Rachel’s Team Pick: Feminist iPhone Apps

You know when you’re sitting on the bus and the dude next to you whips out his iPhone and is all up on, like, the “Objectify Women And Then Earn More Than Them In The Workplace For Doing The Same Job” app? Because somehow there are like a lot of those somehow? Bitch Magazine has some apps that you can open up passive-aggressively next to them, because they are awesome and also For The Ladies! (Aside from period tracker apps, obvs, which are also like the best. Bitch recommends Period Tracker for iPhone, and My Period & Ovulation is apparently well-reviewed for Android.) Of particular interest may be The Gay History Project app.


Enjoy! People without smartphones: sorry!


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        Damn you beat me to it, I was all ready to go all CAPS LOCK ANDROID ANGRY, but now I’ll just sit back and wait for Taylor to tell me what to download. (btw Alarm Clock Plus, which you rec’d to someone on Formspring is THE. GREATEST. ALARM CLOCK APP. EVER. Thankyou.

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    An iPhone app to track my period? There truly is an app for everything. Not sure I need to use my phone to keep up with my lady biz though.

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    I have the iPeriod app and it’s pretty great. It has calendars and you can track moods/feelings, etc. You can also get a moon calendar app to keep track of your period & sync it to the moon!

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      I concur! There’s some sketchy thing that used to come up on the Android Market search for an app that claimed to be AS related but it never worked for me and probably infected my phone w/some horrible interwebs disease.

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