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Helloooooo earthlings. I’m just sitting here eating peanut butter and chocolate chips with a spoon because I am craving sugar but don’t even have enough stuff in my kitchen to make Carolyn’s three ingredient peanut butter cookies. Remember those? Anyway, how are you you guys? Do you have a pen pal yet? So far 700 of you have signed up and I wouldn’t want anyone missing out. This week, we visited the home of my great-grandparents and flourishing dyke culture, St. Louis as well as Taipei, which I have never been to. We recapped Lip Service, Glee, more Glee and even more Glee. No Man’s Land built things with crates and our very own Hurricane Katrina was on the most recent episode of The Peculiar Kind. We opened up registration for September A-Camp and put out a call for scholarship applications. Carolyn made bruschetta out of eggplant like the crafty little elf she is, Gabby wrote you your very own sneaker guide, Interrupted Girl experimented with sobriety and Carmen interviewed a member of the Biola Queer Underground. We’ve got new swag for sale over in the store and we’re looking for your contributions to June’s theme: The Way We Were.

On 15 Ways Vice’s Period Photo Set Could’ve Been Even Better:

The Shark Week Award to
soccer mom
: “This is literally the most inspiring thing I’ve read in weeks. MY CREATIVE JUICES ARE FLOWING.

On Glee 321 Recap: Nationals Smashinals:

The Gleek Problems Award to Lex Hart : “I can’t make out Brittany in the graduation gif. Problem. If they don’t let her graduate I will riot and set my TV on fire.
I also can’t make out *with* Brittany. Second problem.”

On “Is This Feminist” Reveals What’s Really Problematic:

The Road Rules Award to Maul : “Officially my new favorite tumblr. “A true feminist simply knows the cure for Alzheimer’s disease, possibly because it’s yoga.”
side note: I’m supposed to be looking for a car right now, but every time I go to type in I get 4 letters in and wind up here…maybe i’ll just start biking everywhere. [IS THIS FEMINIST?]”

On Sunday Funday Has Officially Come Out In Support of Gay Marriage, Like The Rest Of The Planet:

The Troll In The Dungeon! Award to Cassandra: “Also,
“Homosexuality is nothing but pure FILTH!”
It is if you’re doing it right.”

On Introducing Camp Autostraddle September 2012: Registration Is Wide Open:

The Sprite Award to Kait: “REGISTERED. I’ve been refreshing like a can of 7-UP all day.”

On Introducing Camp Autostraddle September 2012: Registration Is Wide Open:

A Merit Badge to winter94: “Oh my honor, I will try
To serve Autostraddle and company
To help my fellow queerz at all times
And to live by anti-oppressive-that-is-conscious-of-intersectionality laws”

On Introducing Camp Autostraddle September 2012: Registration Is Wide Open:

The Your Mom Award to krystavenora: “I told my mom that i’m going to camp. This is our convo after I explained what camp is.
“thats great krysta, i am so happy for you”
“thanks! my first time at camp!”
“your first time? i- oh yeah i wouldnt count those years at (mormon) girls camp either. im sorry i made you go to those. It must have been awful”
“so oppressive”
“you did get to go white water rafting”
“oppressive rafting mother!”

On My Sister Is On America’s Next Top Model With a Possible Homo:

The Everyone’s New Favorite Compliment Award to MelChan: “Your sister is an incredibly healthy looking individual. This takes the place of all other comments I uttered aloud when this page loaded lol
Her pic is liked and I will share.”

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  1. That healthy looking individual comment is so being stolen and used when I can’t say what I am actually thinking about a hot woman. Gracías MelChan! lol

  2. note from friend who coined “live every week like it’s period week”:

    YAY! I am honored to be recognized by the lesbian community :) Also! Now I can copyright it?

  3. Are we gonna get an email reply re: our penpals? Or am I just going to one day walk out to my mailbox and find a tiny bundle of gay joy waiting for me?

    • While I wouldn’t object to that, I think we’re supposed to get emailed around the eleventh of June, so as to give everybody who wants in time to sign up (and the AS staff time for setup on the back end of things!).

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