New Merch: Camp Shirts, Tote Bags, and Behind-the-Scenes ‘Zine

It’s almost summer! And that means you need some new Autostraddle merch for your hot hot life. How about a badass new tote? Or maybe you’d like an official t-shirt from our very first, very special A-Camp? Possibly a ‘zine crammed full of feelings and history, g-chats and poems?

All these new things are for sale in The Autostraddle Store!


Hey, we have extra shirts left over from our fantastic first A-Camp weekend ever! These are Hanes navy-colored shirts.
Autostraddle A-Camp shirt

Look how cute our campers look wearing them:

Autostraddle Campers wearing shirts
Autostraddle Team at A-Camp


Biege canvas tote bags with your favorite mantra printed on the front in black ink. Bam.

You Do You Tote Bag


Made by Riese, Laneia, and Rachel themselves. 58 pages of feelings, g-chats, graphics, and historical content/ideas relating to the beginning and continuing existence of and the women behind it.

Autostraddle Behind-the-Scenes Zine

Autostraddle Behind-the-Scenes Zine

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  1. I really want that zine! But it will be probably be sold out by the time I have money next week. :(

  2. So excited these made it to the store. Even though I couldn’t make it to camp I have a badass tote on the way! #autowin

  3. Those photographs are styled very well. Especially the zine hanging on the line of hooks. You guys have such clean and creative presentation!

    So, I thought I wanted a zine, but I’m a broke college kid and I wasn’t quite sure, but then I saw those pictures with the hooks and I knew instantly that I needed a one to live.

    I’ve taken a lot of classes in fashion presentation and styling so these things matter to me. Maybe more than they should? I don’t know. Good job everyone those pictures in your merch store are gorgeous.

  4. Oh, I’d really like the zine + the tote bag, but I’m afraid they’ll be gone by the time the money is on my paypal account next week.
    There’s no way to reserve those things even if I’ll buy them for sure, right? :/

  5. how big are those tote bags? i don’t need exact measurements, but i would like to know approximately how many cookies/kittens/shoes/articlesofclothing i could fit inside of it.

  6. I just ordered one of the tote bags with money that probably should have been part of my grocery budget.

    I am really okay with it. I can be creative with ramen, right?

    • I came here to say almost exactly this! I needed a new book bag for uni, all the lentils will be totally worth it.

  7. I probably shouldn’t be spending money on anything but textbooks, but I had to have the awesome zine in my life.

  8. I so want a tote!!!!

    I know I don’t need another tote, as I already have quite a collection, and I almost always use the same one (because its awesome and I made it myself!), but I still really want one.

    Oh decisions, can I just say I’m making a $10 donation that comes with a free tote? That’s the excuse I used to talk myself into buying a shirt and stickers. Sadly, I can’t find a place that is worthy of the stickers so they are still chilling, but a tote would put it on display!!

    • I put my stickers on: My fridge, my laptop and my dayplanner. This way, rad queers who know what autostraddle can wink/give me the gay nod/strike up a conversation when I am using said laptop and dayplanner. Good times.


    I’m sorry, it’s just I’ve been seeing them in the camp recap pics and they’re super cool so I got really excited.

  10. I have too many tote bags already but I doubt that will prevent me from getting this one.

  11. I love it!

    And, I actually have a huge THANK YOU to Autostraddle to make today, because the phrase YOU DO YOU, and its accompanying messages of self-belief + non judgement were one of the main reasons I just started by own online t-shirt/bag business. [I’m not trying to set up in competition to the Autostraddle store!] Mine’s a bit different…

    TeeTweet is my brand new 1-week old baby of a brand, that aims to get everyone wearing their hearts on their sleeves. It’s inspired by twitter – you enter your tweet and it gets printed onto your t-shirt/bag.

    Spending hours + days + months on Autostraddle helped me get through a whole huge confusing period of my life time over the last 2 years, and I’m coming out the other side more determined than ever to spread the message of personal expression + acceptance. So TeeTweet is how I’m doing that at the moment. Come on over to have a look at if you fancy a peek.


  12. I need a tote to add to my collection of other totes that never get used.

    Also, maybe its the old-school zinester in me and we’re kinda over the days of ‘$1 post-paid’, but $19 for a zine? I genuinely thought that was a typo at first.

    • I’m sure there’s an element of ‘fundraising for AS’ incorporated into this price, which I totally respect (hence ordering, even from Australia!). $19 for a zine doesn’t feel like so much when you realise you’re helping afford the fantabulous writers their daily bread too. :)

    • Keep in mind that it’s a 58 page zine in full color and it’s for fundraising purposes, like said above. I heard Rachel say how much it costs to get one printed and it’s not that high of a markup to sell it for $19. It was also more expensive at camp.

      It helps to think of these things as a donation that comes with a free zine/shirt/tote/sticker/whatever.

      • Yeah, 58 pages in colour is awesome!

        I am seriously keen to check this (not so) little zine out. International post can’t come soon enough…

    • The zine is worth it!
      in addition to being in color,
      the paper is like, real paper,
      and the whole thing is so well put together.
      It wouldn’t be the same without color, but maybe it can be made into a cheap/free pdf later on when they’re gone or something, for the people who want to see it but can’t afford it or don’t really care about collectors items?

      • I would really be down for donating some $$ and being able to see a PDF of the zine.

    • yes, i too thought it was wild when i was told how much we’d sell them for and then i found out how much rachel paid to get them printed and had a full mental breakdown! this shit is expensive and yeah, as brianna mentioned — the profit margin for us on the ‘zines might actually be the slimmest profit margin on anything we’ve ever sold (besides sale items) — but also they’re really lovely and the paper is really nice and it’s a major collector’s item that will be worshipped forever and ever and ever and it’s just so so very special. i think it’s worth it, regardless of production cost, just for how awesome it is!


  13. woo Golden Girls make those t-shirts look hot!
    I bought a zine. I can’t wait for it to come.

  14. I am buying a tote and I will wear it EVERYWHERE.
    Including to any store, partying, the debutant ball, and to graduation. Yes, yes, yes.
    My pay check is going to something great.

  15. hi – i just ordered a ‘zine, but my shipping adresss is paypal was wrong! how can i update my address so it gets sent to my house and not my parents house? thanks!!!

    • You can change your address in PayPal by going to “profile” and then “add or edit street address” – but then you should probably use the contact form on the goodsie page to let them know where to ship it for real.

  16. I saw this post at work but by the time I got home and then remembered to go on and order one, all of the totes were gone. :( I hope you guys bring them back!

    Maybe this is a good excuse to buy the zine instead?

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