Community Photo Gallery: You All Looked So Good On Halloween

Hi welcome to the beginning of November, the sad time of year when we have to admit to ourselves that Halloween is really and truly over and will not roll around again until October 1st next year (Halloween is a month long holigay, not sure if you knew that, now you do!). Luckily this year we have a soothing balm to heal our hearts as we bid farewell to Halloween Month: this community gallery, filled with 200+ photos of you queerdos looking very spooky, very sexy, very gay, and all around very, very good!

Paige, 25 / 2017 Queer Icon™ the Babadook

Genevieve, 32 / Freshly Scratched Werewolf Girl From the 50s

Genevieve, 32 / Lamb Chop

Emerson, 25 / Amelia Earhart

Vicky, 28 / Snow Leopard

Madeline & Lee / Danny Zuko & Sandy Olsson

Sam, 28 / Agent Alex Danvers, “Supergirl”

Courtney, 24 & Dora, 31 & Alex, 30 / Pizza Party & Dragon & Hairy Potter

Caty, 26 & Mo, 29 / Juliet & Gnomeo

Keenan & Claire / Garth & Wayne

Waffle, 36 & KaeLyn, 34 / 5th Floor Padded Cell & Matron/Nurse from Sleep No More

Waffle, 36 & KaeLyn, 34 / Reverend & Caroline (two characters who are no longer in Sleep No More)

Elise & Amandine, 30-somethings / Panty Liner with Pubic Hair & Maxi Pad with Wings

Angela / E.T. in a Wig (How I Felt as a Child Every Time They Made Me Wear a Dress)

Anna, 31 & Triszh, 27 & Otis, 2 / Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen & Dragon

Marissa, 30 & Sarah, 33 / Ghostbusters Jillian Holtzmann & Erin Gilbert

Cat, 25 / Luke Danes

Serina, 31 / Jim Stark from Rebel Without a Cause

Nate, 25 & Quinn, 27 / Jaime Lannister & Jon Snow in Ga(y)me of Thrones

Tessa, 30 / Sexy Witch

Amelia, 26 / Charlie from Always Sunny, the episode where Dee and Charlie live as each other

Gianna, 34 / Mia Wallace (Post-Overdose)

Amy, 30 / Sasha Velour inspired Ursula with titeels Flotsam & Jetsom

Amy, 30 / Sasha Velour inspired queer IT

Maggie, 24 / Scarecrow

Fiona, 21 / Sasha Velour

Ali, 29 / Sorta Dead Inside

Jordan, 24 / Hufflepuff Prefect

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Vanessa is a queer feminist writer and photographer currently based in New York. She really misses Portland. Find her on twitter and instagram.

Vanessa has written 322 articles for us.


    • Haha I’m slightly cheating! I was a cast member for the Taylor Mac show mentioned in the first picture, which took place over 2 weeks in mid October. My role as a Dandy Minion was sort of between the stage and the audience, and part of that involved coming up with fabulous costumes!

      There’s one costume that didn’t make it on here which was me in a orange sari but instead of a crop top/blouse I had chains.

      • I love you I love you I love you forever.

        Can we make Sleep No More into a lifestyle? And is it ending soon?? I hear rumors but I am far away in Indianapolis, I wish I could go every week.

        Definitely creepin on your tumblr.

        • Um, it IS a lifestyle, @hannarchy-2. Are you on tumblr? It’s a legitimate fandom with drama and friendships and heated debates and memes and rivalries and fan theories and fanfic and everything. WELCOME.

          And some of my favorite SNM fan friends live all over the U.S./World. You’re not alone! We actually live about 6 hrs outside of NYC, so we’re not local either. ALWAYS DOWN to chat about the show on tumblr! DM us on tumblr!

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