2012 Autostraddle Hot 100: Vote For the Hottest Queer Ladies In The Galaxy

It’s Hot 100 Season again and boy is it getting hot in here! Anyhow, enough about the weather — every year, in the grand spirit of behemoth mega-sites like lad-mag Maxim and lesbo-favorite AfterEllen, we conduct a “Hot 100” situation right here on our website. However, our Hot 100 is not really like their Hot 100s. They essentially rank famous ladies of all orientations, whereas we change our mind every year about what/who, exactly, we’d like to rank.

In 2009, our Hot 100 ranked hot things like volcanoes, hot beef injections, chi hair irons, fire, the apocalypse, and Intern Hot Laura. In 2010, we asked you to submit photos of your own beautiful hot selves and/or friends and you came out in droves (once again, Intern Hot Laura was nominated/featured). Then in 2011, we asked you to submit photos of the beautiful ladies you fancy, such as Intern Hot Laura, and that also resulted in a lovely list.

Now it’s 2012 and we’re opening it up really wide, like thighs. This year we’d like you to vote for the hottest gay/bisexual ladies in the universe. This may very well be Leisha Hailey, Portia De Rossi or Julie Goldman — but it could also be your girlfriend, Miss April, or that cute girl on YouTube! (FYI, Intern Hot Laura is now Associate Editor Laura.) The only requirement is that your candidate is female-identified (cis or trans*, all are welcome!) and sexually oriented towards other female-identified persons.

It bears mentioning that “hot” doesn’t just mean “good looking” — it means a lot of things! Like smartness and talent and coolness and incredible recapping skills and being funny!

If you’re voting for your girlfriend or another non-famous person, you might ask yourself, “how on earth could my girlfriend beat Kate Moennig in this contest when my girlfriend isn’t famous?” Well, I guess that’s up to you and your girlfriend. I suggest an aggressive campaign.

We wholly encourage all of you out there — the famous, the semi-famous and the unknown — to rally the internet to vote for your beautiful beautiful self. If you’re an up-and-coming lady-blogger or queer pornstar, ask your fans to come over here and vote — and if you’re a passionate fangirl of a certain lesbian celeb, rally the troops for that, too. Got it? This is all about rallying, basically.


Here’s how voting works:

Click here to place your votes!

You will be asked to vote for 10 lady-identified persons, so choose carefully.

Each person is only allowed to vote ONCE.

You have until May 9th to vote, and then we’ll tally them, and then when we’re done tallying, we’ll announce the winners!

Ready? VOTE NOW!

[sidenote: you can only vote for one person once. voting ten times for the same person is one vote. otherwise, my mom could make me win in like two minutes]

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    • successfully as far as i am concerned,since i have placed you on my list that i am now compiling before voting.Mostly because i loved your train story (this is my probably not to subtle hint to finish it lol)

  1. currently over-analyzing my choices and trying to figure out what they may or may not say about me. I knew I should’ve just voted 10 Maddows.

  2. I think my campaign isn’t going to be geared towards winning so much as it is going to be geared towards being Hot Laura. And perhaps earning the nickname “Hotter Croce”

    Do you think I am asking too much?

    • Dear Diary,

      Guess who I am voting for Autostraddle’s Hot 100? It starts with “Sara” and ends with “good lord so hot uahagagagaga Croce”


      • PS: It’s spelled “Sarah” I was too busy drooling to correctly spell that out.


    • you guys, if sarah croce goes for the pity angle by telling you all about how i very gently caressed her face at camp, don’t believe her.

    • Hah, I read the voting rules and was immediately like “damn, what is the name of that girl in unicorn plan-it?”. Now I know….

      Hi…*shy face*

  3. I made the best hair list. I want on the Hot 100 list. I’m very excited about this campaign I’m going to run to make it on there. I’m thinking there will be pictures of myself in very little clothing. Or lots of cute clothing. Pretty much going all narcissistic on this one with lots of hot photos.

  4. A vote for me is a vote for…well, let’s be honest, it’s just a vote taken away from Hot Laura. But a gay can dream, right?

    • A vote for me is a vote for cute alternative lifestyle hair and gluten free cupcakes with nutella swiss meringue buttercream.

  5. i would bet real money that the entire a-camp staff makes the final list. it wouldn’t be right any other way.

  6. My votes:

    Erin McKeown
    Ellen Page
    Katie Sketch
    Elly Jackson (La Roux)
    Ani Difranco
    Andrea Gibson
    Tegan Quinn
    Sara Quinn
    Freja Beha Erichsen
    Jane Lynch

      • Nope, she’s not straight but she’s not gay either.
        She says, “I don’t have a sexuality. I don’t feel like I’m female or male. I don’t belong to the gay or straight society, if there is such a thing. I feel like I’m capable of falling in love with other people. I’m not saying I’m bisexual, I’m just sexual!”

      • Reasons why I hope La Roux/Elly Jackson doesn’t make it on the Hot 100:

        “I think you attract a certain kind of man by dressing like that. Women wonder why they get beaten up, or having relationships with arsehole men. Because you attracted one, you twat.”
        -Interview w/ The Quietus

        “Girls look a bit stupid playing electric guitar and drums. It suits blokes better. But girls look wicked playing synths. When they play drums or whatever, it looks a bit butch. I hope that doesn’t sound anti-feminist.”
        -The Guardian

        “I’m still going to listen to Gary Glitter’s records even though he’s a kiddie-fiddler,”
        -The Guardian

    • pretty sure Ellen Page has never said she’s queer
      I don’t think wishful thinking counts
      correct me if I’m wrong tho

  7. PSA: Jiz Lee is genderqueer, so, sadly not eligible, although they are definitely in first place for Hottest Genderqueer Person In The Galaxy.

    • Um, no. Pretty sure that “Fuck-me-with-a-strap-on-Lizz” will get plenty of votes.

  8. I want to vote for all the A-team but there is like 35 of you! Argh how’m I supposed to pick?

  9. whoa…this is so overwhelming. i might just vote brandy howard the love of my life 10 times so i don’t have to make choices.

  10. half of me wants to fill this with hot a.s. staff (heh) the other half wants to fill it with hot soccer players….guys, if only you knew about ali b kreiger

    even her bored face is cuuuuuutttttteeeeee

    just go on without me

  11. … … … … … do fictional characters count? Because Alike is definitely my dream girl.

    Also Tasha.

    Neither one of these actresses is actually gay. T.T

  12. AWESOME IDEA GUYS! it’ll take me a week to come up with my 10, but I’m totally voting.

  13. I totally unabashedly and unashamedly voted for myself. Because I AM NOT MY HAIR DAMMIT BUT MY HAIR HELPS TO MAKE ME SO FUCKING SEXSI.


  14. Crap, wait a second… I forgot to write Giorgia Bronzini! Damn. I mean I’m not sure if she’s actually queer but she’s real cute and if anyone can read Italian and find if there are any interviews where she discusses her sexuality I’d love you forever.
    Also, can I vote for Megan McCormick 9 times? Because I really want to go back and do that.

  15. Oh, Sexually Croce is definitely going on my list! Her, Harto, Hot (editor) Laura, Riese, Marni, Carmen, Gaby, Katrina, of course my lady Sugah…….. So is it obvious that you ladies had an impact on me. Everyone at A-camp was just so smokin!

  16. i want to vote for my whole a-camp cabin. as like, one intimately smashed together entity

  17. I voted after changing my mind at least a dozen times for the following ten

    1/Heather Peace
    2/Simone Laudehr (German soccer player)
    3/Jessica Landström (Swedish soccer player)
    4/Hannah Hart
    5/Traci Dinwiddie
    6/Taylor (as announced,lol)
    7/Ashleigh Sumner
    8/Erin Foley
    9/Bridget Hausman
    10/Brandi Carlile

  18. haven’t voted yet but i’m sure my list is gonna look something like this:

    1) The Blue Shark
    2) Robin but only if she’s wearing the Captain’s hat.
    3) Carlymeme
    4) Brandy because she’s fucking BRANDY
    5) The shaved side of my head
    6) Azaelia Banks
    7) Your Mom
    8) The Virgin Mary
    9) Jessie J
    10) Betty White (cuz old b*tches need love too)

  19. i just saw julie goldman’s comedy show at carnegie mellon university and laughed maniacally the ENTIRE time. i fell in love. and was way too scared to get a picture taken with her though i REALLY WANTED TO SO BAD. julie goldman might get all my votes. maybe one for jessie j.

  20. Can we please please vote for the Autostraddle staff as one mashed together super-human? Because that’s what I’m doing anyway, I can’t pick.

  21. My Votes:
    1 – Rachel Maddow
    3 – Kate Moennig
    4 – Michelle Rodriguez
    5 – Jodie Foster
    6 – Jillian Michaels
    7 – Jessica Clark
    8 – Heather Peace
    9 – Portia de Rossi DeGeneres
    10- Ellen DeGeneres

    My question is about closeted ladies: Is it valid to vote for Kate Moennig and Michelle Rodriguez? If not please add Associate Editor Laura and Jessie J to the list ;)

  22. VOTE FOR ROLLER DERBY GIRLS. There are plenty that are hot and queer and just all around amazing people. Myself and former Intern Elli will be doing such! But here are some of my suggestions.

    Jackie Daniels (Rachel “Jackie Daniels” Bockheim). Skates for the Windy City Rollers. SHE CLOCKED ELLEN PAGE IN WHIP IT. SHE HAS COME CLOSER TO GLORY THAN MOST OF US EVER WILL. Also, she’s an amazing skater, super nice, and has the world’s most amazing ass.

    She’s a Riedell Superstar! http://www.roller.riedellskates.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductName=JackieDaniels
    This is her with Swede Hurt from Gotham, tell me you don’t love that stomach and that gold bikini top. Oh yeah. http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs158.snc4/37245_420831309617_562519617_4109430_6902444_n.jpg

    Missy “Maiden America” Smith–skates for the Naptown Rollergirls in Indianapolis. Adorable queer. Has the cutest smile and when off skates, wears a nerdy stars and stripes fanny pack. I asked her to be my derby wife once. I think she said yes. I’m not sure. I think saying “I don’t have a derby wife!” and accepting the “be my derby wife” pin I handed her counts.


    Last but not least, Erica “Hoosier Mama” Jones. Skates for Windy City with Jackie Daniels. Once rolled down the window while I was walking to an afterparty and told me to get in the car (I asked if she had candy, and she did not). Sincerely awesome and has the world’s best tattoo (Skate or Die across the top of her chest!) Also, there’s a delightfully compromising photo of her with Rachel who went to A camp (actually you guys should probably vote for Rachel too, if you met her, as she is awesome. Or even if you haven’t).

    Inappropriate Rachel and Hoosier are inappropriate. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/420433_2762123849026_1135710259_32307984_1325381363_n.jpg

  23. So Hannah Hart is going to be number one? You can’t not love her, she’s just perfect in every way. Oh Harto…marry me please.

  24. Can you vote for them if they’re in the ‘glass closet’ or do they have to be totally confirmed?

  25. I have my first final tomorrow morning, so ~of ~course this is the perfect time to vote.
    Sara “Jawline” Quin, Tegan “Tattoos” Quin, and Clea “that bar scene in But I’m A Cheerleader; girl, get it” DuVall top my list! (seriously, that outfit she’s got on when they sneak out is my favorite part of the movie. Who needs buttons?)

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