships to LGBT youth.
I love my seester.”

On A-Camp Recap #1: Movin’ On Up (The Mountain):

The Camp Is Real Life Award to wasteunit: “I have all the feelings right now. I’m going to read these recaps every single day until A-Camp 2.0. The worst moment of A-Camp was better than the best moment of everything else.”

On Homophobes Throw A Stupid Party for North Carolina’s Stupid Amendment 1:

The I Think I Remember Reading That In Obidiah Award to jill : “I have never been one to quote bible verses, but since they seem to use it as a defense…
Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not throw a fucking party with cake to celebrate.”

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  1. The comment about Marieka’s sister gave me tears. I would probably still be misty-eyed if it weren’t for that fucking cake comment at the end! Hooray for comment awards.

  2. I think this is my first comment award, and it’s for lies I told :(
    But I am still celebrating!

  3. I am so honored. Also incredibly drunk cause it is almost my bday and I am celebrating all weekend. But an Autostraddle comment award is definitely the best present a queer girl could ask for!

  4. I think my internet life has peaked after now receiving a comment award. I’m so honored.

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