You Have Queer Style Questions, We Have a Formspring For That

It’s prom and also it’s raining so your outfit got muddy and you accidentally burnt half your hair off with your brother’s creepy crawler machine. (Do they still make those?) What should you do? Just ask Lizz and Becky!

We’d be all like: “Okay, find a 24-hour dry cleaner and tell them it’s an emergency. While your outfit is getting cleaned up, invest in a color coordinating umbrella. Maybe in bright yellow? Pop colors are very in this season. As for your hair — duh! Asymmetrical and burnt is just a synonym for alternative lifestyle. Throw some gel in it and you’re out the door!”

When you ask us things then we can write articles about the things you are asking us about!!

You got style questions? We got style answers.

Autofashion. It’s real.

Start shopping alone


Lizz is a consumer, lover and writer of all things pop culture and the Fashion/Style Editor at She is also full time medical student at Brown University in Providence, RI. You can find her on the twitter, the tumblr or even on the instagram.

Lizz has written 276 articles for us.


  1. Awesome. Is this gonna be done for other categories of life too? Y’know, ease the enormous weight from Riese and Laneia’s inboxes. I’d be totally up for running a High School one, I have too much high school experience. Autohighschool :)

  2. My creepy crawler machine got taken away from me. I had a thing for trying to eat my creations… I figured if the Easy Bake make semi-edible goodness that beat my mud pies out of the yard, why not edible worms?! Fail.

  3. this is great! i love the fashion posts on this site and can’t wait to see more.

    btw they do still make those creepy crawler machines… i was at a toy store this year with my little cousins and saw one. i tried to explain to them how awesome it is, but they insisted on going to the barbie aisle… i worry for them!

    • One time I asked for a creepy crawler machine and my sister got an easy bake oven for Christmas. Creepy crawler machines were sold out! I was a sad baby gay. My parents got me a stuffed animal sheep dog to ease my sorrow.

  4. Hey, I know this thread is going to die off soon, but would you guys prefer questions answered on formspring to be directly to each asker or worked in to posts (or a combination of both)

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