Cool Comment Awards to Help You Survive the Heat Wave

Okay, there’s nothing particularly cool about the comment awards, I just needed a name and we’ve already used “Fisting, Comment Awards”. But there are some pretty funny ones! So about this week: in Pretty Little Liar Land, Riese recapped episode 206 and Lizz fashioncapped number 2-oh5. Riese also indulged her masochistic side recapped The Read Fucking L Word just for you! Taylor found the queer in Google+, MJ has the secret to a perfect alternative lifestyle haircut, and Laneia watched movies for the naked bits. Grace taught you how to handle rejection, Jess interviewed Raquel from The Real Word OG, and Riese & BCW cooked to Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. We’ve got a new fashion formspring courtesy of Lizz and you all talked about the Women’s World Cup final.

Go turn on a fan, it’s time for the ASS Group of the week.

Comics, anyone?

There’s been a lot of talk about comic books lately. Do you wanna talk about comic books some more, about the DC reboot or maybe even about some comics that aren’t superhero stories? This group by kestrel should keep you busy. Someone make me read Y: The Last Man already!

On You Have Queer Style Questions, We Have a Formspring For That:

The And That’s How Babygays Are Made Award to Mornyng: “One time my parents got me a creepy crawler machine for Christmas even though I had asked for an easy bake oven. And thats how I ended up being gay.”

On Real L Word’s Raquel Castaneda Tells All: The Autostraddle Interview:

The Also Someone Gets Angry Award to magiclovemuffin:

On Movie Night: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion:

Janeane G. rocks the shit out of this movie.
Side note, this one time I saw Janeane Garofalo at a coffee shop and went up to her was all like, “Romy and Michele’s made my high school existence bearable” and she was SO nice to me. And then her friend was like, “oh, you were in that movie?”

On The Bachmanns Say They Don’t Pray Away the Gay for Pay:

The Intelligent Design Award to Minz: “God designed our eyes to be attracted to the woman’s body, to be attracted to everything, to be attracted to her breasts.” – damn straight!
Oh, hang on, he was speaking for men *face palm*
I know it’s serious, but it’s just not possible not to make fun of these people…”

On Accent Porn for the Aurally-Inclined:

The OMG Award to lilyv: “have you ever wondered what an english girl reading brett easton ellis sounds like? you guessed it, it’s READING TIME!!!!!!”

On 2011 Women’s Soccer World Cup OPEN THREAD Nervous Excitement and Feelings:

The I Like How You Think Award to difficiledame: “I just want to say
I took my shirt off anyway.”

On The Real L Word Episode 207: Play With Fire:

The Claire’s Asians > Claire Award to AG, Paper0Flowers:

On Obama Supports Respect For Marriage Act to Repeal DOMA, Make People Happy:

The Nomenclature Award to Leyla, macmac89, Aris:

On Circles, Pokes and Profile Holes: How Google+ Queers Facebook:

The Mine Inexplicably Recommends Space Shuttles Award to southpaw: “Another plus about google+ is the lack of creepy data mining ads, although gmail does tend suggest lithuanian brides and aquarium fittings pretty regularly.”

On Reflecting on Extreme Couponing: Could This Be The End of An Era?:

The Saving Money on Paper Towels Award to e: “after i watched this show, i bought the sunday’s paper (with the coupons), forgot, and used it later to wipe up juice i spilled. i think i’m doing it wrong.”

On How to Get An Alternative Lifestyle Haircut: Soozeecuts Tells All:

The Depression Hurts, We Can Help Award to salty box, chrissie riot:

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  1. Really, Papi, Really? I get an award for THAT? Ooookay lol I think I try too hard.

    lmao @e

  2. i can’t believe reading time got a comment award. all your fucking copy & pasting paid off lily

  3. if the thing about the easy bake is true, then i’m gay because my dad bought me a army jeep instead of a barbie one. remember the power wheels? yeah, that shit rocked. i used to drive around all the cute girls that came over for appointments (my dad was a professional photographer)

    fuck, no wonder i’m gay. camo jeeps get all the ladies.

    • this is the third time d….but yes this marks the official retirement of reading time bombs. i’ll cherish the memories

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