Quiz: Which Queer Cover Song of a “Straight” Classic Are You?

Nothing unlocks the potential of a song like a queer taking the reins, unlocking the hidden heart buried beneath the pomp and circumstance of straightness that envelops so much popular music. On the surface, so many songs are the same, the same opening salvo, hurried follow through, and rushed finale. But in the artful hands of those who understand the breadth of emotion, these songs soar to new heights, finding the highs and lows previously hidden from watchful eyes and keen ears.

I kissed a girl and I liked it changes when you know the kiss has left an indelible mark on its recipient. I’m crazy for feeling so lonely is a vibe we have all lingered in for far too long. And you want to tell me these songs are straight? Lol, ok.

So which of these songs — best known under a straight sign but transformed in the heat of an emotional guiding light of queerness — are you? Take this extremely serious quiz to find out BUT be warned, it’s all in good fun. What’s important is that we take the plunge.

Which Queer Cover Song of a "Straight" Classic Are You?

You’re on a first date, a homemade dinner in your crushes studio apartment, what is the first thing you comment on?(Required)
You’re the star of a home renovation show on HGTV, what is the first room in the house you redecorate?(Required)
What is the best kind of dog?(Required)
What is your go-to cafe order?(Required)
What is the perfect jacket?(Required)
What is the perfect sandwich?(Required)
What is the best show on the Food Network?(Required)
What is the best kind of Haribo?(Required)
Best spot to watch the sunset?(Required)
Best spot to watch the sunrise?(Required)
Favourite form of public transportation?(Required)
What is your favorite fast casual dining experience?(Required)

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Niko Stratis

Niko Stratis is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in outlets like SPIN, Bitch, Xtra, Catapult and more. Her work primarily focuses on culture, the 1990s, queer/trans topics and as often as possible where all those ideas intersect. 

She wrote that piece about Jackass that you liked and also the Gin Blossoms one. 

She is also the creator and host of V/A Club, a podcast about movie soundtracks.

Niko lives in downtown Toronto with her fiancé and their dog and 2 cats. She is a cancer.

Niko has written 58 articles for us.


  1. While I’m not adverse to lending my bike to others, I’m not sure it really counts as public transportation? You can hop on the back and get a ride if you want, but that’s only if I like you…

    And with regards to the sunrise, yes, it’s nice to be in bed. But I took a sunrise walk for my spring equinox celebration and there were deer in the fields surrounded by fog. Birds starting to sing. Frost still on the ground turning the grass white. And then everything turned bright orange and just so alive, it was fucking magical. Trust me, being out and about at that time is a fantastic experience.

    • I love sunrise walks! My spouse and I did a sunrise walk for our anniversary one year and it was magical.

      I just love the sunrise in general. I’m lucky to live close to a big body of water and I love sitting on the beach at sunrise.

      In Chicago we have this DIVY bike service where you can rent a bike from self serve stands all over the city and return it to any stand you want. It’s pretty cool.

      • Ohh, that sounds lovely! Sitting on the beach, overlooking the water, the best way to ponder life.

        I already own two bikes (yes I’m Dutch), so I don’t often use a rental, although I occasionally grab one at a train station. You do have to return them to the original spot however, but they are nice. I also really like those city wide systems, I do know they are more common in cities that have a lot of tourists, so that’s super convenient if you are visiting somewhere.

  2. A generally great quiz (and I hadn’t heard Tracy Chapman’s Stand By Me before and ooooo I love it), but oof, those Food Network and Fast Casual Dining questions were entirely opaque and indecipherable to me as an Australian – I’m not sure why Haribo got a “no idea” option but those ones didn’t.

    And as funny as the given options were, the best spot to watch the sunrise is In Nature On New Year’s Day, When You Haven’t Gone To Bed Yet.

  3. These quizzes always make me feel the cultural divide. English is my first language so I don’t even notice Americanisms that much on the rest of the site… But I’ve never heard of three-quarters of the quiz questions contents 😂

  4. In the best dog question there is no mention of the breed that is joy given physical form, the golden retriever. So this question is invalid.

    That said, I got the Tracy Chapman cover of “Stand By Me,” and the description is reasonably accurate.

  5. I also got Chapman’s Stand By Me cover and she’s definitely amazing and the description felt apt, but my favorite in this genre is probably Neon Jungle’s cover of Take Me to Church.

    I would love to know what the other result options are.

  6. Got Tracy Chapman as well, which is a GORGEOUS cover I had never heard before 😭 incredible.

    Another cover in this vein is Mary Lambert singing “Jessie’s Girl”, which is quite excellent if you’ve never heard it!

    • I second this, I only took the quiz because there is nothing I love more than a cover song that subverts the original and I was hoping I could see all the results!

      Also the dog quiz question was missing out on my own subgroup of queer women, Those With Giant Dogs, which I swear is a thing that exists!

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