30 Days of Carol: Day 17 – The First Three Pages of Carol: Tokyo Drift

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Before I even imagined a world where there could be of 30 Days of Carol – which, by the way, was a joke I made in passing that Riese immediately considered a legally binding contract – I imagined a world where Carol: Tokyo Drift could come alive on stage. “If it’s good enough for the Fast and the Furious franchise, it’s good enough for me.” – A thing I say regularly. I planned to have every lesbian I could find play every character, and I still do. Until it’s finished, its beginnings will have to exist here among family for safekeeping.

Have I actually worked out the plot, and did I combined two genres of movies to do so? I have and I did. Today and tomorrow are the first several pages edited for internet consumption.

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  1. Therese’s heart got run over by a mommi,
    When that woman was shopping for Christmas toys,
    It had a big effect on her life,
    Because now she isn’t satisfied with boys

    Therese’s heart got run over by a mommi,
    Who met her for lunch down in Greenwich,
    Therese had trouble getting over her shyness,
    So they just flirted over creamy spinach

    Therese’s heart got run over by a mommi,
    Then they went and made love in a motel,
    Therese fell deeply head over heels,
    But where this is all leading, who can tell

  2. I want the men with one syllable names to run into the room after our women leave/check out and theorize as to why the place is wrecked (referring to one of your comments re: Carol marking Therese as a snack).

    And then in a delicious flashback, give us what Adèle has asked for … we get to see what really happened in that room.

  3. Erin I am so sorry I did not hand in my Carol comment homework today but I was at the wedding of my wonderful darling friends who are both A+ members, and it was so beautiful.

    I promise I will make terrible/wonderful comments for the rest of Carol month.

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