Have the Coolest Father’s Day With Our Cool Dads

Happy Father's Day! Following the theme of our Coolest Mother's Day scrapbook, we gathered photos of our dads / dad-figures from way back when they either didn't know us yet or we barely knew them. Either way, they sure are some hip, hip guys, and we love them more than our hearts can hold! Thanks for every single thing forever, dad people.
Laneia's Dad

Here's me and my dad at the Smyrna Air Show in 1986, where the shorts were shorts and the sleeves were shorter. Air shows make me a nervous wreck but man, my dad sure did love them. Air shows, hot air balloon shows, national parks, flea markets the size of city blocks, the band Yes, outer space, being smarter and more hilarious than anyone else in the room — that was my dad. ...

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