No Man’s Land Episode 4 Knows All About Another Person’s Treasure

My grandmother owned a thrift store (actually they’re called ‘junk stores’ where I’m from because we’re a humble, self-effacing people) and would religiously visit other antique stores, sometimes to buy and sometimes just to talk to the owners, because everyone knows that people who sell old things like to talk a lot. I got to tag along, which made me feel very important and also means that I’m good at price haggling and spotting the difference between real Depression glass and reproductions. Growing up surrounded by stuff used by other people from another time, has really stuck with me. I’d rather own something with a history than buy something brand new. You probably would, too — I feel like you and I have a lot in common. But enough about us!

All of this is just to say that I really, really loved the latest episode of No Man’s Land! Anna and Shelly visit Molly Austin (who — stay with me — currently co-stars with another Candy Slicer, Shamikah Martinez, in a great little shindig called Emotistyle, which maybe you’ve already seen via Hannah Hart, but if you haven’t you SHOULD, right after this), to hang some awesome crates on the wall and talk about Molly’s favorite reused items!

For those of you uninterested in antique talk, you can look forward to a brief glimpse of Shelly using a power drill.

So! I bet you want to stick some crates on your walls now don’t you? What are your favorite reused items? You can even add pictures of them to your comments if you’d like! That might be neat for us to look at.

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  1. I zip-tied/duct taped approx 20 plastic milk crates together to form a platform for a twin sized mattress.

    1. Where is my HGTV show?
    2. Shelly,you have a really chill style and you’ve inspired me to wear shades while I’m DIY-ing. Impaired vision be damned. :)

  2. I was dreaming last night about reupholstering all my furniture to match. It’s an eclectic collection of thrift store pieces/dump run treasures (other people do this, right? Take stuff to the dump and end up bringing back more than you took?)

  3. I feel like they should have a weekly hour-long show, mostly because I NEED SO MUCH HELP. I moved into a new apartment like a month ago and I outfitted my balcony like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but with more booze, and the rest of my place looks like a giant dorm room.

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