Why Lesbians Won’t Give Up the Hipster

She’s not butch, no. She’s not even dykey. But damn that girl looks good in a tie and skinny jeans. Who is she, and how do you know that she’s not just a cute hipster straight girl? Luckily for you, Dr. KC Danger just received her degree in lesbian hipsterology, and she’s here to give you a lesson in herstory, hipstory, and why the lesbian hipster is more than just a cultural one-night-stand.

In Defense of Dressing Up: On Trans Surgery, Fashion Writing & the “Natural Body” Myth

Fashion blogger Meg Clark on why fashion blogging matters, trans activist lawyer Dean Spade unpacking feminist discourse around trans surgery. Though very different people/topics, both touch on how a “looks don’t matter” perspective disables us from having important conversations about gender/society/self. Also; 39% of young Swedish ladies lust for other ladies, fancy perfume, marriage officials love love, Margaret Cho directs a kickin’ new video, and Lesbians deal with HIV.

I’ll Have What She’s Wearing! Ericka Likes Androgyny, Sweet Kicks and Blue Crush

Curious to see what other queer grrrls are wearing? Want some ideas of what to wear tomorrow? Does the term “hump day” make you uncomfortable? No? Well welcome to I’ll Have What She’s Wearing! where team style will be bringing you interviews and photos of real live gay chicas. Each week we’ll bring you a new girl! Clothed! And I know that doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing ever, but we beg to differ.

Thrift Store Shopping 101

“Oh, this old thing?” Sure, I’ve never actually heard someone drop this line outside of It’s A Wonderful Life, but let’s change that, shall we? Thrift store shopping can be intimidating, but it can also be super rewarding. I’ll give you some tips of the trade to get you started and the rest is up to you! And who knows, maybe you’ll even be reacquainted with those beloved sneakers your mom tossed out eons ago.

Autostraddle’s 2009 Fall Style Guide

Clueless or Cutting-Edge? Girly or Genderqueer? Laid-Off or Label-Free? Femme or futch? Tomboy or butch? Bony or buxom? This here’s your Autostraddle fall fashion guide for all the lesbians, gypsies, bisexuals and lezbros.