Real L Word Season 2 Behind the Scenes: Sex, Sex & Rock n’ Roll

It’s that time of year again! Are you ready to buckle down and embark on our incessant coverage of everybody’s [nobody’s?] favorite lesbo reality crazy train? Either way, Showtime has begun rolling out the promos for Season Two of The Real L Word in advance of the premiere on Sunday, June 5th and  Mama Chaiken proudly declares that this season is “very much about identity and figuring out what life is about.” And, according to the Behind the Scenes, LA life is very much about hot lesbian sex. Aside from focusing on Whitney‘s relationship with Sara, here’s a taste of what to expect from the new cast members, with occasional insight from the clam mistress herself:


Whitney: “Oy, what can I tell you about Sara? Can somebody tell me something about Sara, cause I’d love to find out the real deal.”



Francine (right) to Claire (left): “You want your cake and to eat it too.”



Whitney: “I love Romi, but damnnnn.”



Sajdah: “I really like this girl. I’m crazy attracted to her. I met her yesterday!”



Kacy (left) + Cori (right): “I’m not comfortable making our baby with a butt douche.”




Ilene Chaiken: “This season we’re constantly surprised and delighted… and appalled.”


So, who among us is turned on, appalled or running to set their DVR for June 5th? Whose storyline are you most excited to see play out?

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  1. I really think Season 2 of the Real L Word is going to do wonders for lesbian visibility. A deep, thought provoking study of queer women struggling to find their place in a heterosexist society. It’s the “If These Walls Could Talk 2” of 2011.

  2. did everyone see robin taking photos of francine in that promo i bet you did
    i’ve never seen a producer narrating a promo for a reality show before! what an interesting choice! ilene just loves to break boundaries!

  3. OK, I don’t know Romi, but what an awful thing to say about her: “I love Romi, but damnnnn.” I am just saying that the Whitney they put on TV is no better except she gets to pass judgement about others because it is now the Whitney show? Whatever. I don’t know why the gay on gay judgement gets to me. I mostly blame ilene.

      • I’ve been searching and just could not find it! I’ve typed in various lyrics (in quotes, no less!) and nada, thus far.

        I’m way into blues rock, the good kind that make you want to drink smoke howl at the mooon with a lovely lady by your side :) and that exactly what this singer puts down.

        If you come up with somethin, lemme know!

  4. Wow it’s really weird to see people you’ve met in real life on TV all of a sudden. I met Claire a few years ago at some lesbo party in NYC, and she was there with Francine but they had some huge fight which was awkward for everyone. Claire is totally stunning though, and has a super sexy voice.

    • You’re not the only one. I felt creepy just watching a few of the scenes in this promo! Like that one shot of that one woman (Francine? Is that her name?) where she was laying in bed and it looked like she was masturbating to internet porn? AWKWARD!

  5. My thoughts on this promo:

    1. That singer (Sophia?) is AWESOME! Super awesome and also hot. And has great shoes.

    2. Girl butts! So cute!

    3. I don’t have Showtime and after seeing this promo…I still don’t care that I don’t have Showtime. Meh.

  6. I really think Ilene Chaiken should give Autostraddle more credit/love. Honestly, the only reason me and my partner are going to tune in for that is so we can check the recaps here and laugh.
    Basically, AS is giving The Real L Word 2 a bunch of views.
    Where is the love now, IC?!

  7. I have so many hopes for the new characters (wait, why am I saying characters? – oh yes, I remember, because IC will script the hell out of everything). We got rid of skinny/beautiful and anorexic. There is no more wherethef*ckareallthegoodmodelsinLAI’msuchatoughbusinessdudedon’tf*ckwithme plus chewing gum on high heels. And the butchest femme in the universe a.k.a. Papi is out. Let’s cross our fingers and pray for a little realness in these characters. Hopefully there will be some sort of replacement for Stracey.

  8. Wow…

    When an artist/producer of a product can shock, disgust, make you angry or really propagate any condition in the array of human emotion, they’ve done a great job. Of course, there’s always an ethical limit.

    Looks even dirtier than before. Bring on the entertainment. I’m watching.

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