Straddler On The Street: Lynare

Lynare is a 42 year old dapper lesbian living in Miami, Florida and she told me about seducing her roommate in the Navy, what dapper style means to her, and how the community has changed over the past twenty years.

Straddler On The Street: Maria

Maria and I talked about therapy and the best places to eat in Seattle and we also got sidetracked talking about books and mermaid hair and Dear Sugar and then I died because Cheryl Strayed is my religion. Maria is super awesome, is what I mean.

Straddler On The Street: Cheryna

Cheryna spoke about her cute cat and her cute girlfriend, being queer and Dominican, and her experiences at A-Camp. There’s also a funny story involving milkshakes and a policeman, plus a cute photograph of the cute cat.

Straddler On The Street: Emily

Emily lives in Canada and went to A-Camp 3.0, and she shared her feelings about being biracial, getting into roller derby, and having a cat named Barbra Streisand. Also it’s Canada Day so you basically need to shower her with love and maple leaves.

Straddler On The Street: Jackie

Jackie talks about her love for America, her connection with God and religion, and her non-traditional approach to school and higher education. This interview should be titled “Basically Every Subject You’re Supposed To Avoid At Dinner Parties.”

Straddler On The Street: Launa

Launa is a writer, editor, freelance artist and film producer, exotic dance teacher, and nanny… and that’s not all. Basically, she’s a superhero and you definitely want to hear what she has to say.

Straddler On The Mountain: Brooklyn

Say hi to Brooklyn – she’s a campership winner Texan trans* girl who spoke openly and honestly about her unsupportive family, being homeless and the importance of having a loving community to fall back on.

Straddler On The Street: Maile

Maile first stole my heart when she said she’s been reading Autostraddle since she was “a wee closeted baby dyke” and she won me over when she told me she “continues to be a diehard fan.”

Straddler On The Street: Dhati

This post includes an adorable photo of Dhati as a small child, along with some words of wisdom about coming out, not coming out, and crushing on Korean pop stars.

Straddler On The Street: Maddy

Maddy is the president of Q, Barnard’s only queer student group, and now she’s running for president of the Student Government Association! Go Maddy, go!

Straddler On The Street: Charrise

Charrise is the Miami-based Straddler who organized the Audre Lorde documentary event we told you about last week, and today she’s chatting with us about law school, empowering youth and all of her favorite things.

Straddler On The Street: Veronika

Veronika is our third Miami Straddler, leading me to believe that there’s something magical in the Floridian sun that helps create particularly amazing women. We chatted about Regina Spektor, museum studies and her failed attempt at vegetarianism.