Weed And Wine: Together At Last

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You’ve really got to hand it to Californians on this one. They’ve taken two of their most abundant crops — wine grapes and weed –and combined them to create cannabis cabernets.

“The recipe for pot wine, such as it is, consists of dropping one pound of marijuana into a cask of fermenting wine, which yields about 1.5 grams of pot per bottle; the better the raw materials—grapes and dope—the better the wine. The fermentation process converts the sugar in grapes into alcohol, and alcohol extracts the THC from marijuana.”

Apparently the wine has been around since the Reagan administration — and its War On Drugs — and sold for as much as $100 a bottle. Since then, a lot of the stigma and danger surrounding weed has disappeared and pot wine has become more popular. Crane Carter, president of the Napa Valley Marijuana Growers, thinks we can expect to see more of it in the next few years. “People love wine,” he says, “and they love weed.”

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  1. Oh. Oooh. Oooooh man.
    Twenty-three years of life and I’m just finding out about this now?

  2. When is the next present giving holiday? Someone from Cali wanna do a gift exchange? ;)

    • i read this as “whitney in a bottle” as in from trlw shitshow and i thought, “only if it comes complete with complementary dick mold”


  3. It occurs to me…This wine is available in California..A-Camp is happening in California..On Thursday I am flying to California…Any A-Campers want to help me hi-jack the shuttle and swing by to pick some of this up?

  4. Wonder if this will work on any alcohol?
    let’s see…I have a mom that grows pot and a brother that makes whiskey- totally making weed whiskey this summer!

    • There’s a thing called the Green Dragon that is this, but with Everclear . . . I’m thinking your whiskey idea would be much tastier, though.

    • weed whiskey is totally a thing. my sister and her partner made weed bourbon once, by taking the resin out of their vaporizer and letting it infuse the alcohol. it was pretty damn awesome–like a slow, steady, warm high.

      sounds like your family and my family would get along!

  5. And the California population rate increased when this was discovered. Any Cali people want to exchange gifts,you got the wine and I know someone who can get us a weed prescription.

  6. I’m wondering where one would be able to procure this? I don’t believe the dispensaries would be able to qualify for a liquor license.

  7. Huh. Ok, so I can mix weed with any alcohol other than wine, but weed + wine = sick Jade. I wonder if this would have the same effect…

  8. When I saw this, my first thought wasn’t “Party!” but “Oh, man. Imagine the headache you’d get the next morning.”

    I am officially old.

  9. OMG! Got some nerve calling myself a Californian. How did I not know about this concoction and how do I replace my blood with it?!.

    • favorite part:

      “harhehehehe oh man WHAT hom nom nom zzzzzzzzzz”

      like i can’t right now…

  10. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I’m perfectly happy ingesting my weed mixed with chocolate the way God intended

  11. How am I Californian and unaware of this? EVERYONE I know grows acres of weed, yet I was ignorant.

      • this is just like the time I went to amsterdam and my friends kept drinking and eating weed infused things and all I wanted to do was sit in a park and roll that shit up

    • If it hadn’t been for this very special pairing, I would never have made it through the “Bush Years”..Plus..He seemed so much smarter when I was stoned..When he was too!

  12. I am going to put this out there as an Incredibly Queer Lady: I would rather swallow man-juice than this weedwine concoction. Yes, that kind of man juice.
    Again, I could probably not be more Queer. Yet somehow I am one of like 2 Queers I know of whose brain vomits a little at the constant discussion of weed. I’ve never been able to figure this out. ARE THERE ANY OTHER PEOPLE WHO FEEL THIS WAY? ANYONE. I have my own reasons and not passing judgement I just WANT TO KNOW.
    Just askin.


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