The Official 2011 Autostraddle Hot 100: Real Gay Ladies

Hi! Welcome to the 2011 Autostraddle Hot 100, in which 247 of you send us photos of your hot friend/girlfriend/etc and we decide if they’re cute or not. JUST KIDDING! We think all of you are cute, we cannot judge such a thing. How did we pick 100 Hot Ladies this year? You may never know. Was it out of a hat? Was it “100 girls left once we eliminated all the low-resolution photos or photos of people cut out from photos of other people?” Was it a blind taste test? Or did we have Intern Grace write your names on tiny rubber ducks, throw them in a duck pond, and then see which ones the dog dragged to shore?

Mysteries, ladies, mysteries.

[there was a heavy emphasis on quality/composition/resolution of the photographs themselves, and also a hat with names in it]

One quick note: This year our original idea was to highlight 100 internet-famous/lesbian-famous people in the Hot 100 — not “celebrities” necessarily, but REAL PEOPLE we actually know/have interviewed who are just as real as you and me and are also doing kickass things you should know about. You know — up-and-coming writers, bloggers, musicians, thinkers & comedians near/dear to our tiny hearts.

Although the intent would be to give you “real people” whose awesomeness we’ve witnessed first-hand (rather than from our couch staring at the teeevee), we worried it might be interpreted as cliquey. SO we ended up scratching that idea in favor of having you submit your hot friends, but in honor of that OG idea we’ve included 20 of our “real” ladies-to-watch on this very list.

Autostraddle picks are conveniently labeled in GREEN.


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2011 Autostraddle Hot 100

Real Queer Girls





1. Ab, 17. Bedford, UK.

College Student

Submitted by: Katie, her best friend

“She’s a very intelligent, the funniest person I know, kind, morally sound and considerate. Last christmas, she spent her day at a homeless shelter to give back, and for her birthday, she asked her friends to sign her up to charities instead of gifts!


2. Aimee, 21. Adelaide, Australia

Seller of Homewares / “Collector of Awesome Things”

Submitted by: Gem, her best friend/girlfriend/lover/housemate/all-round-goodness

“Kind, unpredictable, funny, generous and makes the best vegetarian lasagna EVER. Seriously, I can show you pictures that would make you drool.”


3. Allison, 20. Michigan.

College Student

Submitted by: Amber, her cousin

“Ladies, if Al’s shoulder tattoos and medusa piercing isn’t enough to get you hooked, I don’t know what is. Maybe her hair? Yeah, probably her hair … She’s just looking for someone to walk her puppy with and that will let her braid their hair.”


4. Allison Weiss, 23. Brooklyn, NY

musician: Allison Weiss Tumblr

Autostraddle Pick


Allison Weiss writes catchy songs about her feelings and plays them for audiences all around the USA. She loves pizza and loves you.”



5. Alys, 28. Orange County, CA

DJ & Grad Student

Submitted by: Alice, a friend

“She’s studying how to predict and prevent droughts using satellite imaging of underground water supplies! Also, she gets the party started.”


6. Amber, 18. Detroit, MI

High School Student / “Shampoo Girl”

Submitted by: Allison, her cousin and best friend

“I just asked her why she was hot and she said ‘because it’s fucking hot as hell in here’… I’ve known her since she was born and she has been a crazy bitch all her life and the funniest girl I have ever met. She also won Homecoming queen in a school where she’s a minority and can rap all of “A Milli” by Lil Wayne. When she grows up, she wants to be Riese Bernard. She’d kill me if she knew I was writing this.”


7. Amy Jackson-Lewis, 25. NYC

Actress, Anyone But Me

photo by crystal gwyn

Autostraddle Pick


8. Andrea, 22. Germany.

Architecture Student

Submitted by: Rebecca, her love

“She’s hot because she makes me take off all of my clothes.”


9. Andrea Wing. Vancouver, Canada

Founder & CEO of Busk Films


Autostraddle Pick


read our article about Busk Films


10.  Anna Margarita Albelo aka LA CHOCHA


Autostraddle Pick


You may remember this filmmaker from her cameo on The Real L Word Season One, in which she attended a creamed corn wrestling match dressed as a vagina. Check out anna’s website for more of her prolific assortment of work.


11. Annie, 25. Brooklyn, NY


Submitted by: Caitlin, her wife/best friend

“Besides being devastatingly sexy, she actually believes she isn’t worth all the attention people lavish on her. I lavish her with lots.”


12. Annie, 28. Minneapolis, MN

High School Teacher / Barista / Biochemical Engineer

Submitted by: Andrea, her partner

“She’s really fucking smart. And funny. And giving in her heart and soul towards family, friends and the world- she’s an amazing organizer who’s done great environmental and political campaigns. And just look at her!”


13. Anya, 25. Washington DC

Grad Student

Submitted by: Brigid, her best friend

“She is hot because she is confident, super brilliant and a great friend!”


14. Araeah, 21. Dallas, TX

Student / Waitress

Submitted by: NyJa, her sibling


15. Arri, 22. UK.

Graphics Student

Submitted by: M.D., “first timer”

“She’s hot because I know how fiercely loyal she is, how unconscious of her own beauty she is, and how her grin captivates people without her even realizing.”


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  1. 0

    pretty damn great hot 100!

    all of these women make me want to be a better person. this is so much better than having spontaneous body issues. 😉

    also: VIKKI! =)

  2. 0

    Based on findings from last year and this year, I conclude that if you’re called Emily and have a friend called Alice, the likelihood of you appearing on an Autostraddle Hot 100 list is 99.99%

  3. 0

    There are lesbians in Thunder Bay?! Thank the lord. I might be moving there next year and last time I was there I couldn’t find any.

  4. 0

    Jebus, do you know what would be terrible….not being a lesbian, because being a woman who gets to fancy and date and love and be with other women is the absolute best thing in the world, and looking at all these beautiful and happy queer women from all over the world reminds me of this! 😀 Congrats on making the list ladies. 🙂

  5. 0

    Awww, number 44 Hayley likes all the things I do…I’m glad to know I’m not the only girl re-watching generation two of Skins and staring at Ellen Page A LOT!

  6. 0

    My second thought after ‘yay hot women’ was ‘There are other people from Adelaide here!?’. Excellent work, AS, excellent work.

  7. 0

    This happened two days ago:

    *at Allison Weiss concert*

    “Heyyyy why aren’t you on Autostraddle yet?!”-me
    “I don’t know!”-AW
    “You should get on that, because they need you there!”-also me

    *bam hot 100*

    [this may be a less awkward paraphrase of the actual discourse]

    • 0

      stay calm and carry on…looking at beautiful women.

      wow. thank you, AS. thank you everyone who submitted photos. this is almost as good/cute as the prom gallery. 🙂

  8. 0

    I spy a rugby player. Wonder if she plays union. And what position. Clearly a back, maybe flyhalf.

    Scrolling through the list and assigning people rugby positions in my head. I think there’s a lesbian jock quota I’m exceeding.

  9. 0

    Can I add that while I normally find Julie Goldman hot as fuck, that picture of her with bloody hands is seriously disturbing me.

  10. 0

    Also, thank you for posting all of these on 7 pages and not 40 effing pages. It’s so obnoxious when there’s only like three pictures a page.

  11. 0

    wow – no# 11 is just wow – cute/sexy/hot all rolled into one
    lucky girl who married her

  12. 0

    $10 says that #70 Liz is not wearing pants in that picture.

    There’s that evil gleam in both their eyes. I know that gleam.

  13. 0

    hot tot tot tot tot ! you ladies are all wonderfully gorgeous and sooo talented! 😀 im sold! 😀 this is awesome!

  14. 0

    This is so nice, so uplifting. What a lovely community of real people. Go Autostraddle. It gets bettah with you all the time.

  15. 0

    That is a lot of hotness…until that last one. ha. In all seriousness, this is the sort of list that should give us all hope. Look at everyone out there doing!

  16. 0

    this list makes me really happy because its basically 100 pictures of different kinds of beauty
    and THAT is hot

  17. 0

    WHOOOOOOO!!!!! My Lesbian Husband made it on here! She’s famous and therefore, I’m famous by relation! I always told her she’s hot stuff

  18. 0

    Also, can I just say how super excited I am that there are two New Zealanders on this? Because I am. Super excited. WE ARE COOL NOW, NZ.

    • 0

      I was also excited that there were two NZers on the list and one of them was pictured with lots of sheep, which is a pretty accurate representation of NZ.

  19. 0

    ack! how did durham not make the list? i’ll be sure to submit my friends next go ’round. lots of hotties here. 😀

  20. 0

    My most commonly used nickname is V, and I am totez amused I share that name with a hot girl ;D

    Also, #1. Ab. Let’s be best friends. Please? I live in the county next to yours and we’re like the same age and I want to hug you. *cough*

      • 0

        I’m from Hertfordshire meself ^^

        Ah, I know! There seems to be a distinct lack of otherwise-inclined ladies in the home counties, disappointingly </3

  21. 0

    This is unrelated, but I had a dream that night that, for some reason, my picture was posted on Autostraddle and my co-worker saw it and that is how we came out to each other (her seeing me on Autostraddle, her visiting Autostraddle). I am pretty sure she is gay and I think she probably thinks I’m gay but we’ve never actually openly said it to each other. I don’t know what the dream means. Maybe I should open our next conversation with “So, how tasty is vagina?” Good plan, yes?

  22. 0

    Aside from all the hotness, the Australian in me loves that the New Zealander is listed as a “Sheep Caretaker Extraordinaire”. Gold.

    Also, this list is too much to take in just one sitting, I think I am going to need to revisit… and revisit…

  23. 0

    Thanks Auto girlzzz!
    I love you and unicorns love you!
    We’re SO close to getting going!
    This list is amazing, love love love it.
    And the girl who has the same birthday as poe, you also have the same bday as brandi howard, crystal, and yours truly. #january19holler

  24. 0

    Ok now, I wouldn’t be a wingwoman if I didn’t ask…

    Who in Ontario is interested in my buddy, Hayley (#44)?!

    Contact me because I guess I’m her agent now 🙂

  25. 0

    Allison Weiss! I learned about her when she did a Bomb the Music Industry! cover way back in the day. She is hot because she loves Bomb. 100% of people should be listening to Bomb.

    Brianna, 19: I LOVE that your mom submitted you. You are beautiful (gingers FTW) and I bet your mom is as awesome as you.

    Emily, 20: I know this list isn’t about picking favorites, but I think you are my favorite. I would like to be your bro.

    Janet, 23: Cutie in a leather jacket with a dog. You can officiate my peace anytime.

    Intern Laura: I totally get it.

    Leilani, 27: IS THAT A SPACESHIP OR A SUBMARINE. I don’t know which would be cooler.

    Megan, 20: ZOMFG REDHEAD. (I think my obsessive Doctor Who viewing is giving me a thing for redheads because of Donna and Amy Pond.) Also ZOMFG CAT. You seem fun and awesome.

    V, 29: Broodingly hot. You remind me of Christina Ricci with freckles.

    EVERYONE: I love seeing all these queer chicks with different jobs and looks, and hometowns. Sometimes I feel like gays only live in New York or San Francisco, but this list gives me hope that I could run into a cool, sexy queer lady anywhere at any time. Thank you, Autostraddle!

  26. 0

    #90 here.

    I feel like maybe the Southern lesbians are too busy drinking beer on their porches, otherwise I wouldn’t be the only one on the list. Anyone from Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia?

  27. 0

    Oh yay! Hi, I’m #32! Hahaha, no wonder my partner was being weird all over Autostraddle for the last week. Also, I think I’m gonna go ahead and take my partner’s typo as a compliment. Because, you know, publicly I’m actually a Sexual Health Educator, not a Sexual Educator, mmkay?

  28. 0

    #80’s friend should have submitted a different pic! Homegirl is a teacher on the public internets with a beer and “ready to party” face. Not safe. No. No. School districts can be hella strict.

  29. 0

    HOT 100! This was the best surprise this morning. (Hi, late to party, as always.) Thanks for picking me and for putting together something truly amazing for our community to enjoy and drool and skwee over!

  30. 0

    This Hot 100 made me have feelings.

    Such as: A) I cannot wait to get to D.C. and start dating in a real lesbian community (I reserve the right to change that sentiment after actually dating for six months). B) I need to be friends with someone named Alice. C) Autostraddlers are HAWT.

  31. 0

    Sooooo happy to see someone representing from little Charlottesville, VA on here! Fantastic! (It’s so hard to meet gay girls in that small town…)
    Great hot 100, thanks AS!!

  32. 0

    Donny loves Dylan, and i love that we are right next to each other on this list. Although you are always number 1 with me!

  33. 0

    Hello. I have just learned about this website and its 2011 Hot 100 list from a comment on AfterEllen’s 2011 Hot 100 list. I decided to check it out, I like the uniqueness with having average individuals not celebrities. However, a lot of these individuals look similar in appearance. I want more diversity and various appearances. Continue with this list in the future because it is more realistic than AE’s Hot 100. 🙂

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  35. 0

    Kinda wished for a real ‘real gay ladies’ list… I know a couple on this who are ‘gay’ for the fun of it but still get it off with men on the side. Which kind of pisses me off that they have been listed as a real gay lady. I know hotter REAL gay ladies. Silly list really.

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  37. 0

    Can you do this more than once a year? I’m still bitter that my gf and I missed the deadline on this one! 🙁

    (not that I’m a shoo in, but I wanna submit sooner than 11 months from now!)

  38. 0

    Jincey Lumpkin’s Juicy Pink Box is really the best REAL lesbian porn out there. Glad she made it into the list 🙂

  39. 0

    Man, I bet half of these girls aren’t even gay for God’s sake and don’t even know they are on here. I know for certain one definitely isn’t.

    • 0

      Just, I don’t know, FYI?

      You never know for certain if someone is any sort of kind of genre of degree of queer.

      I mean, some people don’t even know that they are gay themselves.

      And even if a cisgendered female -bodied person is dating a transgendered/cisgendered/male-identified person, if they feel as if they are gay/queer/whatever, that’s their own damn thing, yeah?

      Nobody has the right to play homopolice. We’re not an exclusive club or anything. We don’t need bouncers.

      • 0

        Lol, that’s a lot of complicated words to describe a girl going out with a guy. Sorry if I came across as homopolice, that was last on my objectives trust me. In fact you actually kind of proved my point. If a girl is uploaded on here without their knowing by someone, how does that person know they belong on the “real” gay list? Isn’t that kind of presumptuous?

  40. 0

    I skipped this for awhile cause I am tired of ‘top 100 hottest etc etc’, but the realness of this group of lovlies was actually refreshing!
    Also, fyi I am 60, read, and comment!

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