The Official 2011 Autostraddle Hot 100: Real Gay Ladies

87. Rosanna, 21. The UK

Art Student

Submitted by: Kirsten, her girlfriend

“She goes out running and lets me stay in bed and nap. Look how cute she is! She doesn’t normally wear bows. This is for an ‘Alice and Wonderland party.’ She was ‘Edwardian-hot.'”


88. Sahara Davenport & Manila Luzonara, “Forever Young”

“Drag, Dahling. They LIVE!”

Nominated by: Robin & Carly, these two are “Carly’s buddies from RuPaul’s Drag Race”

“Having worked with both of them I can say that they’re not only very hot, but super-sweet and amazing performers and I love them. They’re our favorite lesbian couple.”


89. Sierra, 24. Mississippi

Animal Hospital Nurse

Submitted by: Emily, her charming girlfriend

“She has two unicorn-themed tattoos and is a wizard at acrostic poetry, limericks and impromptu ad-libs. She dressed as a mussel (Hulk Hogan muscle suit) for an under the sea party. She has a large collection of sexy sparklepants and saw The Spice Girls live. Sierra is hotter than McDonald’s coffee in the 90s.”


90. Sophia, 19. Atlanta, GA

Barista / Student / Chapstick Connoisseur / Sassy Lady

Submitted by: Dohyun, her self-appointed Gaysian, “and also we will be getting married if we are both still single at 28, just to find a loophole in the whole gay marriage thing. What’s gayer than a lesbian and a gay man UNITED FOREVER BEFORE THE EYES OF GOD?”

“She’s possibly more loyal than your dog, and I’ve never seen her angry, except this one time where she exclaimed how she’d never been so mad and dealt with it by cutting a stack of coupons with scissors. She also secretly leaves $80.00 tips and large sums of money in peoples’ bags/coats and thinks nobody notices.”


91. Skinneh B. Jones. San Francisco, CA.


Autostraddle Pick



92. Stephanie, 27. Costa Rica.

Graphic Artist / Author/ “Professional Liver-in-the-Winder”

Submitted by: Jordan, her “girlfriend-in-limbo”

“She puts words together like I’ve never seen and still believes in the whole picket-fence style true love… and she fucking goes running in the jungle. Wtf?!”


93. Sinclair Sexsmith. NYC

Writer, Sugarbutch

Autostraddle Pick


SINCLAIR SEXSMITH is the author of Sugarbutch Chronicles: The Sex, Gender, and Relationship Adventures of a Kinky Queer Butch Top, is published in books, writes all over the internet and is the coordinator for women’s programs at the Body Electric School.


94. Tiffany, 20. New York, NY

Writer / Composer / Lyricist

Submitted by: Jessica, her ex-girlfriend

“Her personality is infectious in the best way, and she can make anyone laugh in a heartbeat. I know she is going to change the world someday.”


95. Tori, 21. Massachusetts

Sexual Health Educator

Submitted by: Saskia, her girlfriend

“She knows more about vulvas than anyone I’ve ever met.”


96. Tully, 23. Sydney, Australia

Model / “Works in Advertising”

Submitted by: Stef, her ex-girlfriend

“Stacks of Twinkies follow her on Tumblr. Also has a great rack?”


97. Unicorn Plan-It

Actresses Haviland Stillwell, Sarah Croce & Ashley Reed

Autostraddle Pick


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98. V, 29. Cambridge, MA

Grad Student

Submitted by: Carrie, her girlfriend

“She recently tried to kill a spider with a fencing foil.”

99. Vikkel, 25. Toronto, CA

Computer Programmer / Cook / Student

Submitted by: Julie, her girlfriend

“Vikkel has a heart of gold, parties like it’s her job and makes a mean soy burger. The icing on the cake: This girl can longboard.”


100. Vikki. Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Autostraddle Pick


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    • Just, I don’t know, FYI?

      You never know for certain if someone is any sort of kind of genre of degree of queer.

      I mean, some people don’t even know that they are gay themselves.

      And even if a cisgendered female -bodied person is dating a transgendered/cisgendered/male-identified person, if they feel as if they are gay/queer/whatever, that’s their own damn thing, yeah?

      Nobody has the right to play homopolice. We’re not an exclusive club or anything. We don’t need bouncers.

      • Lol, that’s a lot of complicated words to describe a girl going out with a guy. Sorry if I came across as homopolice, that was last on my objectives trust me. In fact you actually kind of proved my point. If a girl is uploaded on here without their knowing by someone, how does that person know they belong on the “real” gay list? Isn’t that kind of presumptuous?

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