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Hi friends! This week I am bursting with love and pride, because two of my favorite Straddlers got married! Caitlin and Chandra, I am so incredibly happy that you found each other! Your bravery, openheartedness and clear delight in each other is an absolute honor to witness every day. (And look how amazingly cute they are together, y’all!) Autostraddle is magic, and so are both of you.❤

AS users Caitlin and Chandra at their wedding

Photos courtesy of the brides

This week, Lena Waithe was on the cover of Vanity Fair. 

A.E. posted their very last column as a staff writer for Autostraddle! We love you, A.E.! (Don’t worry, you can still see them at camp!)

Riese watched You Me Her, and it’s relevant to our interests.

Carmen wrote about The Fosters and their return to what gives the show its heart: the moms!

Vanessa wrote about Allgo, an app that could change the world for people of size.

Join! A+! Already! It’s a party in there, and you’re invited!

And finally, in a very Miranda move, Cynthia Nixon is running for governor of New York.

And then there were your comments!

On 47 Passionate Comments From 100% Straight People On The Daily Mail’s “Nobody Is 100% Straight”:

The Welcome to Thunderdome Award to dufrau:

It’s so tragic that they now have to fight to the death to see who is the true Straightest Man Alive. There can only be one. I cry.

And the High Price of Heterosexuality Award to, in order of appearance: thatottergirl, Rous Rose, Carmen SanDiego, Lisa, and Rachel W.!

thatottergirl: Re: 26, “A fully paid-up heterosexual male”? Did he spend a year buying heterosexuality on layaway and has finally been given his 100% straightness? / Rous Rose: Pay the gay away. / Carmen SanDiego: I can’t believe I’ve been gaying for free all these years. What are the interest rates for homosexuality loans? What about bisexual loans? / thatottergirl: Oh those are due on paygay and biweekly respectively / Lisa: Under communism (see #16), homosexuality and bisexuality are free. / Rachel W.: I am going to quit my job and start selling Certificates of Heterosexuality that have to be renewed every 3 months.

On How About That Study Claiming Bisexual Women More Likely to Be Psychopathic Narcissists, What a Ride:

The Winging It Award to Cleo:

Tag yourself – I’m a bi-romantic, demi-sexual, tomboy femme Ravenclaw (with a Hufflepuff wing)

On 30 Days of Carol: Day 15 – I Found Either the Best or Worst Song to Score the Carol Trailer:

The Younger Than 311 Award to Rous Rose:

Erin: Rous I think you are younger than this song, which is not lost on me / Rous: The concepts of age and time are meaningless in the face of lyrics like Whoa / Brainstorm / Take me away from the norm / Whoa

On 30 Days of Carol: Day 16 – Is Carol Mommi or Daddy?

The PG-13 Award to Snaelle:

Erin giving a whole new meaning to a Parental Guidance classification.

On What If Today Was the Day You Joined A+?

The Seven Year Sitch Award to Kristen:

Guess what, Autostraddle? Today WAS the day I joined A+! After seven years or so of reading AS (many of which I thought I was straight!), I’m now out, bi, and ready to commit. Let’s party!

On No Filter: Cara Delevingne and Paris Jackson Are 100% Watching “Carol” in Bed Together, Sound the Alarm:

The Imagine Award to Michael:

what if aesthetic, but Too Much

And on 30 Days of Carol: Day 17 – The First Three Pages of Carol: Tokyo Drift:

The Showtime After Hours Award to Erin and Riese:

Erin: takin a soft temp of the room and am getting that people are wanting erotica at some point / Riese: Does this comment count as a legally binding contract

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  1. I had the great honour of being asked to be a witness at. Caitlin and Chandra’s wedding.

    Love is an elusive mystery that cannot be grasped, it is a letting go.   Fear contracts, but love expands, taking us beyond our boundaries into the great unknown.

    Seeing their beautiful stars ignite sparks of recognition in each other, seeing that glow as their own lights burn brighter, has felt like being afforded a glimpse into the magical, mysterious heart of the universe.

    They are not melding, but meeting with open hearts.  Not joining in a fear of scarcity, but in a celebration of plenitude, of the fullness of living their own truths freely and lovingly.  And in doing so, they are embracing love, growth, and the expanding mystery at the heart of their selves.

    It was a privilege beyond words to witness, to behold my loving, beloved friends choosing love.

    Live in love, grow in love, each and every day and night, you darling beauties <3 <3 <3.

  2. A true Autostraddle romance with a happy ever after! The wedding was so beautiful! The best part was seeing so many straddles sending the brides their love.
    (˶◕‿◕˶✿) (✿˵◕‿◕˵)

  3. Congrats to my two amazing friends! I feel honored to have witnessed their love grow and blossom. Here’s to the happy couple! We love you!

  4. See what you’re missing by not commenting? You could meet the love of your life here!
    Congratulations to Caitlin and Chandra! I wish you the best always

  5. Aw an Autostraddle wedding is pretty much the best kind! Congrats, you too.
    Also thank you and congrats to my team of The Het Price Is Right commenters!

  6. Darcy! YOU are magic, for helping to create this amazing space where we could meet. Thank you to all of you who have helped multiply our joy with your encouragement, enthusiasm and love. ?

    • CHANDRA!

      I’m just blown away by all the good stuff that you all have brought to this space! <3 And I'm so excited for you two, and honored to call you friends!

  7. All this joy and happiness about a couple of chicks getting hitched sure is pulling focus away from my very first Comment Award. Yay, me!

    Caitlin and Chandra, I wish you ladies all the best–may your lives be filled with laughter, tears, adventures, love, and the little critters of your choice.

    • LISA CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR VERY FIRST COMMENT AWARD, I hope you two will be very happy together for all the rest of your lives! :-D

  8. Wow, a comment award? For me? I feel SO AFFIRMED. It’s like I bought a comment award and got an AS subscription for free!

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