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Extra! Extra!: What’s Changing – and Staying the Same – in Minneapolis After George Floyd’s Death?

This week’s Extra! Extra! takes us back to the state where George Floyd died to check on the progress towards justice. We take a look at some of the implausible stories concocted by the same people who ask us to believe them when their body cams mysteriously fall off. We look at what’s happening — or what’s not happening, as the case maybe — on addressing corruption, police brutality and immigration. And, of course, a look at how the virus continues to impact our lives.

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There Are Black People In Sunday Funday’s Future

Happy Sunday! Let’s keep that Juneteenth energy and celebrate Blackness during Pride! According to Black LGBTQ leaders — here’s are some of the best books, queer Black playwrights to know and love, Lena Waithe shares her favorite Black-owned and queer friendly businesses. Plus also: What if we used queer friendships to rethink what platonic relationships meant?

By | June 21, 2020