Annotated: Jenny Owen Youngs “Fuck Was I”

Welcome to Annotated, a new feature just for A+ subscribers where a bunch of our favorite musicians will take us on an intimate journey through the creation of one of their songs. When we last met, Margaret Cho was walking us through her heartfelt, hilarious tribute to Anna Nicole Smith. This month, we have brilliant songwriter and forever friend of Autostraddle Jenny Owen Youngs, here to walk us through the anthem for every single one of my breakups, "Fuck Was I."

"Fuck Was I," annotated by Jenny Owen Youngs

I wrote “Fuck Was I” in between my junior and senior years at SUNY Purchase. I was home for the summer, working at a record label during the day and waiting tables at night. My free time was spent going to shows, writing songs, making out with cute people whenever possible, and whipping around aimlessly like an emotional pinball. I bounced off figurative walls (and literal humans) with reckless abandon, cycling rapidly between the thrilling high of romantic possibility ...

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