The Official 2011 Autostraddle Hot 100: Real Gay Ladies

16. Ashleigh, 22. New Zealand.

“Helps Gardens Grow”

Submitted by: Lindsay, her girlfriend

“Your broccoli and tomatoes will never be the same.”


17. Bevin Branlandingham


Autostraddle Pick


“Bevin is a lawyering, happy-to-tell-you-she’s-31-year-old who lives in Brooklyn, but really that’s just the boring stuff. She works at Re/Dress a plus size vintage shop, runs a blog, has a podcast, performs drag, comedy, burlesque, aspires to having her own talk show and is generally an ultra-rad warrior for self-acceptance.” (source)


18. Bonnie, 18. Roanoke, VA

Student / “Works in an Ice Cream Shop”

Submitted by: Romi, her best friend

“She won’t kill weeds in her yard because she feels bad … Bonnie aspires to be a surgeon AND tattoo artist. Her plan is to finish med school and then open a tattoo shop while she’s finishes her residency in a nearby hospital.”


19. Brianna, 19. Mesa, AZ

Student / Receptionist

Submitted by: Andrea, her mom

“She is ‘hot’ because of her sense of humor, her love of animals and her drive to be an amazing young woman. Brianna doesn’t try to impress people. She just has a very natural beauty.”


20. Brooklyn Boihood’s Genesis & Ryann

Brooklyn Boihood

Autostraddle Pick

Read our interview with Brooklyn Boihood and spend the afternoon on their website.


21. Bry, 18.

“Likes Cats”



22. Caitlin, 25. Brooklyn, NY.

Musician / DJ / Bartender

Submitted by: Annie, her wife

” She’s a hot rockstar and a huge lezbo.

Check her music and upcoming shows at:

23. Caito, 20s. San Antonio, TX


Submitted by: EK, her “Internet buddy”

“So comfortable with their gender-queerness… boiish good looks, big brown eyes.”


24. Camila, 19. White Plains, NY


Submitted by: Griselle, her sister

“Juggles pre-med studies with rugby, and squeezes her art minor in when she can. She aspires to be a neurologist. Girls literally fall to her feet.”


25. Carolina, 28. Chicago, IL.

Graduate Student

Submitted by: Emily, her partner

“Her intelligence, the fierceness in the way she loves, her ‘muchness,’ her commitment to enthusiastic consent, the curve of her cheek, her willingness to be wrong, to be vulnerable and to grow always, her feminism, her gorgeous eyes, her acceptance of people’s self-definitions and her deep belief in the importance of playing in the rain.”


26. Casey, 21. Narberth, PA

Drummer / Student

Submitted by: Marisa, her longtime lover

“Beats and effortless charmmm.”


27. Chrissy, 25. Brooklyn, NY


Submitted by: Tamara, her sister and friend

“She is the most self-aware, world-conscious, empathetic person I know. And she can shake those hips. And she will send you poems when you are happy or sad.”


28. Christina, 19. Minnesota.

Submitted by: Sarah, her girlfriend

“She plays the harp and lived on a farm.”


29. Ciara, 23. Eagle Rock, CA

Sells Sunglasses / Artist / Writer

Submitted by: Emily, her soulmate

“Her hair smells like sugar plums … She has an endless passion for protecting the earth, animals and humans. She rescues animals minus the animal hoarding mentality. And she is never without her reusable bag and coffee mug.”


30. Claire, 29. Montpelier, VT


Submitted by: Alice, a friend


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    • Just, I don’t know, FYI?

      You never know for certain if someone is any sort of kind of genre of degree of queer.

      I mean, some people don’t even know that they are gay themselves.

      And even if a cisgendered female -bodied person is dating a transgendered/cisgendered/male-identified person, if they feel as if they are gay/queer/whatever, that’s their own damn thing, yeah?

      Nobody has the right to play homopolice. We’re not an exclusive club or anything. We don’t need bouncers.

      • Lol, that’s a lot of complicated words to describe a girl going out with a guy. Sorry if I came across as homopolice, that was last on my objectives trust me. In fact you actually kind of proved my point. If a girl is uploaded on here without their knowing by someone, how does that person know they belong on the “real” gay list? Isn’t that kind of presumptuous?

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