VIDEO: Kate Beckinsale Wants Government All Up In Her Vagina

Every time somebody asks me “funny or die?” you know what I pick? I pick funny. And sometimes I’m rewarded for that choice in the form of humorous videos like this one, starring Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage as Republicans who want government way up deep in their vaginas.

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  1. My only problem with this video is that Kate Beckinsale puts on an American accent. I know, I know, this is an American issue and she’s supposed to be representin’ but EVERYONE knows it’s her, and I’m sure the US is home to Brits who are equally affected by all this shit (LIKE BECKINSALE). So why the American accent? Why??

    • Acting. She’s not playing Kate Beckinsale, she’s playing a Republican.

      • I get that I really do and she does a great job at playing one :P But everyone is selling this video as: “Kate Beckinsale Wants Government All Up In Her Vagina” which is why I’m a bit miffed.
        But that’s stupid and I should be mad at the Republicans instead. Okay that’s it I’m mad at the fucking Republicans and their fucking fucked-up-ness.

  2. Bit transphobic, when she says I’m a woman and that means having a vagina.

    • I want to believe that was just them being in character as transphobic republicans but… it’s also the mainstream internet.

      • I had the same thought, and counter-thought, and counter-counter thought.

        Also the lines about vaginas being scary and smelly. Some people will take it as part of the parody, but for others it will just reinforce the maddeningly ubiquitous idea that vag = icky.

  3. I have no idea what the rest of this post said because I saw the words “Kate Beckinsale” and “Vagina” and lost the ability to pay attention

    • THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I’m like why am I here again? Omg I just watched Underworld not too long ago and saw the words “Kate Beckinsale” and “Vagina.” I was like “what what !?!” in a fit of enthusiastic fervor.

      What just happened?

  4. Why couldn’t it be me instead of government all up in Kate Beckinsale’s vagina?!

  5. To be fair, she is definitely American now.

      • RIGHT?! If you had those gnashers in England we’d carry you through the village to the hill tops and keep you there as a God / reality television programme opportunity.

  6. Kate Beckinsale helped me realize that I wanted to naked snuggle other women. So I mean, I approve.

  7. I love this video so much, Judy Greer is the best and Kate Beckinsale is ridiculously hot.

  8. I agree that it’s transphobic to state that “being a woman means having a vagina”; however, I think that line was meant to be a joke about how reductive it is to say that that’s all being a woman means. Being a woman, regardless of what genitalia you were born with, means way more than having a vagina.

    And “my oval office” is now my new favorite term for my cooch.

  9. hahaha! The ladies look like they had a lot of bloopers, especially Kate.

    I’m a Republi… *snickeing*
    Where do I want government? In my va… *giggles*
    My right to choose *laughs* to not have a choice…. *laughs uncontrollably*

    I wish I could see the behind the scenes.

  10. I am from here on out referring to my vagina as my oval office.

    “Step into my oval office.”
    “We have business to take care of in my oval office.”

    I will text my fiancee that she is needed in my oval office.

  11. Yeah ‘Oval Office’ is officially the best nickname for a vagina of all time. Move over, ‘Birmingham City Centre.’

  12. My vagina just retracted. It’s currently balled up in my uterus which is hanging out between my lungs.

    Clearly I just need to watch Underworld again. That will solve all my problems.

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