Kate McKinnon: The Autostraddle Photoshoot

Beginning at a young age with a coming out speech delivered to her Methodist Church congregation and continuing to this very day —

— when she’s just finished filming the third season of The Big Gay Sketch Show and is doing her own one-woman five-character show at the Upright Citizens Brigade — Kate McKinnon has been standing on stages and saying things that sometimes make people uncomfortable for most of her life. Luckily she’s really, really, really funny.

We were only partially satiated by our brief red carpet encounter with Ms. McKinnon at the NewNowNext Awards (Logo’s prestigious Homosexual Award Ceremony which gifted Ms. McK with a “Brink of Fame: Comic” Award), and therefore we decided to schedule more personal time with Kate this week during monsoon season in New York City. Robin photographed Kate McKinnon at her luxurious uptown penthouse over olives and whiskey.







“My ultimate dream would be to be Lily Tomlin or to be Tracy Ullman, you know, just a character woman. A character woman who does characters where characters are needed. I would kill to be the first gay person on SNL or have a Tracy Ullman-type show. That would be my ultimate dream.”


Kate loves autostraddl(ing).




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    also kate mckinnon gives me hope that i am not the only woman out there who named her CAT special agent dana katherine scully, MD.

    (i’m not.)

    • 0

      Stef! How completely random. Suddenly the internet has turned into a small town with one sheriff. How the hell are you? How’s Molly?

  2. 0

    love the 2nd photo graphic so so much — super great job, robinnnn!
    also, in all seriousness, is that not the most adorable effing nose you have ever witnessed?? i mean, EVER. SIGH ALL CAPS.
    also also, i really do hope she lets us publish her essay on Scully, b/c i just don’t get it. the love, i mean. teach me the ways of your people!

    • 0

      What’s not to love about a smart, adorable, no-nonsense redhead? Oh, Scully, er… Gillian.

        • 0

          ok, let me clarify — i know she’s hot [duholler!], but is there more to her than that? like, her character on the show or whathaveyou, etc.?
          i couldn’t watch The X Files b/c it scared the living shit out of me, which means i inadvertently missed the opportunity to fall madly in love w/ Agent S.
          thankfully, The Big Gay Sketch Show doesn’t scare me at all, if you know what i mean.

          • 0

            I never watched The X Files either. Hmm. I watch The Big Gay Sketch Show though!! I pretty much die laughing whenever I’ve hung around those BGSS girls, espech this one. Hilarious.

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            i already cleared this up with laneia but um, everybody should have watched the x files because it was brilliant!
            scully was beautiful and practical and brave and sensible and even though she was religious she wasn’t creepy about it.
            also the sexual tension between her and mulder was very wonderful for my impressionable young self.
            also mulder was hot too.
            also, ALIENS!

    • 0

      I like to think that part of my love for her stems back to when i met her as a little girl living in Australia and we had a moment…. But Elizabeth’s reasons are also legit.

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    the first set of photos on the second page reminds me of a way more fun version of grade school pictures, you know when they make you lean up against a tree or something?

    i’m going to go watch all the celesbian interviews now.

    • 0

      Yessss. I have a very similar school photo like that- i’m holding a long stemmed rose up to my face. Its highly awkward and hilarious.

    • 0

      if you ever come across someone with a penchant for nicknames and noses, chances are, that someone is me.

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    Ir just came to me that she looks loke a cross btw Reese Witherspoon and Katy Sackoff. Anyone else see it?


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    kate is so adorable.. i did noticed her nose but i don’t think i ever mentioned it, although it was funny when i read that someone else thought it too…

    hey Laneia! missing you at the podcast world…

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    Ms. Mckinnon is stunning beautiful…having met her in real life….and I can’t say that about a lot of women – it truly comes from within. I wish her all of the best in her career.

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