BREAKING: Alicia Cargile Accompanies Kristen Stewart On Cannes Red Carpet, Carries Her Shoes

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Tongues wagged two weeks ago when our good friend and definitely 100% avid fan of Autostraddle Kristen Stewart (who I am pretty sure has never heard of this website) was spotted cavorting around West Hollywood with her ex girlfriend Alicia Cargile. Her short but intense romance with singer/actress/Snapchat enthusiast Soko had recently fizzled, and Alicia had stopped posting wistful tweets, and things were looking up.

Imagine our surprise when Kristen Stewart stopped by a special screening of Riley Keough (Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Marie Currie from The Runaways)’s new film American Honey with a special guest on her arm – Alicia.

Alicia Cargile was so excited to go to Cannes she didn't even have time to take her new purse out of the packaging.

I thought Alicia forgot to take her purse out of the packaging but OMG she’s carrying Kristen’s comfortable shoes for later, which is just SO GAY. Image via WireImage

The notoriously private Stewart recently did a very candid interview with Variety, wherein she explained her lack of interest in justifying her relationships to the press. She admitted that she has kept her relationships relatively transparent for the sake of queer kids who might need to see that kind of visibility, but has no interest in discussing her private life publicly. She also said a bunch of troubling things about how it was OK for her to work with notorious creep Woody Allen because she doesn’t actually know any of the people involved, but I cannot emotionally deal with that right now so let’s get back to the topic at hand.

Kristen (who is going through a very cool long black skirt phase) carried a Chanel bag and looked serene and happy (for Kristen Stewart, this is saying a lot). Alicia appeared to have dashed into the Cool LA Girlfriend Store on Melrose, where she picked up this blazer she’s worn around Kristen before. They held hands and smiled. I can’t believe once upon a time I thought I’d be a writer and now this is what I do with my time.

Soko’s been at Cannes for a couple of days already and was seen walking a different red carpet with Lily-Rose Depp, her co-star in The Dancer. She was described in just about every publication this reporter encountered as “Kristen Stewart’s ex,” which might be all she needs to promote this movie. Following Kristen and Alicia’s resplendent red carpet walk, she was also seen looking sad in suspenders and a Mickey Mouse hat.

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  1. but Stef, can we talk about her lock necklace? There are now TWO locks instead of one! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? When did she start wearing it? Did anyone else notice she’s wearing it in her Vanity Fair photo shoot? I have questions that need to be answered.

  2. So happy for KStew and Alicia! But don’t be too hard on Soko, the movie is actually running in a prestigious section. She might be really intense and kinda inappropriate but I don’t feel like she did this for the publicity.

  3. *Somewhere, dark stormclouds gather over Robert Pattinson. In the distance, thunder cracks ominously.*

    Forever laughing at this.

    Also, I want/need both their outfits. Is there something similar to the Cool LA Girlfriend Store in Atlanta?

  4. Man, I followed KStew during the Runaways era (HRDH, anyone? Gay from space?) and she always seemed really anxious at these sorts of events. So that comment about her looking serene and happy is spot on… I’m really happy for her.

    (Also, there’s no way she doesn’t know about Autostraddle. No way.)

  5. poor soko! i always felt like every photo of her and kristen together made it look like soko was putting in all the work and positive energy while k-stew always seemed to be turning away or looking glum or wearing headphones while they were hanging out together, which is honestly so rude!

  6. Oh man, I’m glad you mentioned her comments about Woody Allen. It left a really bitter taste in my mouth. It’s great she’s living openly and people are excited about another wlw celeb but I just can’t with her after that.

  7. These two seem like they are best mates more then girlfriends. K-Stewart always seems so relaxed and happy with this girl. She never acts like that in public with any of the people’s she actually confirmed to be dating. This girl is probably her lesbian Yoda or something LOL.

  8. The only people who are obsessed with Kristen Stewart are Twihards and lesbians. As for me, I do not get her appeal. She’s a mediocre actress, she’s said a lot of stupid things and she supports Woody Allen.

  9. Related: Daily Mail just ran a new headline “Kristen Stewart hits up Cannes red carpet ahead of the release of her film Personal Shopper,” which I misread as “…hits up Cannes red carpet ahead of her personal shopper,” assumed Alicia is still there carrying her shoes, and thought “is that what we’re calling gal pals now, DM?”

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