Lizz’s Latest: Make Summer All Fall Long with Patterned Stockings

What? It’s almost fall? I was so busy watching Pretty Little Liars and voting in the Teen Choice Awards I missed it completely! Well, um, I guess that means my latest thing is wearing cute summer stuff straight through fall!


Getting real, the economy just tanked so bad you’ll be lucky if you even have a school to go back to. Plus, it won’t even be cold until the end of October! I know I don’t have enough money yet to buy new pants for the fall. So I’m just going to hold off on storing my summerwear and buy some patterned stockings to make my shorts last through November.

Maybe, like me, you bought some of those awesome dress shorts that were in style in June. Maybe also like me you cut a pair of jeans in to some jorts. Maybe also also like me you have some shorts you’ve been wearing since high school (and now you’re in your twenties).


Well now we’re going to put all of those to use with tights. Last spring, shorts with tights was all about opaque colored tights. This made me really self conscious because I felt like a high school raver/Strawberry Shortcake in brightly colored tights.

Also, my black tights matched my black shorts so well it looked weird. This fall that’s all solved with sheer black printed tights. The print can be as simple as lace or as adventurous as shapes and bows. Personally, I like the ones with polka-dots the best. I’ve even seen some really cool ones that look like snake scales or brick.

You might find that patterned tights cost slightly more than opaque tights or nylons, but generally speaking higher quality tights are less likely to get a run.

WOLFORD Bonny Dots Black Tights

I like black shorts, but jean shorts and even colors will look cool too. I can already hear some of you whispering that you won’t look gay enough in shorts over patterned tights. Pair it with black combat boots and a button up and I promise no one will question you at grrrrrlzz night.


Not convinced patterned tights with shorts are a good thing? Maybe start small and put them on under that oh too ripped pair of jeans that I know you still haven’t thrown out like you said you would.

Tights aren’t your thing? Luckily sheer black tights might a suggestive-but-omg-not-too-suggestive-because-what-if-her-mom-found-out gift for your sweetie. Look for ones with a seam up the back.

$22.50-Cole Haan $13.79-Jonathan Aston $28-kate spade
$18-Bloomingdales $13.20-Couture Candy $18-Nicole Miller

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  1. yes! shorts and tights is my THING. i legit have over 20 pairs of tights. another fun thing to do with sheer black tights is rip the bejeezus out of them. do this with the nylons you can get at cvs cause they rip after one wear anyway and they’re so cheap you don’t need to feel bad about ripping them. also if a hole gets too big gather up two sides of it and tie them together, which also looks cool.

  2. I am not a tights person, but my friend likes to wear brightly colored tights (say magenta) under a pair of patterned see-through tights. It’s a cool effect, esp. if you have an old patterned pair and don’t mind ripping them up a bit.

    P.S. I too like girls in tights.

  3. I stick with the dance quality black fishnets I have a) because I needed them for a performance and b) because they are so well made I doubt I could rip them if I tried. Though patterned tights are adorable.

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  5. The one time I wore my interesting neon-ish pink patterned tights I was made fun of…by my sister and some random dudes at the mall. So I’ll stick to my jeans, kthanx. But I definitely do love girls in tights.

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