Straddler On The Street: Ketzel

Ketzel wrote to us and said she’d like to see more teenage queers in the media, so we went ahead and accepted her offer to interview her, a real live teenage queer. We chatted about how she’s choosing a college, feminism, her love of horseback riding and the biggest misconceptions grownups have about teens.

Straddler On The Street: Robin

Robin talks about boxing, getting sober and pushing herself outside of her comfort zone. Also FYI, she makes her own peanut butter and she’s totally single and ready to mingle.

Straddler On The Street: Caro

It’s the very first Monday of 2013, and we have a brand new Straddler to kick off the new year. Meet Caro, a Miami native who talks to us about creating a queer girl meet-up group in her city, working for a non-profit that provides education on gender and orientation, and crushing on Chely Wright.

Straddler On The Street: Jaime

Meet Jaime, a born and bred Southerner and our very last Straddler of 2012. Jaime talks about many things including her love of New Orleans, teaching Southern lesbian literature and her “crankypants and utterly adorable” cat Stella.

Straddler On The Street: Tiara

This week’s Straddler is Tiara, better known as Creatrix Tiara around these parts. She chats about the concept of “home”, coming to terms with her sexuality, and how to be a llama.

Straddler On The Street: Ryley

In the third installment of Straddler on the Street, Vanessa chats with blogger and MC extraordinaire Ryley about genderqueer style, nightlife and whether or not it’s okay to put milk in your tea.

Straddler On The Street: Triszh

Meet Triszh, our very first Straddler on the Street. She’s a student, a New Yorker by way of the Philippines and a devoted veteran Autostraddle reader. You’re gonna love her.