The Newtown Girls Episodes 8 and 9

Hi! Last week I got so caught up in the excitement of A-Camp and the subsequent jet-lag that I didn’t publish your weekly dose of The Newtown Girls, and so today you get to watch two episodes, you lucky things. Basically right now every girl in Newtown is battling it out for a shot of love with Scarlet, and with only one episode remaining I have no idea how this is gonna turn out. Do you?

Episode 8: Super Green

Episode 9: At The Vanishing Point – Part 1

To celebrate next week’s season finale, we’ll probably be interviewing Renee Lim (Alex) and Debra Ades (Scarlet) and perhaps some other cast members. Do you have any questions? Is there anything you’re dying to know? Fire away in the comments.


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    Episode 9 is so dramatic! Also, saying “X got me drunk and that’s why I cheated” is still a pretty a terrible excuse.

    • 0

      that’s a charitable way to put it try “your friend set me up to get date-raped” I’d be getting the fuck away from Alex, a relationship with her would be a 1 way trip to abuse

  2. 0

    Episode 8 was great.

    I’m still voting for the book seller, she is so adorable.

    Also Alex saying “get out of my face” <3

  3. 0

    Okay. I’m too invested now. DAMN IT. At first I was skeptical, but now…

    Way to go Alex… Now I’m torn between Alex and the book seller.

  4. 0

    That dress.

    Also, this may not be the best place to address this, but um Crystal have you seen the latest Det Kate Beckett? Wet hair Det Kate Beckett is my fav version.

    • 0

      Ohh yeah, I saw it. Loved it.

      My posts will forever be an appropriate place to discuss Det Kate Beckett related feelings.

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