The Autostraddle Insider: Issue 24, June 2016

Letter From Your Editors
Hello Friends,

Look at these hot feet!

It's our annual week-long staff "retreat," which this year is being held not in Big Bear as per usual but right here in Michigan, where I live. Because we're being ECONOMICAL.

As I write this, Laneia is asleep on the couch with a Gal Pal hoodie over her head, Heather's asleep on an air mattress in my office wearing a sleep mask and Yvonne and Rachel are two peas in a mattress-shaped pod in the guest room. Probably the sunlight would wake everybody up but it won't 'cause there's these huge pieces of paper covered in story ideas on every window. There's something terribly wrong with the plumbing in my house, and also with my car, and also with our internet connecti...

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