2011 Women’s Soccer World Cup OPEN THREAD Nervous Excitement and Feelings

Heyo and welcome to the World Cup Live Blog Open Thread situation you have before you. Hurrah! The United States is set to take on Japan in Germany. If it was 1941, this would be some really serious shit. But it’s not so have a beer or other beverage. I don’t like beer so I’m drinking sweet tea. I recommend it.

Yesterday in the Battle of Europe for third place, Sweden beat France 2-1. One of Sweden’s goals was directly following a wrongly awarded corner. More proof that life isn’t fair. Consider this payback for being wrongly credited for French toast AND French fries.

Other mention-worthy happenings:

  • France’s most valuable player, Louisa Necib’s hair, left the game with an injury.

  • Keeper Berangere Sapowicz had to be replaced after Lotta Schelin’s goal at 29.

  • Elodie Thomis had a solo dance party after skirting France’s only goal in from outside the penalty box.

  • Someone lost a contact. I don’t know if you’ve ever lost a contact on the pitch but it sucks. Seriously, it’s awful.

  • Sweden’s Josefine Oqvist got a red card. Sonia Bompastor got the Marta treatment after the play since she initiated the altercation but wasn’t carded.

  • Marie Hammarstrom scored the winning goal in the 82nd minute after replacing Linda Forsberg.

Fischer went out with a thigh injury. No word on if it was caused by this haircut being too gay to function.

Championship Live-Blog Starts Now!

 30 minutes to kick off

Rapinoe is starting over Rodriguez. Megan Rapinoe, number 15 on the field, number one in your pants.

20 minutes to kick off

Did you know the U.S. has never lost to Japan? They’ve won 22 of the 25 games. The other three were draws.

Kick off

Here we go! I think this is going to be a high scoring game.

First minute

First shot on goal already. Americans attacking from the get go.


Rapinoe from the corner to Cheney who shoots. Very close call but a miss.


Lloyd penetrates and it’s off to Wambach. She takes it from distance and it sails over the top. USA still looks aggressive.


Krieger has some nice moves on ball. Get it to Boxx who tries to set up a  Wambach header. Knocked away and Lloyd finds the rebound. Another attempt and it’s high again.


I don’t know what’s happening in the world. Another good look but Rapinoe slips it right of goal after finding the seam.


Lloyd from way outside the box. Not even close.


Rapinoe and Cheney with a give and go on the left. Rapinoe’s left-footed shot goes off the near post. US needs to finish. 7 shots to 1 at this point.


Rapinoe has just been described to me as “a little fast fairy”.


If you find yourself yelling “convert” at the TV, be aware of your surroundings.


US corner from Cheney. Balls pops out to the left after the entrance. Wambach’s kick is picked up by the goalie.


Wambach fires one in. Pretend I’m watching in slow motion because I have time to think to myself  there’s no way this is not going in. But it doesn’t. I’m staring at the score attempting to force the 0 to change to a 1.


Ando gets the ball on the run. Coming up the left she shoots from an awkward angle and gives it right to Solo. Heh heh. Gives it right to Solo.


Free kick by Rapinoe from the right. Japan comes high leaving space and opportunity for us to…miss another goal. This time it’s Cheney.


I think I just saw Japan’s keeper laugh and do a cartwheel.


Miyama corner. Sends the ball up top to Kawasumi who blows one over the top.


Boxx gets a cross near the goal. Do I need to say what happened?


Ohno with a little shake and bake. Gives a nice ball to Ando but she can’t get a foot on it. Solo swoops the ball up.


Another intense moment with a Japan attack. Comes up empty and we go to break. That felt like the quickest half of all time. Score is 0-0.


The entire U.S. team has turned into the Wambach from the beginning of the tournament. Americans have out shot Japan 12-5. Shots have been of higher quality than Japan’s and they’ve dominated the midfield. Hope Solo has been chilling in the goal doing Kegel exercises.

Lauren Cheney is out after playing the half with a foot injury. Morgan will play the second half.

Announcer: “She can go and she will go often.” Place a down in the sentence if you want.

Paper0Flowers – “So happy we don’t have to deal with free kicks every fucking minute. Men – stop being such drama queens and take a lesson from the ladies!” Check out this story.


Morgan makes quick work of things with a shot on goal. She fits right in by hitting one off the post.


Wambach will do anything not to hit the post and sends it into the stands. Only way I can make sense of that missed opportunity.


Japan corner but no real scare


Rapinoe’s corner is a tad long. Japan heads it away.


Back to back corners. Back to back nothing. Japan is off to the races but an off side is called. Wrong call?


O’ Reilly with a ball in to Wambach. It’s on target! Oh my God it’s on target! Kaihori has a fantastic save but you guys. This one would have gone in.


Japan sub. Ohno out, Maruyama in. Ando out, Nagasato in. Interesting choices.


Rapinoe sends one flying down the field. Morgan faces up to the keeper and GOOOOAAAALLLL! She sends one low and quick past the keeper! Did anyone see that kid lift his shirt up in celebration?


Japan shows some aggression as Sawa takes one from deep. It doesn’t give Solo any problems as she catches it in the air.


Buehler tries to get it out then Krieger can’t clear it. Miyama finishes it for a goal! Japan’s pressing pays off as they even it up 1-1.


Attacks from both teams. U.S. battling to regain control.


Corner is defended away. Americans still look to reestablish their pace.


Kinga pushes one over the face of the goal. Solo stays planted to her spot.


Solo is out the goal for the third time to send the ball upfield. She looks like a sexy highlighter.

Injury time

Girls in the crowd wearing sports bras. Relevant.

Extra time

Ah shit.


The announcer yells about Wambach’s shot on goal and scares the cat but the keeper makes easy work of it. The cat goes back to sleep.


Morgan gets a nice pass from Wambach but swings it wide left


Miyama gets hit with a yellow


The U.S. keep trying to get it in to Wambach. On about the fourth try they pull it off with Morgan whipping the ball to center goal and Wambach drives it into the back of the net. GOLAZOOOOOO! She pulls past Akers with her 13th World Cup goal. U.S. 2 – Japan 1


U.S. packing the defense the way they did the last time they were ahead. Hoping this doesn’t bite them in the ass again.


Miyama sends one towards the goal. Couple of Americans run into each other. Luckily no Japanese players are hanging around to capitalize on the miscue.


Heath in for Rapinoe


Sawa sends the ball forward as Solo comes off the line. Kinga tries to chase it down but the captain Rampone saves the day and drills the ball out of harm’s way. Solo hurt on the play but plays on.


Japan service and Sawa scores her GOAL off a deflection! Fifth of the tournament. Evens it at 2-2.


Iwabuchi for Maruyama


Wambach sends one over the goal on the chance to win it.


Iwashimizu gets a red card for the penalty on Morgan’s goal attack.


Americans get nothing from the play. Time runs out. PKs. Here come the 1999 comparisons.

Penalty Kicks

Solo gets bandaged up. Time for her to prove she’s the best in the game. Rapinoe can’t take one as she’s been subbed.

First PK

Kaihori seems to have seen Boxx’s last PK and knocks away the first attempt

Miyami hammers her kick home

Second PK

Lloyd misses horribly

Solo saves the USA’s ass by saving Nagasato’s PK

Third PK

Heath doesn’t put anything on it and is denied

Sakaguchi barely knocks it in as Solo gets her hands on it but can’t keep it out

Fourth PK

Wambach puts one in easily

Kumagai puts one high to WIN IT FOR JAPAN! They win on PKs 3-1.


“What Hurts the Most” starts playing in my head. Congratulations Japan.

Aaaaaand now this “Pressure Makes Us” commercial is just upsetting.

The Japanese team dances exactly how I would imagine them to dance. Glad they’re not playing Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.”

Homare Sawa wins the Golden Boot and Golden Ball.

Hope Solo wins the Golden Glove and went on to say, “If there’s any team I could give it to, it would be Japan.”

Well that sucked for the U.S. but it’s been a fantastic tournament. Germany did a superb job of putting on this tournament that provided as much excitement as any fan could take. Will all of the excitement and coverage change the climate for women’s soccer in Japan, the U.S. and the rest of the world?

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  1. Oh thank god this is here, I literally had to stop eating lunch because I’ve been so nervous. Rapinoe is starting!!

    • I doubt it I am pretty sure FIFA comes down very hard on them for that now, I know during a game you can get a card for it, which sux.

  2. Sweden and France are so cute. That’s a blanket statement, but they really are. Anyway, my dumb ass thought their game was today and I missed it. I will have to catch a replay.

    OMG THE WORLD CUP IS A HALF HOUR AWAY I’M SO EXCITED YAYAYAYAY! So pumped. I hope for a win, but I hope for a close exciting game. U!S!A!!!!!

        • I went to ESPN’s website last night around midnight and it had the score up for the France v. Sweden game. Was it yesterday but they aired it today?

          • It was early Saturday morning. Like 8:30 PST? They replayed it later and it’s on ESPN3 on demand.

  3. I don’t think I can handle 90 minutes of Rapinoe. I won’t be able to focus on the game, just how cute she looks all sweaty.

  4. Ahhhh! Moving Cheney & starting Rapinoe is pure genius! So excited I can’t even function!

  5. You should put sweet tea vodka in your sweet tea. Maybe a lemon too. It’s great.

    Also, Megan Rapinoe.

  6. Holy hell, 12 minutes in and the US has had four good chances already. They need to put some of these away.

  7. So sad for the French(that’s where I’m from) but now I’m all for the USA (that’s where my heart is) :-)))go girls!

    • Yeah, they’ve been playing great so far. There’s a lot better combination and their presence in the midfield has helped with the possession game

  8. I don’t follow soccer at all, but my gf is super excited about this, so I am trying to learn. This liveblog is helping me learn.

  9. It could easily be 3 x0 for the americans. Hope Solo must be playing Angry Birds or something. She has barely seen the ball up close yet

  10. Ok. Which Slytherin cast the goal-repellent shield in front of Japan’s goal, and where is Hermione to do a counter-spell when you need her?

    • She left with England, who eliminated by the french. Not even Hermione could cast a spell making English players not miss the goal on a penalty shootout

  11. I’m disappointed with Japan’s sloppy passes, but they’ve had some good attempts too.

    So happy we don’t have to deal with free kicks every fucking minute. Men – stop being such drama queens and take a lesson from the ladies!

  12. I have no dog in this fight. I was neutral up until now but then my girlfriend said that she’ll take her shirt off Chastain style in case of an american victory so… USA! USA! USA!

  13. ahhhhh this game is killing me!!! i’m like getting heart attacks from all these missed shots. cannot wait for the second half/ alex morgan time

  14. I had banana pancakes and bacon at the kickoff and now I think I’ll move to iced tea. Om nom nom.

    C’monnnn USA let’s score some goals! So close so many times D:

  15. Bad call on that offside play. Ohno was going to be all alone just had to get past Solo to score.

    • It was, I was surprised on the replay. Live it looked like she was way offside but the replay showed that she was on.

      • Very fast player, that Ohno. Shouldnt have been substituted IMO. Unless she was too tired.

  16. Great shot by Morgan, it was impressive that she was able to get past the player and not be blocked off the ball

    • She is so hot and has a long career ahead of her. She keeps putting away goals and she’s gonna be a superstar.

  17. I love your avatar, warmed my heart too. Grew up with tintin and asterix.
    Good times. They must be in my mother’s house somewhere

  18. I go to the bathroom ONE TIME for like THREE MINUTES and then they go and score while I’m gone! If I wasn’t so happy they finally did it I’d be totally pissed I missed it!!!

  19. I blame that goal on the little boy who lifted up his shirt in the stands and the lack of scissoring jokes in this thread.

  20. Japan looks dead tired. Looks like our biggest advantage might again be the fitness of this team.

    • Fitness is definitely one of our strong points, that could really help us in the extra time

  21. Gah! I was so unimpressed with Japan. It just looked like they were kicking the ball around, not really working together. I was getting a little bored, thought it might be cool if Japan scored so we could win in overtime but now I’m nervous and wish we would’ve just clinched it! I mean, Solo hasn’t had a difficult goal all day except for the one that went past her, and it was bad defending that did it. OMG C’MON USA!!! EEEK!!

  22. The US defense is killing me with those lapses at the back and the ball bouncing around in the 6 yard box

  23. OMG I AM GOING TO PASS OUT. Hope Solo looked injured, god I’m so scared. She’s a beast but she hasn’t even been tested much today. Can we win another game on a shootout?! If we do, someone better rip of their shirt. My vote is Hope Solo, am I right?! OH MY GOD THIS IS SO EXCITING AHHHHHH!!!!

  24. S.O.S. HOPE SOLO, S.O.S.

    You guys I can’t even aklsjdalksjdlkasjxaskljdsklfjds dying, dyinggggg

  25. oh my god, what an upset! It’s great for Japan, but I still wanted the US to win :(

  26. Unbelievable!! Gutted for you USA. :( When it comes to football, we Brits know this feeling only too well.

  27. D: D: D: NOOOOOOOO!!!!

    But congrats, Japan! Couldn’t happen to a better country.


    But. I kinda feel glad for Japan. Congratulations!

  29. This game was awesome!! I’m so happy Japan made a comeback and won the match =D

  30. Heartbreaking. The U.S. worked so hard and they are such skilled athletes. The shootout surprised me. I know we’re better than that, both on kicks and in goal. That’s such a hard way to lose. I really think we’re the best team in the world. But sometimes things just don’t work out. Sigh. I feel bummed.

    • Yeah, that’s why I’m not a fan of penalty kicks. It really has nothing to do with the actual cohesion and skill of the team, and it’s more of a crapshoot.

  31. this was such a great game, with so many wasted opportunities, both teams played very well but i’m really sad that the US lost, they’re pretty much the perfect team, but today wasn’t their day, i feel so bad for morgan, wanbach and solo, the US deserved this win soooo freaking much…

    i had to change the channel, couldn’t keep looking at solo’s sad face…

  32. I thought the ladies with the red berets with curtains attachedd to them looked lovely. Just sayin’. *stillguttedbytheloss*

  33. omg sad. but happy for japan though. it doesn’t seem fair that one team has to win and one has to lose when its tied for that long :)

  34. wow…….that last penalty kick hit my heart hard…….but on the plus great fuckingame, i saw a rapinoe hair ruffle, and it just put a huge smile on my face when the japanese team lifted that trophy. i’m happy for them, a little sad for us, but overall satisfied. it was an amazing world cup. can’t’ wait for the olympics!!!

      • SO repetitive, the same braod statements over and over, and his pacing was just off- he’d start to make a point about what was happening and by the time he got around to it things were changing. I get that it’s a fast sport, but he just didn’t feel on top of it.

        Admittedly most sports commentators irritate me, but he just extra irritated me.

    • I have watched Patrik Berger score a pen to give me so much hope and watched Chris Holland miss one to kick me in the teeth. These references will mean nothing to you, (and this won’t either), but when Darren Carter steps up and scores the rest are erased. Sometimes you need lows to appreciate the highs. One day women’s soccer will give me that high/low, and until then my champagne salutes victors and commiserates with the losers, cos its only a round ball with jumpers for goalposts, but sometimes it still hurts and tomorrow is just another day.

  35. I will now be rating everything on a scale of 1 to Wambach. For example, on a scale of 1 to Wambach, my drink is a Rapinoe.

  36. Shannon Boxx psyched herself out, don’t know what happened with Carli Lloyd — the look in her eyes said it was going in, but I guess I was wrong, and Tobin Heath didn’t strike that with any confidence. But, the Japanese keeper, Kaihori did an awesome job during the pk’s.

  37. i dont know where else to post this…
    i think it’s quite obvious to the masses here, that Wambach is on our team.
    My question lies with the tape on her left ring finger… do you think its a ring?
    i heard on an interview that she likes to keep her personal life personal.

    • My guess is Wambach, Rapinoe and Amy LePeilbet are on our team for sure. (Alternative lifestyle haircuts, FTW.) I wish Hope Solo, Alex Morgan and Ali Krieger were, but they aren’t. Carli Lloyd, Amy Rodriguez, Lauren Cheney and Heather O’Reilly are straight. Not sure about Tobin Heath, but she seems cool as hell. I’m skipping everyone else, but there’s a couple more gaymos, in my opinion.

    • She probably, well most likely, has a lady friend. A lot of soccer players either use tape to cover their rings since they can’t have it exposed on the pitch to avoid injury. Sometimes they take the ring off and it feels awkward so they tape it anyway to make it seem as if it’s still there. Some are just superstitious.

      Tape was on the right finger…

  38. My gaydar saws Japan…hahaha ok…this is football, this is life and this is Japan…after the earthqueak i think that they had soul and play football…usa made lots mystakes in the final..HOPE SOLO 4ever :P just i love her…and see you all in Olympics now…

  39. Anyone has any idea where I can watch the final match online? I missed it. And I don’t live in the US so most sites don’t work for me

  40. I know i’m a bit late but there’s a mistake in the article, it was Bompastor who initiated the altercation with Oqvist, Bussaglia had nothing to do with it. She is a phenomenal and fair player! Bompastor however should have been carded.

    Now i’m going to find a video summary of the highlights of this match :)

  41. i missed this game! but i do enjoy either team. :D i love sports updates + cute girls and nice haircuts :D <3 make my week!

  42. I never thought I had a type before but it turns out I do. And it’s called Soccer Players.

  43. I’m completely aware that this is way too late to be relevent to the post HOWEVER, i needed to write somewhere THANK YOU, AUTOSTRADDLE, THANK YOU, for introducing me to the world of women’s professional soccer. (:

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