2012 Hot 100: It’s Your Last Chance To Vote, Who’s Winning?

For this year’s 2012 Hot 100, we asked you to vote for the hottest queer ladies in the universe — famous ladies, non-famous ladies, ladies you sleep with every night, ladies you dream about during mid-day summer naps, ladies you write fan fiction about and so forth. The last day to vote is May 9th, so you better get on it!

If you’ve already voted, you cannot vote again, and perhaps I should also add that voting for the same person 9 times still counts as one vote, and we can see your IP address. That being said, I’d like to commend the supportive group of friends and lovers currently voting in excess for the undeniable hotness of amazing women like Emily Goldblum, Lily Yee, Carmen Rios and Queerie Bradshaw. Y’all are giving Intern Hot Laura a run for her money.

With 538 people having voted so far, I bet you’re all DYING TO KNOW who is presently in the lead! Well, luckily I have that answer…

I bet you’re so surprised you need another word for surprised, aren’t you?

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  1. I want to vote for “I bet you’re so surprised you need another word for surprised, aren’t you”

    Autostraddle you make my face so happy.

  2. How is whitney mixter on this list and not intern hot laura? The universe is protesting.

    • IFC is totes having her finger in the pie!
      (I had to google the translation of a german idiom for this and was pleasantly surprised to get such a fitting totally sexual sounding phrase.maybe it’s just me. and yes, I also laugh about penis jokes!)

  3. I’m glad to see my site post, Facebook blast and Twitter pleas have been heard. I think it’s because I bribed people with shots of me in a polka dot bra. (They can be found here btw, if you haven’t voted yet and need some bribing to add me to your list: http://www.queeriebradshaw.com/autostraddle-is-making-a-hot-100-lesbians-list-help-get-me-on-it/).

    Also, since you all have to vote for at least 5 people to submit your vote and get 10 people total, you should add Krista Burton of Effing Dykes blog and Vikki from the blog Up Popped a Fox. They’re also hot.

  4. I’m voting hard for former intern Elli! And derby girls (see all previous posts…Jackie Daniels, Hoosier Mama, and Maiden America).

  5. Hannah Hart > Shane !
    In the immortal words of Kit Porter: Damn, baby girl, damn

  6. Where in the heck is the love for Jenny Shimizu? She is a totally hot motorcycle riding badass and I’d vote for her 100 times!

  7. “i didn’t even know people were voting for me,” carmen said as she re-sent her pleaful facebook messages in private.

  8. Maybe the new episode of Carpool Confessional will convince you guys to make Tegan and Sara the first 2 people on this list :)

  9. Even though Rachel Maddow was not in my television machine yesterday, I feel like this list makes it okay. And by that I mean I’m having a lot of feelings and maybe I need to make some rainbow cupcakes to deal.

  10. “Megan Rapione” tho. D: D: D:

    The Autostraddle Managerettes edited this comment to make the gif show up. They would like it to be known that the comment references an earlier spelling error and that Anna is a smart human being who knows how to spell Rapinoe because she is a True Fan.

    • Well now you’ve gone and corrected it like a bunch of nice, responsible bloggers who pay attention to comments and I’m just the weirdo who can’t spell Megan Rapinoe. GEEZ.

  11. I just had a moment of shock and appall and outrage that neither Ruta Gedmintas nor Frankie Alan is currently in the top 15. And… then I remembered that Ruta isn’t real-life queer (WHY) and Frankie is fictional. At least I cleared that up before wasting votes on them.

  12. I don’t know why Nicole Pacent and Kate McKinnon are not on this list but I REALLY hope they make the top 100.

    It was really difficult to pick just 10 people but in the end I voted for the people I thought were hot/gorgeous/beautiful but I didn’t think would get a lot of votes. Oh, and Portia DeRossi and Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual. Because, well, I couldn’t NOT vote for them!

  13. I wonder did pinoe vote… and did pinoe vote for pinoe.. I think shes amazing enough to get away with voting for herself ha

  14. I hit accidentally hit enter in the middle of my voting ’cause I’m a genius. Anyway, I love that Maddow is number one right now.

    • yes, I totally did that too
      so not that i just voted for 7 ladies (I think) I also COULD NOT SPELL CHECK THE NAMES! I am so sorry Holy Miranda and Co.
      oh and talking about spell check …. it’s Sara ‘no H needed’ Quin

  15. on the topic of hot soccer players, I would like to remind people of Natasha Kai. and her hot tattoos. and her abs.

  16. I would also like to remind people of the androgynous hotness that is Hannah Blilie (drummer from The Gossip). Google image search her, you won’t be disappointed.

    Hmm, somehow that makes me sound super creepy.

    Also, because models are people too, check out Amanda Moore and Tasha Tilberg.

  17. so i can’t help noticing that all these ladies are white. that’s probably an indication of how much racial privilege is necessary to make success as an out woman (or indeed as a woman) possible in the entertainment industry, and thus to have a high-enough profile to win competitions like this, because all of the people on the list above are super-famous (ok, except sarah croce!); but come on! just a few women who are out and black that I think are hot: cheryl dunye, angela davis (god that woman is beautiful), natasha kai, jasper james (SO HOT), everyone in the brooklyn boihood calendar, painter julie mehretu. that’s off the top of my head. And hey, rihanna is bi!

    • I think you are right that it reflects how difficult it is to be successful for the non-privileged, but I think it also demonstrates how difficult it is (even for a minority community) to break from the concept of the white, cis, thin beauty ideal.

      I voted for Josephine Baker, Margaret Cho, May and April’s calendar girls among others.

      Also I didn’t know Rihanna is bi! I would have voted for her as well.

  18. As one of the overzealous Lily Ye fans, I must note that you have spelled her name wrong!

  19. Google : Maartje Paumen,elected the world’s best field hockey player,and in a relationship with one of her teammates.

  20. I think we are missing some hot lesbian models: Arizona Muse and Freja Beha Erichsen. Oh and love myself some Heather Peace from Lip Service.
    Tegan Quin Appreciation.

  21. i would like to know exactly how important it is to really use proper capitalisation when voting.. why are first letters of proper nouns so special huh huh?

    equality for all letters

  22. Bummer, I just tried to vote at 11:58pm EST on May 9th, but it said that voting had closed…Well, Megan Rapinoe and Rachel Maddow have my vote in spirit.

  23. Where are all the gingers?
    *must fakevote from all over the town to make the universe listen to me*

  24. Hahah, I was not expecting to see my name on this post at all! I kept reminding my friends to make sure they put other lesbians but I guess since they all live in holes and don’t know too many, they took the easy way out. I’m excited to see who the other 85 on the list are!

  25. ‘Sarah Quin’?

    Are you kidding me Autostraddle!?!?!?


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